Are you ready to throw your heart over the line?

Throughout this year there have been countless moments where I have been called to do or create something. Often this calling is completely intuitive and born from my truth. It is from and for my highest good.

There is one small problem though. And that is when I get in my own way.

When you feel the call

In today’s VLOG I talk about that moment when you feel called to something.

Perhaps you’ve manifested something that is perfect for you (a new job, course, relationship!) and you know, intuitively it is right for you.

I’m sure you know what I mean. That feeling that is so hard to put into words, but you just KNOW it’s right.

And then, of course, instead of staying with that feeling we move into our head and start playing with the ego.

The what-ifs kick in. The ‘HOW’ becomes important. The questioning begins.

You’ve been there, right?

Your heart is saying one thing, your head is saying another.

In today’s VLOG I share with you mt own recent and very powerful experience with being called to follow my heart. A divine request to be ALL in. A profound experience that I have manifested, completely for my highest good and how I stay connected to what feels true to move forward from there.

We can all relate – that moment when you are prepared to throw your heart over the line, even though your head wants to stay back, where it’s safe, risk-free but stuck in a space of limitation.

The powerful experience of trusting your intuition, feeling the fear and diving in heart first, anyway!

As you watch the vlog ask yourself these three questions:
  1. Where in your life are you holding your heart, but you have yet to throw it over the line?
  2. Where are you playing between your intuition and your ego – back and forth between what feels true and what you’re afraid of?
  3. Are you prepared + ready to trust and be ‘all-in?’

The Freedom Project

Since launching The Freedom Project: Your 9 week guide to limitless living last week I have had so many amazing emails from beautiful, brave souls who are terrified of ‘peeling-off-layers’ and doing the real inner work for transformation. What inspires me is there willingness to jump in and join The Freedom Project, despite the fear and resistance they are feeling.

Check out these inspiring words from a recent member of The Freedom Project:

“For so many years I have yearned for inner freedom and the idea of ‘surrender’ has always resonated with me, so these two words alone ring so true to my heart…. I finally feel in the right place to really embrace this spiritual journey and things just feel like they are falling into place..

I’ll be honest and say part of me is a little scared of doing the hard stuff and actually having to write things down on paper (!!!), but I feel ready and excited to have the opportunity to work with you…”

Are you ready to feel the fear + follow your intuition anyway? If you’ve been called to The Freedom Project now is the time! Jump in and throw your heart over the line. Your true self will thank you for it.

The Freedom Project Introductory Offer is only $149 for 9+ weeks of rich, powerful, soul-changing content. Click below to join!


It’s time to throw your heart over the line.

love + light,


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