It’s time to put your burdens down…


Join me for a 2 hour Masterclass – learn to release yourself of the burdens you carry.


+ Learn EFT to soothe your shadow, heal your inner child and tend to your hurt places.

+ Experience guided group tapping sessions

+ Harness the power of one of the simplest, most powerful tools.  s

+Guide yourself back to the light through energetic practices

+ become your own healer as you access the elixir within. 

Unburdened is a mini masterclass to support you in lightening the load.



In my sacred work as a Somatic Life Coach, Facilitator, Space Holder and Practitioner I see how distressing it can be when life triggers a big shadow…


Be it a huge money block, a health issue or stress that leaves you wobbly and derailed. Your inner child presents itself during your parenting journey and you’re left feeling unsafe and uncertain again.

I’m not here to highlight what is ‘wrong’ – because truthfully there really isn’t anything wrong. Our perception is what colours our experiences. And I come from the belief that you are already whole and perfect just as you are.

However, I can’t help but notice a rise in fears, worrisome thoughts and challenges amongst my community. My inbox and DMs are full with beautiful humans reaching out.

They are hurting. So many feel lost. Unequipped. Burdened.

I am always here to provide my clients with the support, guidance and healing they need. It is an honour to be here to hold you all.

And yet, truthfully, what I wish to see is that you are all equipped and capable of unburdening yourself as you need to, instead of shouldering such heavy weights for much longer than need to. (And truly, do we actually need to drag our baggage around? I think we are done with the Marty archetype now!)




This is a 2 hour masterclass where, together, we will put down those burdens and I’m going to show you how you can do this for yourself, forevermore. I’ll support you to embody these skill so you can reach for it often.

We will experience a blend of modalities – predominantly EFT for emotional freedom and Energy Medicine such breathwork and gentle somatic tools for grounding and centering.

I’ll also throw in simple yet potent womb awakening and manifestation practices – afterall, once you’ve unburdened yourself there will be so much more mental, emotional and energetic space to call in your heart’s desires.

Everything I share will be both experienced in real time on the masterclass and also taught in such a way so you can continue to experience the ongoing elixir that these practices offer – become your own healer, guide and support.


The Details


Thursday 17th March, 2023

11-1pm AEDT via zoom

$33 AUD ($22 for current members of The Temple Space)

Recording available if live attendance is not possible.




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