Self Love is Self Responsibility

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 139 – Self Love Is Self Responsibility

My teacher Ana Otero was sharing in one of our recent Aramaic classes about a vision and channelling she received in 2012 from Mary Magdalene.

Ana asked Mary Magdalene what Self Love really is. To help her understand this a little more.

Some context for you here – in 2012 thereabouts – you may recall this sudden surge of interest and talk on The Divine Feminine and Self-Love. This interest seemed, for me at least, to come out of nowhere.

The Goddess frequency was activated on our Planet around this time, and with that, a new language, consciousness, paradigm and feminine focus were seeded.

So it’s not surprising that Ana asked that question to Mary Magdalene, the embodiment of unconditional love. The Apostle to the Apostles. Such a powerful ascended master, consciousness, teacher and energy is here to support us in exploring the Divine within, on earth and in the heavenly realms.

In today’s episode, I unpack Mary Magdalene’s answer to Ana – and dissect it through my own lens. It feels like the perfect timing as we begin a new solar return and journey into 2023.

As this year is number 7, there is the possibility for us to receive more LIGHT – which means more spaciousness, more creation, and more love.

Number 7 is also – amongst many other things – representative of Mary Magdalene. So as we begin this journey, it feels important to share some of her wisdom and that of my teachers.


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