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Lorraine Murphy | Sydney, Australia


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I called Claire because I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frazzled having devoted all of my time and energy to getting my start-up off the ground for the previous year.  Claire immediately made me feel cared-for and in safe hands, and our journey started there.

Claire coached me for six months and each time we met I got a little closer to mastering the fine art of balance.  I learned so much about my body, my life and what I needed to nurture them.  Our sessions together somehow never felt structured, yet I took away from them the exact lesson/insight that I needed each time.  

I am still putting the advice and tips that Claire shared with me into action a year later, and I can honestly say she coaxed me out of a not-very-nice place to one where I am feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on the world!

Corrie Buchanan | Sydney, Australia

Claire has helped me evolve and to love myself as I entered a journey of self love and acceptance that started off the back of a heartbreaking divorce and a new direction in my life. Claire’s ability to listen and intuitively part her wisdom was heaven scent. She is so gracious in her approach and can meet you at your level wherever you are as you come into the session. I feel truly lucky and blessed to have had Claire coach me and as a result have created an abundance in love, happiness and health. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!!!  Claire I loved our sessions. I think you are a beautiful, loving, wise and devoted soul. I appreciate you listening to me and your wisdom that you have shared with me.

Kacey Hulks | Newcastle, Australia

Looking back, I realise that when I first approached Claire for coaching I was lost. I had very low self-confidence, anxiety related concerns and next to no motivation. It felt as though I was an empty shell with no real focus, direction or passion.

From the very first session, Claire’s support was genuine, honest and completely tailored to my needs. She was able to help me look into my own life and my own emotions so I could work on aspects of it that would help me move forward to be the best version of myself. With Claire’s constant encouragement & acceptance, I have been able to implement positive changes into my life that I will always be grateful for – I now meditate regularly, attend Yoga classes & my whole outlook/perspective on life in general is completely different.

I feel more positive, connected, at peace and living a life that is now true to myself.

I have been able to dig deep down into my soul and ask myself what I really want for myself. I really feel that with Claire’s help, I have been able to build a solid foundation for change, which I am embracing with all that I have! The support, words & guidance Claire has given me over the past 3 months will stay with me forever and I will continue on my personal transformation journey knowing that I am so grateful to have connected with her. Working with Claire has been the best decision I have ever made for myself – and my family & friends completely agree!

Sally G. | Sydney, Australia

I have just completed a series of sessions with Claire and I cannot recommend her enough. The changes that these sessions created in my life were amazing, they gave me the impetus to make changes that I had been struggling with for a while and for that I am very grateful.

Claire’s approach is compassionate, thoughtful and considered. She is a very wise woman.

I look forward to working regularly with Claire as I think it is very important to keep examining your life and where you are going.

Kelly Koutsodontis | Melbourne, Australia



Working with Claire was something I really would look forward to every fortnight. The way she got me to think about any problems I was facing really gave me perspective, and allowed me to really get clear in my mind about what was important to me. I feel like I am very much in control of what I do and there is no rush to do anything. My head feels a lot clearer, less muddled with mixed messages.

I loved how Claire explained things until I really got them. She would give me examples until I really understood how things I was feeling or doing was affecting my life.

Today, I feel like I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself. I am learning to love and accept myself for who I am instead of always trying to be something else. I am making more time to do the things I want to do without being so rigid. I would highly recommend working with Claire to anybody! In fact I will probably work with her again someday myself!

Working with Claire also really helped me hone in on a few little ideas I had and bring them all together to form my Concrete Princess website which is targeted to helping woman feel empowered through simplifying their life. I really believe that working with Claire was what got me really clear about what I wanted and enabled me to create this great community.

Tegan Buchanan | Sydney, Australia

Tegan Buchanan

I started with Claire just over a year ago now and at that point in my life I’d just graduated in a career I didn’t want to pursue, I was suffering from chronic IBS and I was letting stress rule my life. I was always sick and unhappy and just not being my bubbly normal happy self.

