Below you will find my current in-person events or livestream virtual retreats


Virtual Retreat – Expand and Elevate

The next LIVE event is on July 18th 10am – 1pm AEST.




An ONLINE Virtual Retreat  to expand and elevate


A virtual retreat to energetically tune up your inner and outer life to meet your potential and embody your wholeness



For those of you unable to attend my in-person events or who prefer the ease of an online experience, this is for you! This is also the perfect taste-tester for those of you interested and keen to join my upcoming Group Container (more details to follow soon). Guests of Expand and Elevate (attending live or accessing replay) will receive first access to the early-bird and VIP offer for my new group program.



Join me as I guide you through a three hour journey  and expect to feel:


Clear, connected, reflection. Open and enlivened yet deeply grounded and embodied. Equipped with new skills.
Ready to feel elevated and expanded.
Coming back to wholeness.



+ Open Sacred Circle

+Intention setting and clarity session

+Breathwork and Gentle Somatic based movement

+Ancient Wisdom Technologies, Magdalene Womb Yoga and Energetic Activations

+Energy based Womb Healing

+EFT Masterclass and Group Tapping Circle

+Bliss based meditation



The exchange for this Virtual Retreat is now $44 – price includes an eGuide







In-Person LIVE Event – New Date: Sunday 8th August




A transformational journey to free your mind, feel your body, feed your soul and heal your heart.

Now located in the lush, green surrounds at Bamboo Buddha. A high vibe space with a cosy, private yoga room.


Within you lives the possibility for a powerful, alchemical experience:

Shift stuck emotions.

Release fears.

Unravel and rewrite old stories and limiting beliefs.

Clear out negative energy.

Cleanse away and heal old wounds

There is medicine available to you – and it’s the magic kind. And it’s right there, within you.


Join me on a journey to experience this medicine within – available right under your nose – your very own BREATH which can and will facilitate an inner alchemy.




I will guide you through a three hour journey:

+ Opening circle ceremony

+ Gentle somatic based movement (don’t worry – you don’t need to be a super bendy yogi!)

+ We’ll ease into grounding, calming and centering breathwork

+ Followed by a deeper breathwork journey to clear out, awaken and uplevel.

+ A guided meditation and soul healing to nourish your nervous system and soothe your soul.

+ Finishing with EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – to completely let go of what we no longer need.

+Tea and light snack will be provided.


The exchange for this live event is $66 for one ticket or bring a friend for 25% off each 



Class tips: whether attending an in-person event or virtual retreat please:

*ensure you have water on hand. Tissues too – YES you might cry/release emotion.

*wear layers you can easily add/remove. Your temperature can fluctuate during breath work.

*set yourself up as comfortable as possible – think cushions and various supports.

*wear comfortable clothing

*have your journal and pen ready for any downloads, insights or visions you receive – breath work can open and amplify intuition.

*avoid a full/heavy meal from 60 minutes prior

*create sacred space (important for Virtual Retreats) light a candle, diffuse essential oils, have an eye mask handy, hot water bottle, crystals, cosy blanket.

** If you are interested in working together, one-on-one utilising powerful breathwork practices (and other Energy Medicine modalities) please explore my Private Coaching and Healing sessions.


Discover the power of energy medicine and inner stillness in 3-part audio series. Sign-up to receive a downloadable and guided breathwork practice, meditation and EFT tapping session.