I’m excited. This week is the start of new beginnings. And, being spring, which is all about new beginnings, it makes this even more appropriate. My beautiful friend and amazing yogi, Nadia is opening her beautiful new studio, Yoga Village, in Potts Point, Sydney, which I will be teaching at. The doors open this Wednesday 7th September.

I’ve watched Nadia slowly water the small seed of an idea – to open her own studio – from the beginning into a fully-fledged yoga space. Nadia is the kind of woman who seems fearless. Every human being is filled with doubt and insecurity but Nadia, perhaps through her dedicated yoga practice, finds a way to overcome them and jump in the deep end. And, here she is, a true inspiration, jumping straight in to make her dream a reality.

I am filled with inspiration and excitement for Nadia and am so chuffed she has asked me to teach at Yoga Village.
I asked Nadia to choose three words that describe her relationship to yoga… she chose passion, freedom and presence. Simply beautiful. Three words that I think perfectly encapsulate the yogic practice and three words that I hope inspire you to experience yoga if you haven’t done so already.
But, instead of trying to convince you to do yoga or try and bring to life Yoga Village here is an interview I did with Nadia instead! Hopefully this gives you a little more insight.

1. So Nadia, Yoga Village sounds pretty special. Tell me a bit about Yoga Village – where is it, what is it like, what is it about? Yoga Village is a welcoming Yoga space opening this week in Potts Point. We are an experienced group of yoga teachers who wish to share this life changing practice with a new community of students.
2.What kind of yoga does Yoga Village specialise in? Yoga Village is dedicated to the practice of Hatha Vinyasa, a flowing style of Yoga linking the breath to movement in and out of sustained postures. With these flowing sequences, breathing techniques and yoga philosophies, students will find not only a beautiful physical experience but also tools to apply to the ebbs and flows of life.
3.What can a student expect from a class at Yoga Village?
Classes are relaxing yet dynamic so students can expect to work a little but feel amazing afterwards. In each class an experienced teacher will guide you through a dynamic sequence of asana designed to challenge, energise and revitalise your body whilst quietening your mind. Classes are similar in format and style so you will feel a sense of improvement and progression with each class attended. While maintaining this familiarity and consistency, we will regularly introduce new and challenging postures to aid you in your development and expand your personal Yoga practice.
4.What makes Yoga Village different?
We are dedicated to creating a community, a space where students feel welcome, no pressure and free to experience this practice for exactly what it is. Our classes aren’t huge so students will receive individual attention and adjustments to get more out of their practices. Our classes are also all drop-in (i.e. no booking and no courses) because we understand that committing to a timeslot can be difficult for most people!
5.Tell me about the Yoga Village teachers?
We have some amazing teachers from a range of backgrounds and also from all over the world! I was attracted to them each for their energy and love of the practice; but you’ll need to come along to discover that for yourselves!

6. Tell me about yourself and why did you decide to bring Yoga Village to the Sydney people?

I began casually practicing Yoga after finishing university as a way to escape the pressures of a corporate job. After quickly feeling the benefits of Yoga I began practicing every day and gradually Yoga became a bigger and bigger part of my life; that was when I realised that I wanted to dedicate all of my energy to this practice. I undertook teacher training with Trevor Tangye and have since trained with many more great teachers in Australia, India and America who have helped both the development of my practice and teaching. Although I was content teaching in various schools I wanted to create a space that was dedicated to the style of yoga that I truly love and believe in. I felt that there was a distinct lack Hatha Vinyasa studios, especially in the inner city area and felt that Potts Point was the perfect location.

7. What do you love about yoga?
Everything! I love the way it challenges me, the way it can turn a bad day into a good day almost instantly, the way it bonds people together, the way my troubles disappear the moment I step on the mat and most of all the discovery that our bodies are capable of doing so much – this has transmitted all through my life and I know believe the possibilities are endless!
8. What inspires you?
Seeing a student progress and change and the delight on their face when they can first do a pose that originally they had thought was impossible. I am consistently inspired by my students, and really feed off their energy and commitment.
9. What are the three most obvious changes you’ve undergone through your yoga practice?
The biggest change would be my ability to handle stress. I used to fly off the handle a little as soon as things went wrong I now process it and find the breath really helps me to reassess situations before I start to panic! As well as this I have experienced a huge lifestyle change and met some amazing friends who I never would have met without this practice.

10. What are some misconceptions about yoga?
The main one I hear is that you need to be flexible to do yoga, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone can do yoga, just because you can’t touch your toes doesn’t mean you don’t still experience the same connection with your body and breath. Another is that yoga is easy or boring – again if you think that then you haven’t done yoga. This practice never gets boring because as much as our bodies, minds and emotions are ever changing, so are the poses. I am constantly rediscovering the same poses because they change so much depending on what is happening in my life.

11. What, would you say, are the main benefits that yoga offers?
The ability to connect with and understand your body, clarity of mind and thought and the ability to truly be in the moment.
11. Anything else you want to add about Yoga Village?
Everyone is welcome to come along and take advantage of our opening special which is $20 for 7 consecutive days of yoga (one week unlimited). This offer is available until the end of October 2011.
Sounds pretty good huh? Having witnessed first hand Nadia’s love of the practice, her own beautiful practice and now the birth of Yoga Village I can vouch for how special Nadia and this space is. I’m itching to get in there and teach (I’ll be teaching Hatha Vinyasa at 6pm and Ashtanga Vinyasa at 7:30pm on Wednesday nights) but of course would love it even more if there are bums on mats to teach. So if you are interested, don’t be shy – head down next week! Check out the Yoga Village website and facebook page for more information.

Love + light to you all. Namaste!

Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live


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