Have you heard of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique?

If you haven’t, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. You’re about to learn how to dramatically shift stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs and even physical pain!

The first time I ever experienced this technique, also known as ‘tapping’ was during a kinesiology session.

It’s a technique, based on tapping at meridian points around the body to help manage and clear emotional and physically issues within the mind and body. We are talking physical pain, stress, phobias, anxiety and more.

Just a note, this tapping technique/EFT has helped me clear, on an emotional level AND a physical level the pain I’ve had on and off in my lower back. It’s quite bizarre to realise how deep this ‘injury’ has gone, and that the physical is the FINAL manifestation of my own limiting beliefs.

It’s also important to understand the physical or outward symptoms (illness, pain, weight issues, addictions etc) are the side-effects or ‘last straw’ of the more internal crap we are holding onto. The Tapping Solution has a fantastic diagram of a tree that shows demonstrates the layers of our crap. The symptoms are seen as the leaves on the tree – the final, outward ‘show’ of the bottom three layers.

The next layer is our internal EMOTIONS such as guilt, depression, sadness, fear, anxiety and so are the branches on the tree – these are the emotions that come up.

The layer that follows relates to the EVENTS (often past) in our lives that cause the emotions and therefore the symptoms can be seen as the trunk of the tree. The final layer, or the tree root system which buries itself deep down represents our LIMITING BELIEFS “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy”

It’s a pretty incredible technique and one that I’m so thrilled to have discovered and I’m even more excited to share this technique with you in the video below. I explain WHY I am including this technique into my morning routine and I also talk you through how to actually do it – yep, it’s that easy!

Now, to go a little deeper into EFT

EFT is actually quite scientific. In a nutshell this is what it does:

  • Tapping halts the stress response in the nervous system (sympathetic mode aka fight or flight mode)
  • Tapping retrains the LIMBIC response within the brain.

So, what’s the LIMBIC response?

Basically, Nick Ortner in his book, The Tapping Solution explains that when we think of something that is upsetting, causes us pain etc it sets off the amygdala. However, when we TAP whilst thinking these thoughts it sends a message to the amygdala to deactivate. The amygdala is the body’s ‘smoke detector’ – it senses trouble and signals the brain to mobilise the sympathetic response. Often, the amygdala will respond in the same way to other events or situation that are similar to that FIRST instance that created that reaction.

Moving on…with tapping repetition the hippocampus eventually gets the message that we previously filed in our minds as dangerous, threatening or a problem becomes the opposite – it no longer is an issue. AWESOME. You are literally retraining your brain.

What we are essentially doing with tapping is to change the LIMITING pathways within our brain so that we no longer have to battle with the LONG TERM side effects of stress (physical and emotional) on our health.

East meets West

Tapping is grounded in Acupuncture – which we all know has been around for thousands of years and is based in meridians and acu-points – energy lines and areas within our energetic/subtle bodies. This is stuff we can’t see, but we can feel it, we can sense it – we KNOW there is more than just flesh and bone. The beauty is our energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies are interlinked and totally integrated. They work together. In yogic philosophy these different bodies are called Koshas or Sheaths which are connected by energy channels and chakras.

Acupuncture, acupressure, kinesiology and now tapping is shown to increase the body’s endorphin levels.

Can you benefit from this?

Feeling stressed, unhappy and flat? Have pain somewhere in your body, need to release a phobia or fear, feeling limited, held back, overwhelmed, unable to cope with pressure, always feeling flat? The list goes on! If anything here resonates with you, then tapping is something you can benefit from!

I would highly recommend reading Nick Ortner’s book The Tapping Solution. It’s taught me alot about this technique and given me the drive to embrace it within my life.

I am keen to hear from those of you already practicing it – what have you experienced or shifted with EFT? And if you haven’t yet tried tapping please share your thoughts on this below. I’m sure some of you might think it’s a little woo-woo – and I don’t blame you, it is a little random.

So, share below in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

love + light,


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  1. Claire what a beautiful video. Thank you. Firstly I just wanted to say how natural you are on video and watching you and hearing you speak is so calming, not to mention the beautiful nature background. Love. You explained the EFT process so well and simply. I have written notes on how to do this and will definitely practice this moving forward. Right now I'm at a cafe so I think if I started tapping, people might look at me a little strangely 😉 x.

  2. Thanks Nikki! I was always so nervous about video, but facing fears is a big focus for me this year. I truly appreciate your gorgeous words. EFT is super amazing. Definitely try it out! And yep, they might look at you strangely, but that's ok! 🙂

  3. You are very welcome Claire. I'm so proud of you for facing your fears and overcoming them. I need to take a leaf out of your book and start getting on video. I keep saying to myself 'I'm not ready yet' but as the wonderful Marie Forleo says 'start before you're ready!' Do you have any wonderful tips for me for videos? x

  4. Sorry honey, I missed this. My advice – umm, just do it! I had alot of trouble in the beginning making 'eye contact' with the camera. My friend suggested putting a picture of someone you know by the camera so you are talking to someone. That helped!! xx

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post. It lifted me up! The EFT process was well explained. It would be very helpful for all of us. You really have a nice video there, it adds flavor to the nice article. Thumbs up!

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