If I’m completely honest in the early days my love affair with yoga was strongly connected with the physical elements – the way it made my body look and feel, the challenge of tackling a shape and the feeling of power and strength.

Today, that is STILL relevant, but for me my passion for yoga is now (and has been for a while) deeply rooted in the profound, energetic impact that yoga creates.

Inversions, like handstand (Vrksasana), can powerfully and dynamically transform the way we feel – yes, physically, but emotionally and mentally too!

Today I’d like to guide you through a mini ‘how-to’ on getting into Handstand. I have to say, I’m pretty good and getting my students, who previously hadn’t been able to kick up, into handstand. The reason, as I explain in the video, is that it took me 6 months before I could kick up on my own without my teacher’s assistance. So to say I understand the biomechanics of this pose is an understatement!!

However, what I LOVE the most about this pose is how it makes you feel and how, instantly, it can transform your mood. If I’m ever feeling flat, tired or I need a little change of energy you can find me kicking up and hanging out in handstand!

Adho Mukka Svanasana cultivates a playful curiosity, helps you bring up and bus through fears and limitations,, strengthens the arms, shoulders, core, invites grace and agility into the mind and body and integrates the whole body and mind.

Handstand is something I am now working on again. I had previously parked it for a while – meaning not pushing myself to evolve within the posture but instead just being with where I am at with the asana! – due to my old back injury. Today I’m experimenting and playing with freestanding – without using the wall. I am getting there – I feel a new strength and vitality in my body and this pose, which I thought would never be a possibility is starting to seem VERY possible.

Enough from me. I’ll let the video do the talking.



Your turn: Do you love to handstand? Did you try it out after watching this video? What’s your experience with handstand been like!

Please share below in the comments.

love + light,


PLEASE NOTE: I am totally for you guys having fun, experimenting and playing here, but please note if you’ve never practiced yoga or don’t have alot of strength here this may feel a little strong on the wrists and arms. Also, there is the possibility (as with everything) that you may cause an injury so be mindful, take responsibility for your body and practice and perhaps have someone there to spot you!

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