Life alignment.
Inner attunement.
Embodied transformation.



I’m Claire, a Somatic Life Coach, Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Alchemist.

I’m passionate about the journey of awakening and embodiment through consciousness, shadow work, emotional freedom, deep healing, and growth.

My playground is the subconscious mind, the soma (body), the breath, spirit, soul and the heart that resides within.

I am a loving conduit and bridge for you to reach into and touch the very place within that needs attention and that is calling out for more.



Just as a midwife holds space for and guides birthing women through one of the most powerful and soul-changing transitions, the dance I do with my clients is much the same.

I’m here to midwife your personal awakening; to hold space as a guide, illuminator, healer, cheerleader and sacred container, through your own mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual growth.

Harnessing a toolkit filled with Practical Magic and Spiritual Medicine (that I’ve been cultivating and shaping for over a decade) I’m here to show you a way through your confusion and darkness to your own divine presence and embodiment, inner peace, higher knowing, purpose and alignment. I believe you have the potential to self-heal; to step further and deeper into who you truly are.



A monthly grace-centred gathering of Ceremony, Ritual, Healing, Holding and Home-coming.



Private healing sessions and energy transmissions



Let's come into sacred circle together



Come and connect here on the Woman Awake Podcast. Dive into my ideas on life and musings and meet with special guests – humans I love and adore. I share my experience and journey of awakening through motherhood, womanhood… life.


Emma Kirkwood

Incredibly helpful, compassionate guidance in exploring and ‘unsticking’ areas of life that seem stuck.

Claire provides an incredibly safe and trusting environment in which to explore areas to work through – her wisdom, compassion and awareness of tools and techniques to help achieve outcomes are first rate.

Lara | Australia

I had a HEAL session with Claire…I  have tried a lot of healing modalities in my life and have really worked on myself over the last 8 years or so. But I wasn’t expecting the experience I had with Claire. I think it was a combination of being really really “ready” on my behalf to transition through old wounds and patterns that were literally dragging me down and keeping me stuck.

Claire’s amazing guidance and her phenomenal ability to unwaveringly hold space, whilst she moved me through the process, gently pivoting when necessary and intuitively steering me in and out of areas of deep emotional discomfort. 

The EFT process was next level amazing and incredibly effective.  I came to Claire after a girlfriend told me to listen to her podcast, when Claire talked about manifesting her MOVE. I cried whilst listening to her podcast, as I felt like I was walking down a path so similar to her own.

I was in desperate need of healing around a move I had been trying to manifest for over 5 years. A month after seeing Claire and having the most significant emotional release around some very old wounds…. we bought our new home, in the exact area and suburb I have been trying to attract into my life in the last 5 years. 

I highly recommend Claire. You can tell she loves and absolutely embodies her passion for showing up for other women as a healer.

Women like her, are in my opinion – rare, gifted and most importantly genuine in her desire to support your healing. Very very grateful. 

Nicole Brown

Thank you so much Claire for my healing session this morning. It was just divine and what I needed. You are amazing.

I am assuming such work is tiring! I sat down at lunch and nodded off. Feeling very tired but there is a lightness around me. Looking forward to what may unfold. Thank you again.


I’m quite taken aback and in awe of the sensations felt in body – it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I feel like this is the start of truly connecting to my body.

I’d love to incorporate breathwork and some of these practices everyday! I felt such joy when I opened my eyes and glanced out the trees through the window – all my senses were so heightened – it was quite incredible. I woke up today knowing if I can feel alive like that after one session I would really like to bring more of that into my life!.

It was epic. Thank you for holding such a safe space for me. I really did release alot. I was in bed by 7pm and slept for 12 hours – so good!


Bernadette | Australia

Thanks so much for facilitating the great energy shift that I have felt over the last two days!
I have a sense of ease that has eluded me for such a long time.  I am very keen to continue to work with you.

Cara | Australia

I wanted to say a huge thank you again for holding space for us last weekend at the Inner Alchemy workshop.

I really felt held and safe enough to go really deep and release some old stuff. I’m not having the shooting pain in my right side anymore. I have felt such a massive improvement in my energy. So much clearer, more in my body and feeling ready to take the steps forward on my healing journey.

Truly amazing. I would love to come along again!

Jody McGrice | South Australia

As a woman of many words when it comes to describing our time together – words escape me. You are a woman deeply grounded in her (many) gifts. You supported me in ushering in big, beautiful healing that has been decades in the making. You have a profound ability to ask potent and provoking questions, gracefully guide amidst a sea of emotion and create space for deep, deep healing.
It is important to me you know that the time we spent together moved and changed me. I will be so forever grateful that it was YOU that was there when my heart needed it most.

Brigid O'Leary | Australia

I have worked with Claire for over 6 years now and during this time I have moved 2 countries, changed roles several times, bought businesses and met a life partner, all while being supported by Claire.  Her support is layered and specific to me and what I am going through, and this is what makes Claire special.
Claire knows me, she reads my moods and takes her cues from watching me during a session.  This is supportive and a wonderful set of beautiful hands holding me during a change or transition.
I also need a straight talker at times, someone who will be honest with me and Claire is always this, just when I need it.  In our sessions, Claire has provided me with beautiful tools and practices to support myself and this is also invaluable to me, as she can’t be by my side always, I need to support myself outside of our sessions.  
My sessions with Claire are important to my balanced wellbeing, they are invaluable to me and so is Claire.

Lavinia Bonne | Australia

My first session with Claire had me completely convinced that this was what I needed. The price was right and most of all the timing could not have been better. I was in a rut – physically and emotionally. Although I had been practising meditation for a while, and had gained some amazing clarity doing so, I still felt disjointed and unmotivated.

With Claire’s guidance, I started to address all the areas of my life that I felt needed a make-over. Bit by bit, my life began to piece itself back together and I was soon learning how to listen to my body. The more I listened, the closer I got to “me”, and the closer I got the more I actually started to like being me.

I looked forward to my sessions with Claire because I always walked away feeling happy, inspired and full of knowledge. Even if I had slipped up a little between sessions, I was never afraid to “confess”. Claire never made me feel bad about myself and I never cancelled a session for that very reason.

One of the most amazing things I have discovered through Claire is that practicing gratitude can not only make the bad things good, but can make the good things great. My life was never, by any means, bad. I have an amazing family, awesome friends and a very cool job – all things I will always be truly grateful for. Shifting my focus in that way has been a life changer.

So thank you Claire! I am grateful to have met YOU – a true confidant and someone I credit for helping me to bring “me” back to life.

Amanda Graham | Australia

In hindsight, it feels like my journey with Claire was all pre-destined, for her to come into my life firstly as one of my yoga teachers, then shortly after, and more importantly as my Wellness Coach exactly when she did. I had a pretty good idea of the areas of my life I thought I wanted to improve or change, but needed someone to gently push me along and keep me motivated and educated and focused, and that was only one of Claire’s roles as my Wellness Coach! The other “roles” seem more intangible, but no less crucial, as in my 6 months of Coaching some big and sometimes surprising changes and mental shifts occurred. I have been frequently complimented on how well I am looking, and that is in no small part due to my work with Claire – and of course, I’m FEELING well too, which is the major shift for me.


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