The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: How to host a blessingway

The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: How to host a blessingway

I’m not that into experiences like Kitchen Teas, Baby showers and the like. My husband and I didn’t throw an engagement party and I was a little unnerved by the whole Hen’s night (which ended up being an incredible experience).

I am however, really into experiences that are sacred, respectful and honour the depth of meaning behind the celebration.

Which is why I wanted to have a baby shower with a difference – with a blessing.

A couple of years ago I helped host the blessing ceremony at a very good friends shower, and having been invited to another Blessingway I was certain that I wanted something similar for my own experience.

What is the difference between a Baby Shower and a Blessingway?

Firstly, both experiences are about celebration and a coming together of women. However, a Blessingway, which is born from the traditional Americian-Indian (Navajo) culture, is about honouring the mama-to-be and her transition into motherhood. It is also a way to honour the unborn baby as well. Without sounding wanky, it’s a more spiritually minded experience.

A baby shower is a more Western celebration that is designed to ‘shower’ the mum and baby with gifts to prepare for the birth, which I believe became popular in the 40s and 50s.

BOTH have their place and I can truly see the benefit in a baby shower – receiving gifts from friends for the baby is such a help. For me though, that wasn’t the priority. And I’m also not keen on the ‘games’ that are usually played at Baby Showers. No judgment, but I personally find them a little tedious.

How to host a blessingway

This is an incredibly personal experience so there are no rules or strict guidelines. What I can do is share what we did and perhaps that will help you come up with your own Blessingway experience.

I was so blessed to have one of my oldest friends offer her (newly renovated!) home for our Blessingway. The space was divine, open and spacious. Another friend – my Reiki Healer and beloved soul sister – offered to host the blessing ceremonies.

After researching Blessingway Ceremonies there were a few elements I knew I wanted to incorporate:

1. The sharing of food

We asked each guest to bring a plate of healthy food. This not only made it easier for my host but it also meant that when we sat down to eat you could really feel the love. Each plate of food was literally buzzing with consciousness. I can’t begin to describe the joy in ‘breaking bread’ with my soul sisters, knowing that our food was high vibe, healthy and stupidly delicious!


2. Meditation + Blessing

Opening the ceremony – we were all sat in a circle around a little altar – with a mini meditation and a blessing to me, the baby and each woman holding the space brought on the water works! I was crying within the first minute and I know many of my friends were too. It set the scene, it felt sacred and it simply soulful.


3. The Red String Blessing

One long piece of red string was looped around the left wrist of each woman present. As this was done, each of my soul sisters (my mother and sister included) offered up a piece of wisdom and advice to me. And yes, tears were shed. My heart literally exploded out of my chest. My soul stretched out with delight.

Words were shared such as “You already know everything you need to know” and “Savour eery single moment” and “I can’t wait to meet your soul baby”… ahh, it still gives me tingles when I think back to how held, loved and supported I felt

4. Prayer Flags

I sourced online a kit to create our own prayer flags. I decided that I wanted my beautiful soulies to get creative with me and make a prayer flag each. These featured words of advice, drawings, and messages of love. They are all strung up and ready to be hung in the birthing room – whenever our baby decides to enter this world. I’e also had my nieces create a prayer flag as well. And I know that mid-labour as I look up at these messages I will either smile, laugh or cry… but either way, these prayers will bolster me, encourage me, keep me on track and lovingly call in this beautiful soul-baby.


5. Pampering + adornment

Now, I won’t lie, this was my friend’s idea and one I was a little uncomfortable with at first (still have some work to do on ‘receiving’) but in the end, getting a shoulder rub and hand massage from my friends DELICIOUS! At 35 weeks pregnant any form of ‘care’ feels like being wrapped in the biggest embrace. I was also crowned with a stunning flower headpiece and my hand painted with henna.

IMG_3560Screenshot 2015-01-21 13.12.10


Despite the heatwave, I had the most joyful, sacred and memorable experience.

I’m so grateful to each woman that was there who held the space with their love and gave so much from their heart!

IMG_3637 IMG_3613

Hosting a blessingway doesn’t have to be difficult or overly ‘spiritual’ or even fussy. Sacred can still be casual, relaxed and effortless. As mine was! And you might like to combine it with the most common ‘Baby Shower’ – throwing in a few baby-games or even doing a gift registry if that’s what you are after.

Your turn:

  • Have you had a blessingway before?
  • Are you interested in doing this for yourself?

love + light,



4 Comments to “The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: How to host a blessingway”

  1. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful experience Claire. I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful blessingway before the birth of my son who is now 8 weeks old. I had a such a lovely day with the special women in my life. I was a little nervous before it,as I’m not someone who likes to be the centre of attention but it was perfect. I truly believe that it helped me so much in the lead up to the most wonderful birthing experience. I hope Claire that you get to have a magical birth like I did xx

  2. Hi Claire, I’ve just been organising one with my Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy fellow graduates. You see Baby Braybrooke came about during my time studying, as I surrendered and healed my body! This article has helped me to understand what it is more. Loving your prayer flag idea. How wonderful to be reminding of this during birth. Thank You.

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