Private healing and energy transmissions


I’m so excited to share with you my new private healing sessions. 

These healings can be booked as individual sessions during times when you require additional energetic guidance and support or if longer term coaching/ mentoring is not possible for you.

This is perfect if you are in need of an energetic tune-up. And I am a HUGE advocate for energetic alignment, integrity and refinement. I believe we must attend to the energetics as much, if not more than the physical, emotional, mental planes.

I have sought energetic support for all areas of my life, across multiple modalities so it’s will true joy and appreciation that I am offer my own brand of support to you now.

I now have available three different types of sessions. Each session runs for a minimum of 90 minutes to ensure depth, thoroughness and integration time.

Space is limited. Please take a read and get in touch to book your session.

Codes of Light

Light Language transmissions for your business, relationships, home or personal transformation


This 90 minute session includes a pre-session questionnaire, 20 minutes of mentoring before Claire will channel and offering a Light Language transmission, before finishing with a final review, download and anything else that highest guidance offers Claire for your ongoing journey.


The Codes of Light transmission harnesses breath, sacred geometry and unscripted, completely in the flow healing through the power of energy transmission.You can book these sessions in for Business Clearing and Recalibration of the potential of your business success.


Codes of Light also works beautifully to reset and realign your relationships and clear any negative cords of attachment and ensure you are connected for the highest good of.


These sessions are also beautiful for personal energy upgrades, chakra tune-ups and clearing your field.

Light Language, as it moves through me, is usually a combination of sacred and spontaneous mudras – hand movements and sacred geometric patterns. I also use breath and sound. I cannot predict exactly how this will move through me as it’s 100% channelled and will often come with additional energetic support in the form of guides, Ascended Masters and teachers present to assist in the healing.


+ We begin first with a questionnaire pre session before anchoring in during session.
+ We unpack and get clear on what is most important for your highest good
+ Then I call in the highest frequencies of Divine Love and Light to move through and offer you an energetic transmission.
+ I support your re-anchoring and somatic reconnection and integration.
+ We review what has come up with a follow-up from me a few days later.


Previous clients have experienced everything from deep Chakra Cleansing, Womb Activations, Heart Healings. As well as visions, imprints, guidance and sometimes cryptic clues (which we will tease out together!)



Here are some words from a previous Codes of Light Session:

“During our session I could feel the energy shifting, releasing and transmuting. There was a sense of healing and restoration that brought with it clarity and lightness. From the moment I closed my eyes I could feel the energy swirling. It was quite strong and I had to ground and allow myself to just be with it. I was in another realm, I mean it. I heard your voice of course, however I was immersed in energy and had no awareness of any movement on your part. It has changed the way in which I think about my own energy and the impact that I have on those around me. “
















This 2hr session is a Shamanic Ritual Healing journey. Featuring Breathwork, Magdalene Womb Yoga, Magdalene Womb Rites and Healings. This is a gift to fully receive as we activate the creation portal that is your womb space and support with deeper purification and karmic release.

This is an experiential, interactive and co-creative journey. We work closely with Magdalene Womb Yoga, The Magdalene Shamanic Womb Rites and Womb Awakening Healing practices to release stagnation, to cleanse our creation portal and to activate our inner fire, Kundalini – our serpent energy – so we may cultivate, create and manifest the desires that live within our heart.

+ Over two hours we open sacred space, refine our focus through coaching
+ Next we invite space in through Womb Yoga practices that include light language, movement meditations, ancient wisdom technologies and more.
+ The Magdalene Shamanic Womb Rites and Womb Awakening Healings will be administered so you can fully receive the medicine.


A somatic centred healing harnessing the power of breathwork, EFT and Energy Medicine

This 90 minute session includes: 20-30 minutes of Coaching/Clarity seeking 20-30 minutes of Breathwork 20-30 minutes of EFT and Meditation

These sessions are specific with a laser focus on particular beliefs, blocks or stories that are impacting your ability to move forward, to break through and upgrade. From childhood traumas, to money blocks, addiction or even body based beliefs. We choose one key area of focus and dive in through the Soma. We will go deep so the clearer you are on what you want to tackle, the better!

+ First, through coaching, we get super clear on the key focus area
+ Next, through powerful breathwork we open our body to release and receive.
+ A blend of energy medicine, EFT, Muscle Testing is harnessed to clear and release. Digging in, uncovering, shedding and liberation.
+ Finally, we close with Somatic Support, grounding in and integration through review and reconnection.



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