I have a confession to make…

(Deep breath…)

I’m a little terrified about becoming a mother one day.

Now, I am incredibly maternal by nature. I LOVE children and I know I want to (fingers crossed) have children. BUT, I’m still processing the ‘idea’ of such a life-change. To the point that sometimes it totally and utterly freaks me out.

Such selfish thoughts sometimes enter my mind – they are mostly centered around losing my independence. How will I live the life that I am so madly in love with? How will I maintain my balance, that I’ve come to learn is my life-line?

Those that know me well know that this is how I’ve always been and I’ve spent the last 6-8 years of my personal wellness journey going through quite a bit to figure out what that independence looks like and how to strike a balance with it.

I know that the joy children bring outweighs so many of those concerns. I witness it within so many mother’s. Including my own mother and sisters. Which is why, a few weeks out from Mother’s Day, I needed some inspiration. I’ve reached out to some amazing Wellness Mammas that make me feel like anything is possible… that the real happiness and growth is yet to come. But also that my passion for health and wellness is something I can share with and teach to my family.

These women loved the chance to express their feelings around motherhood. But it was also such a cathartic experience for me – reading their words has got me excited for the day I transform into a mother – when I am part of guiding, supporting and nurturing life in the way that my mother did for me, and how these women do for their children… every SINGLE day!

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see a few posts from some gorgeous women. Mother’s who prove that living a balanced, healthy and happy life is possible with children. I invite you to pour over their words. Soak them up and really feel what this journey of motherhood means to them. And, if like me, you aren’t a mother yet – take note ladies – these golden words are like the ‘how-to’ for healthy mums.

And I want to hear from you!

What I would REALLY love is to hear from you lovely readers – can you give us an insight into what motherhood means to you in the comments below? Celebrate the experience and this incredibly journey you are on.

I hope you enjoy



To kick it off here is Kerrie Otto De Grancy. I mentioned Kerrie and her work recently in a 5 on Friday segment. This women is the kind of inspiring that leaves you mouth agape and a little shell-shocked. I thought I fit alot into my day, this woman squeezes the life out of every moment and she still manages to rock it as a mother. Here she is with her two little ones.


What does mother hood mean to you?

Motherhood means surrendering to the moment, being humble enough to know I am going to be constantly learning. That I will be forever more attuned to my behaviour and belief system.

That living in the moment is all we have. It means being selfless and selfish, it is practicing my truth, to know that one day my children will be consciously aware of life and all its dimensions and have questions that I will need to answer. If I am true to myself, trust myself and stand by my belief system I can guide them with love and pride.

Motherhood means sacrifice, resilience, patience and acceptance. It means experiencing the extremes of every emotion conceivable and having the strength to pull through adversity stronger, happier and with more gratitude.

Motherhood takes life to a whole new level of being.

How do you manage to stay healthy with a busy life/family as a mother?

I stay healthy by applying what is important to me holistically. I make time to do all the things that result in my happiness and feeling balanced as a person; daily exercise, reading, meditation, quality time with my children, time with friends and loved ones. Keeping a well organised home, doing work I love, continually learning.

We eat a heavily raw organic diet, avoid sugar and processed foods when possible. The key is time management, forward planning and keeping on top of things so I am able to create time for the things that drive and fulfill me.

In what ways do you try to invite health and wellness into your children’s life…and why is that important to you?

The answer in short is ‘leading by example’. My children see me happy, healthy, and energetic, following my dreams and passions, they see me challenged and how I deal with it. They see me training, meditating, feeling happy and sad. They see what I eat absorb what I say, watch what I do.  Ultimately they choose but I know I have given them the foundation and exposure to the choice of a healthy balanced life.


What are the biggest lessons you have learnt as a mother?

As a mother I have learnt so much and will forever continue to, but here are a few things I’ve learnt.

