Many of you have been following this blog since it’s inception over 1.5 years ago. Others might be much newer and perhaps you are wondering why this blog is called The Saha Space? Considering that I sign off every blog with ‘saha to you’ I thought it was high time I explain it because it’s not just a name, it encapsulates so much more of who I am, why I live, breath and coach in the way that I do and what I hope to pass onto others. Today I’d love to share the story of this name with you.

As a teenager and even in my early 20s I would never have fathomed that I would one day be a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Holistic Health + Wellness Coach. I was never an overly atheltic child – definitely not the kind that felt confident to do all those things children love to do – handstands, backbends and general body contortionism! Nor was I focused on health. Being naturally petite I could get away with eating anything and everthing so I rarely thought about what I was putting in my body. I think one of my many nicknames in high school was human trash-can, because I would eat anything and everything!

But when I look back to the past and remember a word I grew up with, ‘Saha’, I realise there was no other way for it. I am exactly where I should be.

The Arabic word Saha, loosely translates to ‘good health’ but to me it means so much more than that. Growing up with Middle Eastern parents, the word ‘Saha’ filled my days. Upon hearing this word I am immediately transported to the kitchen of my parent’s home. It is here, in this kitchen sitting at the old, worn wooden dining table – which quietly, stoically, respectfully supported us through arguments, tears and giggles – that my journey began.

As the youngest of five children to parents hell bent on raising their kids in true health; I slowly absorbed (amongst the mayhem) the countless snippets of spiritual, nutritional and emotional nurturing. From instructions to chew my food 25 times, to looking inside when I need guidance, or one of my father’s usual debriefs on why the spoonful of his homemade tahini (en route to my mouth) was so precious. With each morsel of heavenly food, love, spirituality and affection I would hear the word Saha, uttered by my mother, father or siblings.

Saha is a word acknowledging that which gives good health. A word filled with pleasure and true respect to the blessings in our life. A word entrenched in gratitude. A word that invites you to exhale with contentment. You know that feeling when you are staring out at the expansive, never-ending ocean… the sun is warming your shoulders and you can’t help but smile at the beauty of it all. That feeling is saha to me… that big, deep sigh of real happiness from within.

So it’s no surprise to me, in hindsight, that as I sat in deep meditation one day that the word SAHA bounced within the walls of my mind. It was like a whisper with a gentle knudge. As I opened my eyes, feeling whole, happy and healthy, I realised this should be the name of my new blog – all those months ago. The Saha Space was born. Each time I write that word I pay homage to it, to where I have come from, the the thousand times its been uttered with love and to balance, true happiness and perfect health.

With that, I invite you to be part of The Saha Space. Be here, explore, learn, share and express your own experience of saha with all of us.

Saha to you.

Claire x


5 Comments to “WHAT IS THE SAHA SPACE?”

  1. Hey Claire- have you thought of adding an RSS feed- I've been missing heaps of content since you revamped 🙁 but always manage to catch up on my RSS feeds when Ive some downtime?

  2. Hi Claire
    I love this post, it is very close to my heart! I am half Lebanese (my dads side) and I grew up hearing Saha a lot around the dinner table. I also love the saying Sahtan …. Which would be said to the kids who were really relishing their food. Both phrases encapsulate the tradition around eating and the enjoyment and love of good food.
    Love your words and your work.
    With love, Lara

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