This week’s segment of Yoga with Claire features three very well known standing postures.

  • Trikonasana – Triangle pose
  • Virabhrasdrasana 2 – Warrior 2 pose
  • Parsvokonasana – Side Angle pose

These postures are great for:

  • Building strength in the legs
  • Opening the groins and hips
  • Stretching out the back of the body (hamstrings, spine, ankles, shoulders)
  • Cncourage length through the spine.

I personally love these poses for their grounding and centering qualities. You have to move with focus, awareness and mindfulness when you are in these postures. Your feet are earthed. The more stability in your feet and legs the more steady, grounded and focused you will be.

These asanas seem easy, but they can be incredibly challenging. The key is to be comfortable with where YOUR body is at. And it will evolve, I promise. I am always amazed at how these standing postures (and others) never get boring – they, and you, grow, change, transform and there is always something new to discover and play with.

My recommendation would be to revisit the Sun Salutation videos I created and practice 5 rounds of each before flowing into these standing postures. This is a common transition in most yoga styles and I’ve specifically tried to introduce them to you in that way. You can find Sun Salute A HERE and Sun Salute B HERE.

Remember, go at YOUR own pace. If you’ve been practicing for a while explore the postures and play with them. If you are new, just build up each day – add on more time to each pose, hold them for longer, work on a steady and even breath.

Enjoy moving your body, feeling your breath and connecting to your life force.





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