The Temple Space doors are now open for the August – October intake.


A monthly grace-centred gathering of 

Ceremony, Ritual, Healing, Holding and Home-coming.


There is a space that exists within this world that I wish to invite you into…


A space for those who no longer wish to scratch the surface of life and are ready to go deep, with reverence and play, with intent and lightness. 


This is your online Temple Space – it’s time to enter the doors are always open – welcoming you to gather with sisters where we experience a living prayer.


The Temple Space is for those of you craving a meeting place of the hearts that is ceremonial in nature, steeped in ritual, imbued with ancient wisdom practices and held within a sacred circle where healing is possible.


The sacred place and her ceremonies will slide into the natural ebb and flow of LIFE in such a way that you (and your daily life) feels honoured, important, integrated and imbued with a sense of adoration and veneration.


Inside The Temple Space the ancient ways of Divine Feminine Ritual will weave subtle magic in your world through Embodied and Energetic Medicine. 


Together we take a Sacred Pause to access our most potent selves, fire up our inner power and find an aliveness within to take on the world, our work, our families.




With our twice-monthly ceremonies marked in your calendar you are invited to exhale, drop the mental load and meet with intention.  Bring all of you. Bring your hurts and your happiness. Come home to your body.


This is a space of devotion where we, as a circle of women with full beating hearts, will honour the passage of time and our divinely human experience. We see each other as whole and yet we hold space for your healing. 



  • Garden play for the Mystics looking to tend to their inner landscape. 
  • A Sacred Sanctum that offers a soothing balm to your body and soul. 
  • Worshipping at the altar of your both human and highest self.
  • Paying homage to our Earth and the Celestial Realms. 
  • An anchor to steady as we journey through the wild seas of life.




Ceremony one: Sunday 15th May 3-5pm AEST

Welcome to The Temple Space.


A place where the mystics come alive. A home for your inner Priestess. 


A resting place for those of you craving a landing place that will guide you back home to body and heart. 


The Temple Space is for the women who want to co-create life with the ancient ways and the new earth.

Merging heaven and earth – humanity and divinity. 


The Temple Space is calling the women who are searching for meaning and yet often left wondering where to find it… when truthfully, you know, it’s always been in the devotion, ceremony and circle that you come alive. 




As a woman who desires to mark her life with ceremony The Temple Space is where you come to pray. It’s a place to touch grace and to welcome the life inside of you. 


Inside our private sanctum we will commune together in deep reverence.

We gather in circle, as women have done for centuries.

We open up to the possibility of healing.

We access and activate sacred, ancient wisdom that is anchored in our body. 

We receive codes of light, raising our frequency to become the ripple effect of love-fuelled change…




We come back home to the wisdom of our bodies, the divinity of our breath and the radiance of our souls, so we can create meaning, make change, and raise the frequency of the earth in which we reside and are tasked to caretake.


When a woman descends into her body to heal herself, she then rises to heal the body of the world…” Sarah Of Magdalene


Are you ready to deepen your embodied transformation, experience an inner revolution and be the ripple effect of love?

We need you. The world is calling on The Divine Feminine within us all to rise.

We are here to restore the balance and activate sacred unity. We are the bearers of light, filled with a fierce love. Grace is our language and we are powered by compassion.


And yet, there is a narrative that continues to take us away from our breath, our body and our soul sovereignty. Our job and responsibility is to chip away at anything in the way of owning and embracing our Divine Self.


And it’s in standing strong within our divinity that we can together embody our power and stoke the inner revolution (which ripples out far and wide). 


Let us lead from our heart-womb. The world has had enough of the ‘head’.


I know that it’s a lot. There is a lot for us to do. 


Our daily lives as women, mamas, space holders and now awakened conscious humans – this requires all of our energy and presence. And you can tell I don’t take this lightly… and yet this work must be met with the LIGHT.


We need spaces and places to land. We need to feel safe to open our hearts. To feel, release, heal. Mystical portals of feminine mystery to guide, soothe and activate us as we have work to do – on the inner and the outer terrain.


The Temple Space is here to hold you as you stretch into unknown territory, expand into new limits, own your sovereignty and reclaim your power.

AND just like a true Mother, The Temple Space is here to hold you as you shed tears, laugh with your sisters, and receive deep and much needed healing. 


Through practice, devotion and ceremony, The Temple Space offers access to ancient wisdom and medicine that will soothe you and send you soaring. 


