I am an ‘energy’ junkie. I love the power in harnessing that energy for health and healing. I have a few ‘secret weapons’ that help me dive deep, peel off layers, rebalance, reconnect and revitalise. Amongst my arsenal is Reiki. This year I finally got my Level 1 Reiki Certification through my good friend and Reiki Healer, Franziska Mayr (I call her Frenchy!).

Today, I’m so excited to share with you a guest post from Frenchy on the amazing science behind the magic of Reiki. I hope you enjoy this post as I much as I did.


Claire x


Though my first encounter with the ancient Healing art of Reiki in Japan back in 1996 was powerful and life changing, I felt a great need to intellectually understand how it worked. How did it relieve physical pain, aid in fighting addiction, reduce stress and anxiety and rebalance someone to their natural state of health and well-being? How could someone achieve such incredible results by not even touching the body? Luckily, I wasn’t the only one  intrigued and this research I’m about to take you through has shed some light on how so many incredible results are achieved with Reiki.

Independent research by Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. John Zimmerman  investigated what happens whilst people practice therapies like Reiki.  They found that not only do the brain wave patterns of practitioner and receiver become synchronised in the alpha state, characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation, but they pulse in unison with the earth’s magnetic field, known as the Schumann Resonance.  During these moments, the bio-magnetic field of the practitioners’ hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal, and not as a result of internal body current.  The linking of energy fields between practitioner and earth allows the practitioner to draw on the ‘infinite energy source’ or ‘universal energy field’ via the Schumann Resonance.  Everything is connected in a ‘living web of interdependence’.  This supports the subjective experience of ‘oneness’ and ‘expanded consciousness’ related by those who regularly receive Reiki.

Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan further investigate the large pulsating bio-magnetic field that is emitted from the hands of energy practitioners whilst they work.  They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves, and sweep up and down from 0.3 – 30 Hz, focusing mostly in 7 – 8 Hz, alpha state.  Independent medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues.  For example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7Hz bone growth, 10Hz ligament mending, and 15 Hz capillary formation.  

‘Brain waves’ are not confined to the brain but travel throughout the body via the perineural system, the sheaths of connective tissue surrounding all nerves.  During treatment, these waves begin as relatively weak pulses in the thalamus of the practitioner’s brain, and gather cumulative strength as they flow to the peripheral nerves of the body including the hands.  The same effect is mirrored in the person receiving treatment, and that regulates injury repair and system rebalance.  This highlights one of the special features of Reiki  – that both practitioner and client receive the benefits of a treatment, which makes it very efficient.

It is interesting to note that his study has been carried out on world-wide array of cross-cultural subjects, and no matter what their belief systems or customs, or how opposed to each other their customs were, all tested the same.  Part of Reiki’s growing popularity is that it does not impose a set of beliefs, and can therefore be used by people of any background and faith, or none at all.  

Reiki, or energy is universal. We are one and the same with that energy, which means by harnessing it we are tapping into our own healing powers.

Thanks for reading,

Frenchy xx

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As a side note if anyone is interested in studying Reiki or experiencing an energy healing session for yourself I can’t recommend Frenchy enough. We’ve had some pretty amazing experiences together which have left a long lasting and positive impact on my life.



  1. This is brilliant! I was only recently introduced to Reiki for the first time and haven’t been able to stop reading about it since…I’m even thinking about taking up some Reiki training =)

  2. […] ? THE PROVEN SCIENCE BEHIND REIKI – I can relate to this post – I have a friend, Cindy Campbell from reVive Reflexology, whom I have been receiving “energy healing” from lately and WOW!  it works!!  She is phenomenal and gifted!!  She has helped me “MOVE” stuff that would have taken time for me to do on my own (or at all!)  Energy work is powerful, yet simple and the body responds to it with a “sigh of relief” – it’s what it knows and is meant to do – HEAL! […]

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