When your goals get in the way

How many times have you had a goal – a passion-filled desire – that has done an about face and actually started to control you and literally got in the way?

Have you experienced that overpowering energy of ‘achievement’ and ‘striving’ to the point where you felt completely overwhelmed and blocked? Can you see how your goals get in the way?

In this overly-stimulating, competitive and goal-orientated world we live in I’d be surprised (and seriously impressed) if you’ve never been affected by it and have side-stepped the need to achieve. But what am I really talking about here? This is about what is hiding underneath those goals that get in the way….


Let me ask you a few questions here:

  • Have you ever wondered why something you’ve set your heart and mind on has crumbled into ruins?
  • Or have you witnessed how an initial goal has ended up causing stress and anxiety instead of ease and joy?
  • Have you felt frustrated that, despite your best efforts to achieve your goal, you’ve still managed to sabotage  yourself and lost ‘control’ of what you are doing?
  • Or have you felt stuck, unable to move forward, even though you’ve had the best of intentions and are really trying to face your goals head on?

Are you nodding along? Say YES?! Well then this VLOG is for you. And even if you aren’t shouting yes from the roof-tops hit play anyway. I know it’ll resonate with you on some level or hold a nugget of truth that you are destined to harness in the future, or pass onto a friend who needs to hear it.


In this vlog I share:

  • How your goals can often turn on you and get in the way.
  • Why your goals end up falling apart (and controlling you) – this is about the role that you play in this!
  • How staying present and dropping your agendas and expectations can actually move your forward more.
  • A little ‘tough-love’ message from me – a gentle slap to help you get the hell out of your own way!


Your turn: Can you see where you are in-control, right now in life? What goals are you controlling? And how is this getting in your way?

Sometimes WE get in the way and we really need to learn how to get the hell out of the way! Speaking of ‘getting in your own way’. In 2013 I wrote an ebook called: Get out of your own way – 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet! If this video resonated with you I know you’ll get so much out of my ebook. I share so many pivotal and personal stories where I was called to surrender and how they led me to a life of more ease and flow. Check it out here.

love + light to you,

Claire x

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12 Comments to “When your goals get in the way”

  1. Awesome stuff Claire! Got a lot of arhha moments out of that! Can really see how i have managed to move from a space of flow and ease to control (fear based). Thank you! xx

  2. Thank you, thank you! Ah, some many examples…the unending relentless pursuit of goals by force was my life through early adulthood. That rigidity and attempt to control led me to a dark and hostile place within myself… Lessons learned. I am much lighter and brighter practicing presence in the now, receiving the cues of the moment. However, I have not yet mastered this… Running 30-40 miles a week in subfreezing temperatures, ice, snow and pain yields not a great 1/2 marathon time but a chronic injury that requires over year of recovery.
    Always learning.

  3. This literally spoke to me, Claire! So often I get lost in the process and forget to recalibrate. I have let my goals define me and ultimately that has sabotaged my goals in the past. Thank you for reminding me to be present and accepting of any and all progress or obstacles that come my way. xxx

  4. This was fantastic Claire, I am in my second year of my PhD and this resonates so strongly with me. I am constantly focussing on the end goal that I often forget that I have done so well to get here in the first place and that I should be enjoying the process, the journey. Thanks so much for the timely reminder xxx

  5. Thanks Claire, this really resonates with me too. My partner and I are in the early stages of buying a property and initially it was a fun, exciting time but now it has turned into this stressful process. This has definitely been a timely reminder that perhaps we are too focused on the end goal and are trying to force things to happen too quickly, without trusting that everything will be ok and it will all unfold how it is meant to. Thanks again 🙂

  6. I’m not sure how I found your vlog today, but I’m very glad I did. I really needed to hear this message. I am making myself miserable because my goals are not materializing the way I want them to or as fast as I want them to. It is consuming me and I am not enjoying my life. I need to realize that I will achieve what I want, but it might not unfold as I expect or when I expect. I think I will take a couple days off and focus on anything other than my “to do” list, get back in touch with everything else that is wonderful in my life and revisit achieving my goals in a couple days. Thanks so much for this vlog!

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