I decided to do a 6 month coaching package with Claire and week by week my life started to transform. It has been quite a journey of self discovery but step by step, Claire helped me through it all.

I learnt so much from Claire – how to meditate, to de-stress and to see where I was creating drama in my own life. Claire helped me to empower myself and to be able to eliminate toxic relationships that were dragging me down and to follow my dreams in a career that I really wanted to do.

Claire is gentle but firm when it comes to her coaching and she gave me the push I needed to transform my life. I look back at how far I have come and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.

Instead of trying every fad diet out there I now stick to a consistent exercise regime and eat colourful foods that nourish my body. I first went to Claire with a terrible sugar addiction but now have it under control. My energy levels have improved out of sight, my skin is finally glowing and my IBS is almost non-existent. Most of all I love waking up in the morning and just being excited for the day ahead! I love my life! I meditate daily, practise yoga regularly and can’t get enough of how good life is!

I just graduated as a Personal Trainer and my next step is to become a Health & Wellness Coach like Claire so I can make a change in someone else’s life like Claire did in mine.

Naomi Goodlet | Gold Coast, Australia



I was drawn to Claire’s energy from the moment I came across her work. When the time came for me to seek out a coach, I knew that I wanted to work with Claire. I had been suffering with debilitating, unexplained IBS and fatigue which left me unable to care for my young daughter. I was suffering both physically and emotionally and become depressed about my situation. Claire supported me during this time in exactly the way that I needed, even when I jumped all over the place.

At every session I would present with something different and random that I wanted to work on and she was unwavering in her constant and unconditional devotion to my wellbeing. She helped me find peace with my day-to-day existence and also assisted me to heal and forgive many unresolved issues from my past, things that I wasn’t expecting to have a connection to my current situation. Not only did I have amazing support during our sessions but I also learnt how to better manage my sadness, despair and frustration whenever it showed up in my life.

I am thrilled to say that I am now completely healed and no longer suffer with any of the symptoms that previously held me back. I’m so grateful to have Claire in my life!

Brigid Barbaro | Sydney, Australia


Working with Claire has left me feeling lighter, free, clearer, happier, more at peace with the good and sometimes bad, positive.

I initially connected with Claire because I needed some guidance, a different way of thinking, someone neutral and also someone that would challenge me with how I thought about my life, where I was at, myself and where I was heading.

There have been so many changes I’ve noticed and experienced in our 6 months together. In fact, everything has changed! And this is only just the beginning of this work on myself! Today I sleep better, I put into place everything I’ve discovered about nutrition and lifestyle AND I’m committed to a regular meditation and EFT practice.

The program was tailored to my needs. I particular loved my one-on-one time with Claire, the fortnightly catch-ups (frequent enough!) and Claire’s complete enthusiasm each session, encouragement and acceptance. She is so easy going – so easy to talk to.

I loved it so much it was just the beginning of my journey. I liken it to myself “cultivating something” – growing, learning, development, trust, surrender. I could even see myself do this again in the future.

Mirsini Spiropoulos | Sydney, Australia



I initially contacted Claire in order to receive some professional advice as a health and wellness coach myself. What I received was so much more.

Claire, with her guidance and support helped me on both a professional and personal level in more ways than I could ever have imagined. After completing our work together I feel centered and strong and have peeled back the layers of self doubt that were getting in the way of achieving my goals.

Claire is an intuitive, authentic angel. Her knowledge and passion for all things relating to health and spirituality inspired and empowered me to take charge of my life

Sarah Berrell | Sydney, Australia



Being someone who doesn’t cope well with structure, I must admit I was slightly skeptical before starting any sort of program. But I’m so grateful I listened to that gut instinct and continued anyway as Claire’s flexibility and patience provided me the space to really step into myself and determine the way I wanted to live rather than by any predetermined standards from others or even myself.

Claire has an amazing ability to not only listen, but also respond from a place of compassion and non-judgment, and in doing so created a safe environment for me to express myself.

