I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be interviewed and to share myself, my work and my passions through other like-minded bloggers and wellness lovers.  I recently did a Q&A interview with Dr. Ashlee Good. Check out the interview here!

I loved answering Ash’s questions. They really got me thinking – each time I do an interview I learn a little more about myself. It’s like a moment self-realisation.

One of the questions really struck me. It was; “It’s good being you because…? (why do you love your life?)”

My reaction? Woah! That’s huge. It struck me as such a powerful question because of the choice of words (I love me some words)… It really encouraged me to open up to appreciation and gratitude.

As I started to answer the question I actually had to stop myself from rambling… I felt I could have written 100+ points. Through my dedicated gratitude practice (I write my ‘grateful for’ list every morning without fail) I’ve had some practice in connecting with my life and my love for it.

Now, two things came up that I wanted to share.

1) My Ego started to bring up judgment – “Careful Claire, you don’t want to seem full of yourself”. My response? Oh, shutup! You are not welcome here thanks buddy… To be in place of self-love and gratitude is not only special but IMPORTANT to your health and happiness. It’s hard work to get to this point and I’m going to revel in it like it’s 1999!

2) My heart felt wonderment and said – ‘imagine if everyone asked themselves this question everyday and were able to answer it!’ What a different word.

For many of us, listing out the ‘good’ within ourselves and our life can be far more challenging than we’d care to admit. Uncomfortable, nerve-racking, unsure, insecure. Just some of this stuff comes to mind.

I’ve often asked clients before to complete a list of the top 25 things they like about themselves/their life… you know what? Struggle street is where they end up. Mostly, they get there in the end, but at first there is lot of resistance, judgment, censoring, fear and insecurity, or they even go blank!

It’s always an interesting experience to watch this unfold, seeing as I bear witness to their beauty and uniqueness, their very rich and amazing lives and hear stories of the love they experience in their life. They can’t see what I can see. In fact, many of us can’t see what we have. Or we choose to ignore it because we’ve labeled it ‘not enough’.

Wake up to your precious life

It’s time now. You might have been asleep for a bit. Or maybe you have started to see things differently, but it’s time now, time to wake up to your precious life. To your preciousness!!!

I invite you to ask yourself the question that I was ask. Open your journal and write this on the top of a fresh clean page: ‘It’s good being me because…’

Now, let it pour out of you.

Don’t judge the process, but see it with an open and objective heart. Let yourself go wild.


Your turn: Share with me below – how do you feel about expressing and giving thanks for the ‘good’ in your life and in you? Does it come easily, or do you struggle with it?

love + light to you oh precious soul!




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