It is in our devotional and regular practice of being with self and the divine that we find our way through life’s challenges and wobbly paths that we must walk.

The Temple Space explained:


The Temple Space is a monthly grace-centred gathering of Ceremony, Ritual, Healing, Holding and Home-coming.


Here, the doors are always open; welcoming you into a meeting place that is ceremonial in nature, steeped in ritual, imbued with ancient wisdom practices and held within a sacred circle where healing is possible.


We meet twice per month (fortnightly) in our private online portal. Here, we grow together cycling through the elemental and astrological seasons – these act as guides no strict focal points – and working magic through our body, refined energetics and breath.



First we enter THE ROSE GARDEN or an earthly-celestial journey harnessing Light Language Activations, Womb Yoga, The Magdalene Frequency, Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Science.

Next we step inside THE LUMINOUS FIELD for mind-body-soul nourishment through potent and healing breathwork, Energy Medicine practices and deep light-filled reflections.

We explore themes that are relevant to us personally and to the collective. We are also in touch with the seasons, astrological energies and elements. The feminine mystery and mystical ways are always woven through like a golden thread. 


And most importantly, all of you is welcome. Just as you are. 


You do not need to be a priestess, yogi, medicine woman, shaman, an intuitive or a healer (if this is you please know that The Temple is for you too and needs your embodied wisdom!)


This is a church, of sorts, that asks nothing of you but your presence and your devotion. Your willingness to your heart and to the beating heart of the collective. Your inner fire stoked and ready to transmute and change what is no longer serving you (which means it’s no longer serving us).

The Temple Space Includes:


+ 2 x 2-hour online ceremonies/journeys per month 

+ A private portal housing your recordings

+ Integration Guidance 

+On-the-fly ad-hoc resources at Claire’s discretion

+Private Facebook group for community, connection and sisterhood





The Temple Space is not...


  • This is not a membership. 
  • I will not be landing in your inbox or within the private portal with “home work”…
  • I will not be holding you accountable and checking if you’ve attended a ceremony (although I will notice and miss you – I can’t help it!)
  • I will not be providing ongoing one-on-one support – over and above the Integration Guidance supplied within the portal.  The Temple Space and I as your Temple Guide are not responsible for how this moves through you and in your life. 


I trust you. You are a woman who knows what to do with what we co-create together. I know you know how to do this work  and how to seek out the support you need to ground and process. (I am of course here in the capacity of Mentor, Coach, Facilitator and Practitioner for one-on-one work if you so choose to explore that with me – just reach out).




This is not a “program” with an end goal. This is a space of communion. A church of sorts. A place to congregate, connect and calibrate to your soul in ceremony. 

Whilst The Temple Space will not be overly curated in advance – I prefer to respond to the energies, astrological and seasonal calendar and of course what is unfolding as a group and the greater global collective – here is a loose outline of themes you can expect for those that love to be in the field of learning and growth. 

  • Womb Wisdom
  • The Way of The Mystic
  • Inner Child Connection
  • The Body keeps the score
  • Radiance from within
  • Radical and Responsible Acceptance
  • The Moon as Muse
  • The Red Thread
  • The Rose Line
  • The Somatic and Sensory Story
  • Nervous System Centred Care
  • Generatonal Healing
  • And so much more…

I ask you to enter The Temple Space for three months...



    I ask for your devotion and energy for a minimum of three months to truly absorb the tonic that The Temple Space is here to offer. 90 days at a minimum will allow for deep integration and a chance to experience a medley of practices, prayer, ritual and reflection. I want this space to change you – on a cellular level, in the frequency you hold. Change only happens when we are committed and devoted. 


    After the first three months your Temple Space commitment will shift to month-by-month. You can exit at any time you choose – although I recommend you to stick around for much longer to really experience the ripple effect and allow this space to recalibrate your soul.



    Become a Founding Member of The Temple Space for $222* per month – minimum 3 month commitment with a rolling subscription thereafter.


    Or secure your first three months upfront for only $555* (saving $111)

A deeper look into our Temple Spaces:

The Rose Garden  - You are the feminine spiral.


This is the space of The Priestess. The Rose is an Ancient, Mystical and Celestial energy which grows in a garden requiring delicate attention and tending. In this space we will work intimately with Light Language, Magdalene Womb Yoga, Spiritual Science. Calling on practices in embodiment, breath, ancient activations, tantric and kundalini practices, mudra, mantra and movement to tend and care for our inner garden – allowing our soul to bloom from within.
The body is the instrument and when it is attuned, the SOUL finds a safe Temple that allows her to grow.