I have now learnt to listen and accept myself and become free of the resistances, which were wearing me out. My time with Claire was always completely tailored to my needs and became a very special and unique experience. Thank you Claire, for helping me to let go!

 Erin Laishley | Sydney, Australia


I came to Claire on the tail end of a year that was all about indulgence and excess. Food, alcohol and unhealthy relationships had been my vices and how I coped with a lot of underlying anxiety and stress. I felt trapped in an endless cycle of promises to myself that were constantly broken and the stress of my circumstances seemed unbearable. Feeling overweight, unhealthy and wrong- I sought a fix for myself; I wanted to change my life.

Although I joined the project initially to help me lose weight, I found so much more. Claire has helped me to realise that nourishing myself well starts with loving myself – that these two things are key and intertwined. I’ve learnt how to tune into my intuition, to better connect with my authentic self. She has provided me with the tools to break down my own limiting beliefs that had become so integral to my thoughts. I’ve learnt to slow down, to make space, to let go of my agendas, to seek the present moment above all things.

On top of all of these juicy internal shift; I’ve found that my energy levels have improved. My digestion is no longer painful and sluggish. My skin is clearer. I’ve stopped relying on coffee and alcohol to make me sparkle. I love eating well and feeling hydrated. I’ve recently swapped running and heavy gym sessions for bike riding and yoga. My weight is slowly going down – but more importantly I appreciate and accept my body, and have let go of the angst that dominated my life.

This is all still a process- but the foundations are there now for me to build on, to understand my body on a deeper level and to figure out what works for me. Claire and her work through The Wellness Project has significantly shifted the direction of my life, my health and my self worth. And I am forever grateful for it.

I was seeking control – but I learnt how to surrender. Working with Claire was perfect- the best investment I’ve ever made.

Tania Tebbutt | Melbourne, Australia



I reached out to Claire because I was feeling like I had nothing going on “just for me” –  I had come to a bit of a rut.  I didn’t LOVE my job, my part time business was coasting along, and I was becoming resentful. I was lacking creativity, spark and passion. Instead I was controlling and over-controlling. I didn’t feel good about that.

I didn’t have many hesitations at all about working with Claire – it felt right. I knew I deserved to feel good about myself. Which meant I was was happy to invest in my own success with Claire’s support. Simple

I learnt how see things much more objectively; my self-awareness has grown immensely. My relationships have improved so much. Not only at work but also in my personal life.

I’ve “remembered” dreams of mine that I had forgotten and I was moved to act on them. I also created a lot more space in my life for myself.  With that I found spontaneous creativity! Who would have known, I was making things and being inventive and loving it!

Claire was there for the scary times. When I felt moved to act on something, sometimes there were self-limiting afterthoughts and Claire was there to reinforce the feeling.

It has been such an unfolding experience. It was such a perfect way to progress on my personal journey. A beautiful unfolding.

I felt so loved and supported by Claire – she has a way of building immediate rapport with her clients. Every fortnight I felt like I was sitting down with one of my best friends and having a real, honest, juicy, fun conversation about life. Although our sessions have ended I feel that I now have the tools myself.

Stephanie Morish | Sydney, Australia


At the start of the year, I had just returned to Sydney from a month’s holiday with family and friends in the U.S. and was feeling very unsettled with my current life situation. I had been wrestling with several health issues for a number of years, namely digestive and hormonal health, and felt like nothing I was doing was working. As my New Years Resolution, I vowed to quit sugar and alcohol for the month of January, but I knew that wasn’t enough. I needed support, not only with my health but also with my personal life and the feeling of being lost in the direction I wanted my life to go in. I needed someone to unconditionally love and support me without any judgment. And wow, Claire came to the rescue!

Claire has an amazingly beautiful and gentle approach to tough love I needed it the most. She taught me the art of trusting my intuition and inner compass and to quiet the noise of my ego when those self-sabotaging thoughts arise. Claire helped me to realise that I am on an amazing journey and that I let go of the constant urge to change or fix or improve everything. If I just stay present and trust that the Universe has my back, everything will happen for me just as it should!

