Why you need to meditate: The 21 Day Meditation Project

Why you need to meditate:

I can’t count how many times I’ve  heard this; ‘I don’t have time to meditate, I mean, it would be nice, but there are so many other things I need to get done each day’.

Meditation, to many, seems to be a luxury. A ‘nice-to-do’ if you have the time – and of course most of us feel that we don’t have the time for anything other than getting ‘it’ done.

IT = work, life admin, ferrying the kids around, managing the home, family and social obligations, domestic duties.

What if I told you that meditation creates MORE time, not less.

Or that meditation supports you in getting it done?

Would you believe me if I explained that meditation is precisely the tool needed to pull you out of that cave of darkness? You know the cave I’m talking about – the one where we get lost in our frustrations, anxiety, overwhelm, expectations.

What I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t seem ENOUGH for the average person (mama, papa, business owner, corporate worker, life coach etc) to know that meditation will make you feel good, or calm or even happy.

Why do we not rate these attitudes and ways of being high enough on our priority list? Are we that cynical that we don’t believe we can live life from that space, or that we are worthy too?

So this has got me thinking; how can I help you to see that meditation is so much MORE than just a feel-good practice? And show you that it is truly a way out to the other side of all that leaves you tense, stressed, broken, disconnected, insecure and unstable?

If you are thinking right now; “Well I’m none of those things…” I want you to be honest with yourself.

Look back at your week right now.

  • How many moments can you see where you felt confused? Or overwhelmed?
  • How many times did you overreact?
  • How frequently did you feel angry and wound up?
  • Can you see the moments where you just wanted to run away, avoid reality and shut down (through over eating, TV, drinking, social media scrolling, hiding away?)

I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or to push you into despair, but sometimes we just have to get a little more real. Sometimes we just need that nudge forward to see our life, to really gauge where we could grow and evolve and to finally do something about. Change just doesn’t happen by wishing it so – that’s inactive, fear-based behaviour.

Creating transformation takes inspired action. Contemplation, reflection, action.

This is what I know to be true about meditation – it is the very action, of the inspired variety, that is the path out of the cave of self destruction.

It cultivates disciple and presence so you can be here now and not caught in the web of the past (guilt) or the future (fear).

It will encourage you to notice and become aware of those times you are behaving unconsciously

It will show you where you are hooked. Where you are an addict to guilt, judgment, shame, victim and martyrdom, anger, overreaction.

It will become your life-line – supporting you to live a more conscious life.

It will teach you about compassion and love for yourself and for others.

It will open you up to creativity and divine guidance.

It will allow you to really feel connected to yourself, to others and the world around you.

It will encourage you to be a citizen of the world and to make a difference (on a macro or a micro scale!)

What does this look like in your REAL life?

  • You enjoy TODAY instead of beating yourself up for what you did/didn’t do yesterday (or ten years ago) OR for what may/may not happen tomorrow
  • You calmly react to unexpected changes in work or life. Going with the flow and creatively finding a way forward.
  • You feel true happiness and gratitude for all that you have and all that you are.
  • You are less quick to anger and frustration instead you respond with perspective, clarity, understanding.
  • You don’t see challenges as a step back wards or cause for concern. Instead you feel willing and able to learn, grow and pick yourself up and continue on.
  • You aren’t thrown into overwhelm over the drama your baby, toddler or teen dishes up. You take it in your stride and choose to lovingly guide and teach instead of resist and control.
  • You can forgive without holding onto grudges and you find it easier to understanding people and their perfect imperfections.
  • You know what you need and when you need it. Self love and self care are part of your daily life and in turn you are more loving, content, compassionate person.
  • You feel brave enough to take a leap of faith or a measured risk in life, work and family.
  • You can go with the flow and have the courage and will power to make change happen when you are called to do so. Fear doesn’t hold you back.
  • You trust that you are fully supported and this allows you uplevel or cope during times of uncertainty.

I can’t force you to make the switch and start meditating. And if you are already but you aren’t consistent, I can’t force that either. All I can do is present to you my experience, my wisdom and knowledge and what I know to be the most powerful, life-changing and FREE tool there is. I hope that today I offered you a perspective on meditation that opened your eyes and hearts a little more.

And because I’m clearly passionate about getting you to ride the meditation wave with me I’ve decided to bring back my FREE program; The 21 Day Meditation Project.

The 21 Day Meditation Project

Due to kick-off March 2017, I’m just tinkering away in the background getting all the bits and pieces together for you which include; a daily email straight to your inbox featuring a FREE audio meditation for your listening pleasure! The meditations are kindly donated from a host of divine meditation teachers/coaches/healers and of course, myself!

More info to come soon but make sure you are on my list (sign-up here) to hear about when and how to join us for three weeks of guided meditations. This program is perfect if you are new to meditation or ready to commit to a regular practice. Or even if you are a seasoned meditator you might love to experience some new meditation styles.

love + light

Claire x






3 Comments to “Why you need to meditate: The 21 Day Meditation Project”

  1. Hi Claire,

    I love receiving you emails and regular updates on fb. Looking forward to trying out the 21 day meditation program. I’ve always been interested in meditation and look forward to all its benefits.


  2. Really looking forward to your 21 day meditation. The last one you offered was my first experience with meditation and the beginning of my transformation. It has done all of the things you say in your email. I am ever so grateful to you! I love your honesty your humaness, your beautiful insights! You are truly an inspiration! Thank you!

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