It’s been a few weeks but I’m so excited to bring you a new segment of Yoga with Claire.

This is such a lovely, balancing, grounding sequence. Connect in with your own prana (life force) through movement and breath. This practice is all about creating a sequence of centredness – completely present in the moment.

As with all my sequences remember these mini taste-testing sessions of yoga can be mixed and matched with other sequences I’ve created. Just head over here to my Youtube channel to check out other sequences. Or, practice this one of your own when you are feeling a little flighty, anxious, or caught up in the chaos of life. It’ll bring you back down to earth!

Let me know how this sequence feels in your body and breath – as always I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

Finally, please remember to modify the practice. I’m not a super-yogi but I have been practicing for 6 years, so if something doesn’t quite ‘work’ for you straight away modify or keep at it – over time it’ll start to ‘fit’ and feel more fluid and natural.

Click PLAY to watch:


love + light,

Claire x


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