Thank you, Claire, for being such an inspiring and beautiful soul who I will always cherish

Brooke Rudzis | Sydney, Australia



I went to see Claire after a friend highly recommended her to me. Initially I wanted some guidance on nutrition and how to increase my energy levels, however I was pleasantly surprised at how much more our sessions gave me. Whist nutrition and learning more about what I consume was an important part of what we discussed and what I learnt, Claire opened my eyes to so many other life influences and goals I didn’t even know I had. She has a unique way of tapping into fears, passions and hesitations I didn’t realise I had and acted as an amazing support and mentor throughout my journey of discovery. She congratulated me on my wins and helped me realise where I had gone off course and how I can correct it. I still have more to achieve however am really grateful for the direction Claire has given me and the encouragement that I can do more for my mind, body and spirit. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to put their well-being first and make some positive changes in their life.

Kelly Barriball | Sydney, Australia



I first met Claire when I working in PR and Claire started as an account manager in the same agency. When I caught up with Claire late in 2012, I couldn’t believe the difference in her. She was absolutely radiant – she was calm, relaxed, happy. It was obvious that she’d made significant changes and I wanted to know what and how! I knew that she was the right choice for me. I have had food intolerances for a few years now but felt resigned to the fact that I would just always feel like crap. Claire took me through an elimination diet and worked with me to understand what foods were irritating me and why, but mostly, she helped on a holistic level and made me look at lifestyle, environment and food as a whole.

I can’t thank Claire enough. I feel calmer, happier and have a more positive outlook on life, not to mention a sound understanding of my body and what I’m putting into it. She’s also made me appreciate the people I love a lot more and I’m looking forward to a healthy and happy 2013 and beyond

Leigh Campbell  | Sydney, Australia


I have had the pleasure of being coached by Claire over the past six months. Prior to the course I didn’t think I would benefit much from coaching. Already into exercise and knowing my good fats from my bad fats, I believed I had a fairly firm handle on my very busy and sometimes chaotic life. Fast forward to the end of my course and I can honestly say that Claire’s health coaching is the single most beneficial thing I have ever done for my health.

I tackled issues I didn’t realise were effecting my everyday performance, deepened my knowledge of nutrition and health as well as the body and mind. I achieved both short and long-term goals that were put in place at the onset of the course and have set myself up for a shift in behaviours that will see my future benefit forevermore. I cannot speak more highly of Claire’s coaching ability, knowledge and ‘bed side manner’. This course quite literally changed my life.

Hannah Terrett | Sydney, Australia


As I got older, and more consumed with everyday life, I lost the connection with healthy living, and along the way with myself. After letting career, relationships and unrealistic expectations of myself cloud my judgement, and not being content with the outcome I came to a crossroads with myself and made the decision to change my ways..

That’s when Claire turned the lights on in my world, she provided me advice on nutrition and exercise and educated me with the knowledge and understanding on things I had been misled by all these years. With Claire’s expert advice I managed to kick my sugar addiction and learn to LOVE (good) fat! I took the very first step in learning to cook smarter food choices , and even lost 4 kilos along the way!

Claire I thank you for being my sounding board, box of tissues, green grocer, chef, believer, mentor, motivator and friend through my journey, THANK YOU for believing in me, and reconnecting myself to believe that anything is possible. You truly are inspiring!

Abby Weeks | Sydney, Australia


In the past I had considered myself to be relatively healthy but had developed a bad relationship with drinking and food, namely I was dealing with an addiction to sugar, over the previous 18 months. I was unhappy within my work situation and home life and therefore that was affecting my overall self-worth. I decided that I wanted to change that and get out of the rut I had found myself in.

