Do you want to feel Golden?

Feeling GOLDEN

Last time I checked in with you the new year had JUST ticked over. It’s crazy how quickly we all get sucked back into the vortext of life – the busy-ness, the lists, the stressors, the plans.

Life is just so FULL. (Beautifully, gratefully full)

I am busily working away here in the background – new coaching programs and more. Make sure you keep reading till the end as I have something SUPER exciting coming your way soon.

Thankfully the balmy, sticky summer (on this side of the hemisphere at least) is keeping me outside and in the ocean daily. Resetting on the daily.

Speaking of summer and the ocean, one of my most favourite things ever is the way the sun shines on the ocean – sparkly, playful light dancing on the waves. Golden sparks of crystalline light. This light makes me smile from ear-to-ear.


A few years back when I did a powerful journey into my Chakra 8 I discovered the 12 essences of my soul (we all have them – they just differ from person to person). In every meditaiton session I would do, going into my Chakra 8 I would find myself in a temple FLOODED with Golden Light. It was only until discussing this with my Spiritual Mentor, Belinda Davidson that I came to understand something very important.

The Golden Light is one of my 12 essences.


Now, I’m not 100% certain what this actually means and how I embody it fully. OR how it differs from the White Light (it feels very different) but I do know that FEELING GOLDEN is at the centre of it.

Definition; Golden
Glowing vitality; radiant, radiance.
Full of happiness, prosperity or vigour: golden hours; a golden era.
Richly soft and smooth.
Bright, metallic, lustrous


So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that GOLDEN is one of my core desired feelings. I’m often asking myself – how can I feel more ‘golden’ in this moment, day, week… this precious LIFE.

It’s also a feeling that resides at the core of my work – as a coach, leader and guide. I want my clients and team members to feel GOLDEN to and I’ll do what I can to help them reach for that bright, inner radiance.

How do we feel GOLDEN then?
How do we reach for what is seemingly blindingly bright and almost impossible to grasp? (Btw, it’s not, we just have to do the consistent, loving work).

This is how we do it:

Regular stillness and reflection
Powerful practices to realign and reingite your Mind, Body and Soul
Self-study and commitment to personal growth

This 2017 I have a bunch of beautiful offerings coming your way to support you in feeling GOLDEN.

If you are ready to feel golden I invite you to ask this question;

“What do I need to feel bright, vital, radiant, happy and prosperous”…

And if I can help you get there in anyway let me know! (Check out the above links, maybe something there just JUMPS out at you!)


30 Days of You!

Before I leave you I have one last thing (and very special thing) to share with you. I’ll be dropping into your inbox again very soon, in the next few days to share an incredible 30 Day program that will definitely help you to go for GOLD.

Myself and a team of women (who I’m sure you know) have put together an amazing 30 day challenge (LOADED up with a ridiculous bundle of goodiess too) to give you a fresh new start and to realign and reignite your mind, spirit, body and soul.

I’ve NEVER done anything like this before and I’m literally itching to get this out to you.

So please keep a look out that – It’ll be with you VERY soon. I hope you join us for a powerful, love-filled and life-changing month.

Love and (golden) light,


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