Your intention holds all the power

Let me take you back to last Saturday night.

I’m in my daughter’s room, on her daybed. She’s wrapped around me in a big bear hug. She’s unwell. I found her in her cot surrounded by more vomit than seems possible for a little person.

She was calm, she was safe, but she clearly wasn’t well. By this point she had thrown up another three times and I’d spent an hour laying down with her, attempting to sooth her back to sleep. But sleep just wasn’t happening.

I remember lying there in the dark, Deva Premal playing in the background and I thought to myself;

“How can I help her to heal. How can I ease her discomfort and guide her back to the restful sleep she clearly needs”…

And a thought – which is how it always how my intuition shows up for me – landed in my mind. It said; “Claire, use your hands”.

Everything clicked. Reiki. Channeling divine source energy. Shifting the blocks. Be the conduit for healing.


Reiki, prayer, healing.

Many years ago when I was deep in my personal journey of self exploration, self healing and spirituality I studied Reiki – level 1 and 2 (amongst many other things). I received Reiki healings on a regular basis and even through my pregnancy. But, as motherhood always does, some things are pushed to the side and forgotten. Not for lack of desire or appreciation but simply because nappies, tummy time, solids and so on take centre stage.

So as I held my little Koala Bear and listened to her heavy breathing I close my eyes, opened my palms to the sky and said the prayer I always say when I’m calling on the divine.

I ask for our angels and guides to be in the room. I ask to be opened up and ready to receive divine healing white and golden light to cleanse and purify. I visualise my crown chakra opening and the light pouring in through the heavens and down into my energy body. I tune into the gentle vibration and hum that starts to buzz through my body and tingle through my finger tips.

I call on the Divine Mother (and all mamas past, present and future) to use me as her instrument to heal Soleil. To bring her peace and to support her through this time. And finally I ask for my wisdom and my intuition to be on point and clear so I may know exactly what to do as I begin to heal her.


And then I begin. I hold my hands a few inches from her body and tune in, vibrationally to her energy field. I follow the vibrations, the movement of energy and I try to feel into and sense the blocks. I soon tapped into waves of energy around her belly that felt quite powerful. I didn’t know what or how to work with it, so I just did the first thing that came through, and that was to almost grasp hold of this energy and cradle it in my palms as I slowly eased it, dragged it and shifted it up, through her, over her shoulders and out of her.

I worked this way for 10 minutes and I noticed her breathing soften. Her weight became heavier. Her tense little body relaxed. Sleep soon came and her illness seemed to pass.

Healing with intention

Now, this post is not really meant to be an advertisement for Reiki. Although, truly I do think it is something that everyone should at least experience, if not learn for themselves. However, what I really wanted to share with you was the conversation I had with my husband the next day.

Chris asked me how I calmed her down, put her to sleep and essentially stopped the vomiting. Humbly, I said, it wasn’t me, but I called on Divine Source to help. I explained our little Reiki session.

My husband then said, “That’s why you’re amazing babe. I can’t do that for Soleil. It’s so great that you know how to”. And as much as I’d like to receive that compliment and pat myself on the back I don’t quite see it that way.

I shared with my husband that I truly believe that anyone, with the right intention and with the willingness to facilitate healing, love, support – whatever it may be that someone needs – can do what I did and can do even more.

Even if my husband never learns Reiki, officially and perhaps never ‘feels’ the vibration and shifting energy like I described, if he was to set a clear intention from the heart – which is essentially calling on LOVE – to help him heal Soleil (or anyone else) I know he can do.

Why? Because it’s the intention that holds the power. THE BIG WHY behind what you are doing. 

When we tap into a true desire especially one that ultimately is about helping another from a purely altruistic place, that intention is loaded with high vibrational energy and love.

The greatest, strongest most powerful energy we can ever harness is LOVE.


So the point I’m trying to share here is this. Your intention matters. It matters when you are listening to your friend share her broken heart. It matters when you are about to embark on a new adventure. It matters when you are vision boarding and manifesting your deepest desires. It matters when you don’t know how to help someone, but you have to. You are all they have in that moment.

The love infused into your intention, that bursts forth from your heart, is literally the only tool you need to facilitate health, change, growth, manifestation, support.

Why your why matters

Let me show this to you from a different angle. In my business – both as a Life + Wellness Coach and as Mentor to my Kyani team (see this post if you want to know more about my Kyani Wellness Business) the WHY, the intention behind the work that my client’s and my team focus on is what carries them forward to success.

When we are faced with challenges in our personal growth, or our business growth, if we have a strong intention in the first place – a power-packed WHY embedded in our foundation – THIS is what will get us through the darkness, the shadow, the mistakes, the stumbling blocks.

My clients need to have a clear understanding, for themselves, as to WHY this personal transformation is so damn important for them.

My team need to have a lazer focused WHY – why they are running this business, serving their community and doing this work. What intentions and goals they have. THIS is what gets them through the busy or challenging days that business always offers up.

If we can pause, take a deep breath and come back to our intention and refocus in on WHY we are doing what we are doing in the first place, then the fire, the passion and the motivation is reignited.

If our intention is not clear, or created from a space of fear instead of love, it won’t have the strength to carry us. Like a boat shoddily thrown together with screws missing and corners cut. It WILL come to an untimely death out on the seas. Our goals, desires, dreams – they will die too if our intention doesn’t cut to the core.

If your intention isn’t pure, love-based, strong, powerful it will not hold space for the vision you have.


Live an intentional life

From here it’s simple.

Set the intention to live an intentional life. Try and let go of the idea that life RUNS you. If you want to heal, use your hands, your heart and your intention. If you want to achieve big goals, dream them up and set an intention. If you want to change your life, follow the love within you and bring that intention to life.

Choose to set an intention as you start your day. Do so again in times of need. And again when you are refocusing on tasks at hand or when you are interacting, supporting or guiding others.

There is absolutely nothing that is off-limits to you. And the why, the intention behind whatever you put your heart into doing, achieving, creating or experiencing is the very power-source that will fuel you to reaching those limits.

Love + light,



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