The Luminous Field - You are the light. 


This is your space to delight and taste in the sweetness within your breath and energetic system. This is where we experience the amrita (the nectar) through Breathwork, Energy Medicine and EFT. A healing container. A space to release. Surrender and open up to receive the light of transmutation and love. The Luminous Field is where we create inner harmony by aligning to the light instead of trudging through the shadowy depths of our pain.  


The Temple Space is for you if…



You are tired of life rolling on by without scratching beneath the surface. You want to feel more. Open to more. Activate more. Enliven more. Heal more. Love more. Honour more.


You love practices such as breathwork, energy medicine, frequency based healing, ancient wisdom technologies and want more of it in your life, more often. 


You are craving a way to be in ceremony with me and other women and to come into ritual and access the divine feminine presence. 


You are ready to commit to a container without any requirements or additional demands on your time, mental energy and effort. A transmission to receive instead of more work to do.


You crave a way to be in communion, to bring ritual, prayer and embodied wisdom into your world but require a space and guide to activate this for you.


You’ve missed out on my previous group programs and can’t wait for the next one (or you have sat in Ceremony with me and want more). 


You have completed a group journey with me and you want to remain in my field.


You are a current or past private mentorship/coaching client and are looking to supplement our time together with the other side of the ‘coin’ to our coaching work.


The Temple Space doors are open… will you walk through & find your place?

The Temple Space doors will reopen early June

Join the waitlist to be notified

Payment option one

 $222* per month

minimum 3 month commitment 

The Temple Space doors will reopen early June

Join the waitlist to be notified

Payment option two

 – $555* single payment (save $111)

secure your first 3 months upfront.


Never say never. However, It's important for you to know that presently, my intention is to bring all online ceremonies, breathwork journeys and healing spaces inside of The Temple only. This will be the only way (in addition to private mentoring, coaching, live events and group containers) to experience this medicine. The Temple Space is my way of bringing together all the various ways I hold space, guide and teach into one landing space so that we can journey together.

You have two choices. 1) You are lovingly invited to stay on a month-to-month basis (this will automatically happen unless you contact our team to end your time in The Temple Space. 2) Upon notifying our team you can finish up within The Temple Space and savour profound effect of the 6 ceremonies (remember, there are two per month!).

We meet twice per month. Each experience is around 2 hours. We will always begin opening sacred space and discussing the theme or focus together before diving into the ceremony/journey. The Rose Garden is where we have an The Luminous Field is where we harness breathwork and EFT - a potent combination.

They will ALWAYS be accessible within the private portal for Temple Dwellers only. If you are a Temple Dweller you can redo any of the sessions at your leisure. Once you have exited The Temple Space you will no longer have access to the ceremony/journey.

100% YES! I understand sometimes we must take a pause, direct our attention elsewhere or integrate. If you every wish to join us again (what an honour if you do!) Just visit this page and sign on again.

No. Unlike a membership where there is quite alot of additional content, resources, expectations of your involvement and more - this is a space just as you imagine a Church or Temple. We come together. We pray. We breathe. We heal. Experience and evolve together. It's a meeting place within the cycle of our lives.

There is nothing I teach and share here that you cannot do. Beginner's and those with more experience are all welcome. In fact, I find it's those with no expectations that really absorb and reap the benefits.

It would be presumptuous of me to ever state that you NEED this. However what I can say is that holding ceremony, guiding classes, taking women on a journey - a smorgasbord of sensation, energetic experience and inner healing - is my zone of genius and my gift. What you will receive by entering The Temple Space is a level of reverence, depth and aliveness to your daily life. A way to create change for yourself and the world at large by embodying a new frequency and creating space for more to flow through you and from you. There is healing to be experienced, there are new colours to paint with, new sensations to feel and a new level of devotion and bliss (yep, truly).

The doors to The Temple Space officially opens Sunday May 15th, 3pm-5pm AEST. Our first ceremony will be inside The Rose Garden. Recordings will always be made available - please do not let the "schedule" dictate your sacred yes. This is simply a block to an aligned choice. More information will be sent regarding following session dates.

The days/times each month can and will change. Our schedule of ceremony and journeys will be released by week 3 of each month so you can schedule it into your diary and attend live - of course the replay is there if you cannot be with us live.