  • You control your own thoughts and feelings.
  • That you will always love your child no matter what.
  • To expand my love for humanity,.
  • My tolerance and humility for all has deepened.
  • Sacrifice.
  • The balance of knowing when to be selfless and selfish.
  • Patience and slowing down…life is a marathon not a race and ‘the days are long but the years are short’.
  • The depths of my strength and endurance in times of trauma. This began the second I became a mother as my daughter entered the world at 24 weeks gestation weighing just 500 grams.
  • To become a better communicator, listener and mentor.
  • To be a nurse, counselor, coach on call 24/7.
  • That though my children may cause me pain and break my heart I will forgive them.
  • That love is letting go of fear.
  • To be a mum there are no days off, it is a constant responsibility, a constant extension of your life both consciously and subconsciously.
  • That being a Mother teaches you to truly live.
  • Wine o’clock is ok and well deserved.
  • Sleeping in and snuggles with your offspring are a must.
  • To dance with my children whenever they ask and even when they don’t.
  • To live with minimal sleep.
  • That having a melt down occasionally as it seems all too much is ok!
  • That parents experience much the same but it’s how we choose to handle it that makes the experience different.
  • To work harder at being the best I can be.

Stay connected to Kerrie via Micro Miracles Matter 


The next super-special Wellness Mamma is my dear friend Emma Seibold. I love this woman in a way that I cannot describe. She is inspiration simply as herself. But, as a mamma, she is out of this world, off-the-charts inspiring. Her is Emma with her little bear – Xavier

 Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.26.31 PM

What does MOTHERHOOD mean to you?

After a harrowing 30 hour labour that didn’t progress for various reasons, I lay on the operating table during my emergency c-section, waiting to meet my baby. Having just experienced hours and hours of excruciating pain with no sleep, I had little left in my reserve bank. I lay there and wondered whether, feeling so tired and completely drained, I would feel any of the joy and hormone surges that I had expected to experience during what was supposed to be a magical and goddess-like experience.

I lay there worrying that I wouldn’t feel enough. When the midwife handed Xavier to me, I was overcome by the strongest surge of emotions I had ever felt. If you can imagine all the emotion you have ever felt in your life (good and otherwise), rolled up into one minute of emotion, which is what I felt. I was literally overwhelmed by emotion as I held my baby for the first time, tears of joy, love, sadness, fear and everything in between. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, all I could do was hold my baby and cry uncontrollably, letting out a little of that incredible emotion.

In the weeks that followed, Matt and I discussed the profound shift that had taken place in our lives, or more specifically in the universe as we existed within it. I felt that the entire universe had shifted around us. It was like we were now living in an alternate reality where everything revolved around this little being and our purpose for living was so simple and obvious. To be parents.

Motherhood is a journey filled with all of those emotions that I felt when Xavier was born and I feel incredibly lucky to have been blessed to have this amazing little person to love and hold and be a mummy to. I marvel at and am grateful each day for this.

How do you manage to stay healthy with a busy life/family as a mother

I am fortunate enough to own a business (Barre Body) that requires me to stay fit and healthy as part of my “job”. I say “job” as I really love it, so it doesn’t feel like work. Eating-wise, I can’t even imagine eating in any way but healthily, so I don’t find that too hard. The key to living and eating well when you are busy is a little planning an organization, but it’s generally pretty easy once it’s part of the way you live your life.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.26.23 PM

In what ways do you try and invite health and wellness into your child(s) life… and why is that important to you

Green smoothies. Lots of exercise. Playing at the park. Lots and Lots of fun and rough and tumble games. We also do a little yoga together when Xavier is feeling cooperative.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt as a mother?

That by being true to myself and letting myself be a working mum who is driven and needs stimulation outside motherhood, I am being the best mum that Xavier could possibly have.

Stay connected to Emma via Barre Body.


Stay tuned for more amazing mammas coming your way. Don’t forget, l’d REALLY love to hear YOUR personal insight into motherhood and how you maintain ‘wellness’ for you and your family.

Love + light to you,




  1. I love this post and the incredible motherhood wellness stories. The hardest path for me was to choose to go to motherhood from a half marathon, triathlon-loving base and then find myself unable to commit to a fitness schedule (thanks to the unpredictability of a breast-feeding bub who refused bottle or expressed milk) and the time it took to position her into a rhythm where I could fit in exercise again. Now, looking back, it was only 9 mths – but oh what a long time that was for someone who LOVES fitness. I managed to built it in by joining a group in my area who catered for babies to join classes too (offering a minder while we did strenuous cardio/strength) – they totally saved my sanity. To this day I'm grateful that I've managed to merge wellbeing and motherhood.

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