You know, I’m a story teller. My mother is too. In fact, I tend to surround myself with people that tell stories. It’s a form of creative self-expression for me, but also it’s a way I connect, share and pass on/ absorb wisdom.

Whenever I have something to share it’s usually because there is a lesson I’ve learnt and I want to pass that onto you. This lesson is all about dropping resistance and in turn releasing stress + anxiety.

Let me set the scene properly. A few weeks ago I had noticed that a little tiny flat freckle on knee had started to change colour. As the universe ALWAYS has our back, it was that day that I walked past a clinic after teaching yoga that had put out a sign saying ‘Skin Checks’. Yep, I need that, thanks Universe!

So, off I went, instinctively knowing that this changing freckle was up to some funny business. In the end, I was right. It had to go. That’s years of being a sun bunny catching up with me. (p.s I’m trialling a whole bunch of natural sunscreens and will post my opinions for you all!)

What I wasn’t prepared for were the 5 stitches in my knee and the limited movement for 2 weeks. I hadn’t even considered that practicing yoga, even walking and driving would be difficult – not being able to bend your knee will do that!

For someone who practices yoga daily and loves to move I could feel the resistance start to rise. The doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to properly practice for at least 14 days. You all know how prominent and important yoga is in my daily ritual. I’m devoted to it.

When Resistance Shows Up

In the past I would’ve have ‘succumbed’ to this restriction, but not without complaint! I would’ve given in, purely because I had no choice, but there would have been self-induced stress and anxiety – all internal of course – as I mentally resisted the experience.

That resistance only serves to create a problem out of nothing. It’s only my expectation that I can move in a certain way in order to ‘feel-good’ that creates that resistance. It is only my agendas that would deliver me straight into the arms of resistance.

Having had enough practice now with seeing expectations and agendas, this time, before I even reached that point of anxiety I decided to take a look at what, potentially my expectations and agendas were, which ultimately would send me straight into resistance mode, left unchecked.

Immediately I saw that it wasn’t just about my daily ritual of yoga – which I see as powerful tool in which I ground and centre myself – it was also about my body! I wanted to stay fit and strong and I believed that two weeks off as a sure way to lose that.

Once I saw my expectations and agendas I allowed myself to feel them and then release them. Catch + release. I see you, I feel you… but I don’t need you.

When you let go of resistance

I noticed after being open to feel + release those agendas that (even though I didn’t ‘like’ the restrictions) creativity showed up. I was better able to seek out and play within the silver lining. I came up ways to still feel good whilst accepting and respecting the physical restrictions. Instead of my more dynamic practice, I enjoyed 1hour long meditation sessions instead of yoga. I did lots of EFT work.

When my knee started to heal a little more I set-up my yoga room into a little restorative yin yoga space. With candles lit and my favourite essential oils burning I used bolsters, bricks, chairs and cushions to prop myself up into beautiful, juicy stretches and relieve my tight body (I get sore when I miss a few yoga sessions). I hung out in supportive, nourishing poses for longer than usual and allowed my nervous system to soak up the goodness of slowing right down.

Whenever I taught a yoga class, after announcing that I couldn’t demonstrate, it became a fascinating experience to watch how my words became more creative, descriptive and intuitive to guide the class and support their journey on the mat.

There’s always a choice

Because of this experience I was able to rediscover the yoga I used to love almost 7 years ago now. It also allowed me to be creative and to put into practice the approach to life that I so often share with clients and readers – surrender!!

For me, it comes down to choice. Resistance is something we all experience, but we always have a choice in the approach we decide to take. I am dedicated to choosing surrender and acceptance every time. It might not happen INSTANTLY, but my commitment is to be in and embrace that energy always.  Life is so much sweeter there.

I hope you appreciated this story. I hope that there is something in this that resonates with you and your life in this very moment.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear your thoughts. Tell me what you thought of my experience? Share with me – what are you resistance right now?

love + light,


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  1. Going through something similar myself at the moment, my love. My gorgeous acupuncture has advised me to reintroduce grains to my diet and *drastically* reduce my physical activity (quell horreur!). Mine truly is a first world problem, granted, but I am in Resistance City population me right now. Timely post and beautifully expressed, as always. x

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