Tired of not getting what you want? It’s time to ask the universe!

Growing up in a very religious household with a passionate and devoted Christian Mother I was raised with the idea of ‘ask the universe and you shall receive’. I did my best to connect to this powerful concept when I was younger, and then I also did an astonishing job of disconnecting from it for a good few years.

Over time I stopped believing that I had any power or say in the matter. I assumed that good stuff happened to some people (out of luck, pure randomness or even worthiness) and not to others (including me). I didn’t feel BIG enough to ask for what I wanted. I completely lost the belief that the question of “what do you desire?” could be met with an even simpler answer of “Ask the universe!” Or in my mother’s case, “Ask the Mother Mary!”

And you know what? This limiting belief and restrictive way of thinking was cyclic. The more I held to this belief the more I was proved ‘right’ – I didn’t (couldn’t and wouldn’t) get what I wanted.

What you resist persists. Like attracts like.

The simple choice of not asking the universe to breathe life into my desires perpetuated exactly that. My wants didn’t birth into my reality. They stayed put in a chamber of my heart, wrapped in fear and disbelief. Until I finally started to ask…

It’s all in your free will!

Getting what you truly desire comes down to the choices you make. Do you know what free will is? It is the very simple truth that as human beings we are blessed with the gift of choice. At every turn we have the ability to call the shots. Nothing and no one can intervene and ‘force’ something to happen.

Including the universe.

Which means we often do stupid things because we choose too. Or we make the same mistakes over and over, because we choose too. So suffice to say, the insane idea that we should just ‘wait’ for good stuff to come (and maybe if we are lucky it’ll happen) is actually a personal choice and one that can bring your life to an abrasive halt… a standstill.

Let’s flip this on its head. If we have free will then doesn’t that imply that we can choose what we want, for our highest good? Or at least we can choose to ask for it.

For me, at least, I never asked because I didn’t believe. And when I look underneath that lack of belief I can see it’s because there wasn’t a tangible exchange. Asking for what I wanted, when what I wanted wasn’t a ‘thing’, well that was so lofty and founded on trust that I couldn’t quite bring myself to believe simply asking was enough.

Just because you can’t see the exchange doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask!

When you want a coffee from your favourite barista, what do you do? You go ask for it. When you want a new haircut, you get yourself to your favourite hairdresser and ask for it. When you want to go on a holiday you make a booking and ask for what you want.
Each and every time you receive something right? (Give or a take a few hiccups along the way!) Each and every time you ask for something, there is an exchange (usually of money) and you are delivered the goods.

You don’t doubt that you’ll receive it, right?

You can see the exchange, so you trust it.

You don’t question how it’ll happen, you know it will.

You also don’t sitting around ‘hoping’ for it to happen miraculously…

So why, when it comes to more immaterial things – love, joy, soul connection, inner happiness, truth – do we question and doubt in our power to ask and receive. Why can’t we bring that saying ‘knowing’ into all requests?

What do you desire? All you have to do is ask the universe!

Get clear. What do you desire? What does your heart and soul want? I’m not talking about a new job, or car, or boyfriend. Although honestly, you can ask for that stuff too if you like. I’m referencing here the stuff you can’t ‘see’ but you can feel. The desire to feel a certain way and then to live, day-by-day, from those feelings.

  • Is it more intuition?
  • Is it a stronger feeling of love?
  • Is it a deeper heart-to-heart connection with people?
  • Is it a deeper bond with your soul?
  • Is it a feeling of happiness, for no tangible reason – just because?!
  • Is it a sense of direction or bravery and courage to make big changes?

Recently I was with my kinesiologist and I was telling her how I wished I could receive the messages from my wise and higher self in a bolder and more obvious manner. She said, “Well Claire, have you asked for it yet? Stop wishing for it and ask for it!”

I realized I hadn’t, because I’d already decided that it wouldn’t happen to me. That it couldn’t happen because it was a gift reserved for someone else. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. Either way I’ll never know if I don’t ask!

State that you are ready, loud and proud.

It won’t happen (whatever the ‘it’ is) if you just sit around waiting for it, hoping for it, or believing it’s just a random act of luck.

Be willing to open up to something new and to receive it.

Your turn beauty: Finish this sentence:

“I am loudly and proudly asking for _______________ *

love + light,

Claire x

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5 Comments to “Tired of not getting what you want? It’s time to ask the universe!”

  1. Hi Claire, I think it is so true what you say about letting in what we want to receive. I think a lot of the time the confusion is that we don’t actually know what we want to do/receive/be and so just getting to that point is the first step. I like to think of it as focusing on the solution and being open to whatever that solution looks like – after all sometimes life doesn’t play out how we think it will 🙂 You provide some really useful tips. Thank you! x

  2. Ask & You shall Receive, Knock and it shall be open! Asking does not always get you what you want. Your words are like honey & comfort for the desperate & confused. This is a cruel harsh world, when you have favourable circumstances its easy to see the world in rose tinted glasse, lol, as if people do not know what they want! Be clear and all that lardy dardy!!??? thats adding more confusion to their problem.. I guess in life the truth is you dont always get what you ask for., those that ask know exactly what they want, the problem is why are they not receiving it, the Universe does not give to everbody thats asks no matter how clear you are..I wanted to be married, husband, family, run a business from home and all that, The more I asked the less I got. The biggest insult the universe gave to me was seeing all my friends and family getting what I silently asked for & they in turn looked down on me ….Life/living is tough, how I came to this article, I was looking for a way of how to deal with life if you do not get what you ask for.

    • We all are trying to figure this thing out, I know I am, but as I read what u wrote it’s like u are coming from a space that u are unsatisfied and have to be at peace be content receive the big things first like love joy truth peace once u are whole within yourself then u are happy with or without the things u want u have to be happy regardless as if u do have those things, they are just THINGS and if u even got the things u want if u are finding your happiness in things u will never be satisfied and will keep reaching for that object the best thing to do is trust God it might be things within we need to work on like our mindset and the way we have been conditioned to think or respond to our problems or situations, all I’m asking is for a home I desire for me and my family it may seem like nothing and I know God will give me even more so I’m trying to learn how to ask without any blocks but it’s not our power but gods power who will make things work out in our favor, I know a home for my family the right home the right area the things I desire for it to be like once it appears I will know this is it and I know it’s coming but it’s all in gods timing we have to be patient and know it’s not about the material things but from a pure intention of why we really want whatever we are asking for ya know!

  3. To D Miller:

    Before you give up on receiving what you want, check how you speak to the Universe. You must speak in the NOW, as in “I am grateful for the love in my life”, as opposed to “I want to have much love someday”. The Universe hears “someday” and forever delays your wish. Also, you must do it with a great degree of thankfulness for what you have now. The Universe responds to gratitude in large ways. Also, you must make your request and then let go. Do not dwell even for a minute on HOW your request will be fulfilled. That is the Universe’s job and it will not react kindly to your interference with the how. Just detach and let go. So, D, check these and other musts of interacting with the Universe.

  4. @ D miller: I have a friend who has been complaining for at least ten years! He never gets what he wants, etc… Look inside YOURSELF first, ask for what you REALLY wish, be GRATEFUL and magic should happen.

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