If you missed the first post in this series I’d definitely head over HERE to catch-up. I explain my fears around (one-day) becoming a mother and why I’ve reached out to SIX amazing wellness mammas to provide insight, heart and soul into the topic of motherhood.

Today I talk to Lauren Falconer – a yogi mamma and Valeria Gosse – a PT/Health coach mamma-to-be!

I hope you enjoy their perspective on motherhood and insights into how they maintain wellness for themselves AND their family.


After reading all the amazing insights these gorgeous mother’s have shared with us I’ve decided I want to help out a mamma out there, or THREE. I’m giving away not one, but THREE of my Renew Yourself eCourse. It’s a gorgeous 8 week program that drops you into wellness with a holistic approach.

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In today’s homage to yummy, healthy wellness mammas I’d like to introduce Lauren Falconer from The Life Pod, Sydney. She is a gorgeous, open, loving yogi who is clearly the same as a mamma! I remember when I first met her at a yoga retreat I was blown away that she was a mum – calm, cool, collected, warm, open, available! The epitome of a wellness mamma! Check her out.


What does motherhood mean to me?

The first feeling that bubbles up when I ask myself this question is… LOVE. Motherhood has meant many, many things but the biggest, most expansive part of growing into a mother has been this enormous, powerful, all consuming love that I’ve been so generously blessed with.

Motherhood has also meant many lessons in patience, an ability to surrender to what is, to go with the flow, hard work, questioning how I behave and what I’m passing on, wondering daily if I’m doing a good job, making time for myself and learning to stop and tune in with my son and his childish, delightful, vibrant ways.

Motherhood is a complex tapestry of raw and spirited emotions! It is without a doubt the best and hardest thing that I’ve ever done, the dichotomy of yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the ups and the downs….but what prevails is always LOVE.

How do I stay healthy with a busy life as a mother?

For me staying healthy is all about being educated, dedicated and organized.  As a mother on the go, if you have what you need at your finger tips, then being healthy is pretty easy really. Good, nutritious food in the house, easy quick recipes and healthy options that kids and adults alike enjoy are all part of creating ways to making it easy and fun. The motivation to be healthy is that it feels so great! I want that for myself and I definitely want that for my growing son.

To stay healthy with a busy schedule I know that I need to create time for myself, to practice yoga, meditate, spend time with family & friends, receive massage treatments, acupuncture and enjoy being in nature often.

Having fun is a big aspect of health and I try to remind myself of this often, not to create too many rigid rules around what we eat and how we live, which can have the opposite effect of stress and tension. Being able to go with the flow and enjoy life is really what we all want.

In what ways do you invite health and wellness into your child’s life?

I asked my 5 year old son this question, and he responded with, ‘you play with me and feed me’. Pretty simple really. I feed him a variety of whole foods, healthy treats and have always had him eat whatever we’re eating, from green juices to smoothies, raw cacao chocolate balls, tofu, fish, lot’s of greens, fruits and water, water, water.  It’s not always perfect, far from it, but as I learn more about health and nutrition I’m inspired to pass that on.

Playing is a vital aspect also, one of the greatest gifts that promotes health and happiness in our children, whether it’s with a 5 year old or a baby in utero, is that we tune in to them and spend time away from our busy schedule, absorbed in their carefree games, rythyms and magical world.

In terms of spiritual health, I’ve taught Phoenix the great benefit of doing what we love. Not to worry about getting the highest grades at school, or earning the most amount of money but to focus on what brings you the greatest joy, and if you do that then everything else will fall into place. I’ve taught him the importance of breathing to calm himself down, to question his stressful thoughts and a healthy appreciation for mother earth. I think that all of this has been a wonderful source of comfort and health in his life so far.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.50.02 PM

What are the biggest lessons I’ve learnt as a mother?

Learning to trust myself, to let go, deep breaths, slow down and enjoy the ride.  Early on I realized that it was going to take much more than just my husband and I to raise our son, we needed support and have been so lucky to have incredible family and friends that have helped us create a nurturing community.

There’s no doubt that it’s challenging being a parent, however I’ve found that staying positive has opened up a bountiful learning ground that has bestowed so many valuable lessons and has certainly helped me to grow, stretch and expand as a person.

At the end of the day I kiss my son goodnight and melt into the most exquisite tenderness, and deep love and I am forever grateful.

Connect with Lauren through The LifePod on facebook and the web.

Mammas-to-be are going through a journey from the moment they find out they are pregnant. I feel the journey into motherhood must begin from conception. The processing, the adjustment, the coming to terms with it all. With that in mind I’m honoured to introduce you to Valeria Ramirez – A Brisbane based Personal Trainer + Health Coach. She is a gorgeous friend who is expecting her first child – I can’t wait to see what this journey brings for her.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 3.51.42 PM

What does MOTHERHOOD mean to you?
Motherhood to me is an incredible gift and an opportunity to help guide and grow an amazing contribution to the world. It’s a journey of self discovery and an opportunity to experience a very special kind of love. I feel truly blessed.

How do you manage to stay healthy with a busy life/family as a mother?

Once you get your head around the idea that being healthy is not a chore, but a wonderful way of living it becomes second nature. Having the support of my loving husband makes it easy too. We rarely shop at supermarkets, opting for organic farmers markets instead, and only buy food that’s worth eating. Having a healthy collection of ideas handy is important for times when you are too busy or tired to think about what to cook. Being organised and prioritising healthy food preparation, movement and relaxation is essential for me. With a full time uni load, full time work and a growing belly I have to support the body that supports my big dreams and ambitions. If I don’t chances are I’ll get sick and won’t be able to live each day to the fullest.

In what ways will you try and invite health and wellness into your child’s life… and why is that important to you?
I am a firm believer that healthy habits start at the very beginning. Even as early as when two cells join together and start the dance we call life. What I eat, drink, feel, think and breathe gets broken down to create my baby. My choices aren’t “perfect” all the time, but I do my best. Once our little one is born I will endeavour to my best for our little one to embrace our way of living. I also hope to start growing more food to allow our child to understand and appreciate the true concept of energy and where nutrition comes from.

What do you think will be your biggest lessons as a mother?
I will forever be learning but contrasting the experience of being a child to now looking forward to raising my own little one the biggest lesson has been to not do too much and to be kind to yourself. Whatever choices you make, accept that they are/were the best you could make at that time.

Connect with Valeria via The Well Nest.

Now, it’s YOUR turn (and to enter the giveaway!)

Share with me how you stay healthy as a busy mum!

Thanks for reading.

Love + light to you,

Claire x



  1. I'm a Mum of a four year old girl called Isobel and a trainee Psychotherapist. Days can be very busy! I've been following you from Ireland for the past few months and really enjoying your tips about wellness, which is something that I've been trying to incorporate into my life. I've already began getting up earlier at 6am so that I have some quality time to myself before Isobel rises. Through gratitude journaling, some meditating (which I haven't got the hang of yet!), and a brisk 20 minute walk – I feel centered in myself and can be more present in my relationship with my Daughter. As I'm changing parts of my life, I'm finding that the key to staying healthy as a Mum begins with loving myself and showing Isobel that self-love is one of the most important things in life! I'm very excited about this journey and thanks for all your help along the way! I would be delighted with the chance of wining the Renew yourself ecourse as it is something that I've had my mind set on doing soon! With thanks and best wishes, Nicola X.

  2. I start my day with a half our walk around our estate. It adjoins farmland and has paths and gardens, so I love walking around here. Crisp, fresh air and exercise. It renews the body and mind.

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