When I entered the program I had just commenced Dry July. I also got involved in an internal fitness challenge at work. During the program I secured a new role and also moved to a new apartment so there was a lot of change going on for me both personally and professionally and I was thriving on it. People started to notice the changes within me and commented on how good I was looking. At first this came as a bit of a shock as I guess I hadn’t realised how completely drained I was previously. I recall looking in the mirror one morning and thinking that my skin and eyes were so clear and bright, it made me realise what others were noticing. Around the half way mark I was feeling great and was extremely motivated to stick to my new balanced approach to my health and well-being. I am now determined to keep educating myself and those in my life about the wonderful benefits of living a healthful life.

Utilising the information provided and Claire herself to feed through the amazing knowledge she has was integral to my success. Claire was always very supportive and provided great information and guidance throughout the duration of the program. I can happily recommend (and have done so already) anyone to get involved and take the step in the right direction to be completely healthy both within yourself and your life. It is a fantastic course and I am so grateful to have been able to experience it for myself. I hope that others can also benefit from such amazing transformations and find the balance that I have.

Georgina Coghlan | Sydney, Australia



The six months coaching with Claire have been some of the most profoundly positive and life changing. I am honoured and grateful to have had Claire Obeid to guide me on my journey.

When I first caught up with Claire I was depressed, abusing alcohol and drugs, a smoker, on medication, eating poorly, fatigued, paranoid and self-conscious. I needed help and at that stage I finally truly wanted help. And luckily there was Claire…

I now write this glowing reference completely happy, whole, healthy, medication free, confident and excited about life. I proudly drink alcohol only occasionally (despite me telling Claire in our first session that she was not to expect me to stop being a ‘drinker’) and I’ve quit smoking.

Most valuable for me, Claire was there to listen to me each fortnight talk bluntly and honestly about my thoughts, feelings and bodily functions. Every single detail was listened to without personal judgement or shallow antidotes (as our friends and family will often innocently provide which help keep us in our bad habits). Claire would then select information and ideas that were relevant. She didn’t instruct me what to do, rather made suggestions and provided necessary tools to encourage and assist my choices.

My experience of The Wellness Project always focused on moving forward and making change that was relevant on a week to week basis. The aim was progression, not the past.

I undertook the Circle of Life exercise three times during the program. My initial and last are shown below. These are the best testimonial for Claire’s work and I am truly and wholeheartedly thankful for her professional time and support

Amanda Graham | Sydney, Australia

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In hindsight, it feels like my journey with Claire was all pre-destined, for her to come into my life firstly as one of my yoga teachers, then shortly after, and more importantly as my Wellness Coach exactly when she did. I had a pretty good idea of the areas of my life I thought I wanted to improve or change, but needed someone to gently push me along and keep me motivated and educated and focused, and that was only one of Claire’s roles as my Wellness Coach! The other “roles” seem more intangible, but no less crucial, as in my 6 months of Coaching some big and sometimes surprising changes and mental shifts occurred. I have been frequently complimented on how well I am looking, and that is in no small part due to my work with Claire – and of course, I’m FEELING well too, which is the major shift for me.

Lavinia Bonne | Sydney, Australia


My first session with Claire had me completely convinced that The Wellness Project was exactly what I needed. The price was right and most of all the timing could not have been better. I was in a rut – physically and emotionally. Although I had been practising meditation for a while, and had gained some amazing clarity doing so, I still felt disjointed and unmotivated.

With Claire’s guidance, I started to address all the areas of my life that I felt needed a make-over. Bit by bit, my life began to piece itself back together and I was soon learning how to listen to my body. The more I listened, the closer I got to “me”, and the closer I got the more I actually started to like being me.

I looked forward to my sessions with Claire because I always walked away feeling happy, inspired and full of knowledge. Even if I had slipped up a little between sessions, I was never afraid to “confess”. Claire never made me feel bad about myself and I never cancelled a session for that very reason.

One of the most amazing things I have discovered through The Wellness Project is that practicing gratitude can not only make the bad things good, but can make the good things great. My life was never, by any means, bad. I have an amazing family, awesome friends and a very cool job – all things I will always be truly grateful for. Shifting my focus in that way has been a life changer.

So thank you Claire! I am grateful to have met YOU – a true confidant and someone I credit for helping me to bring “me” back to life.

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