The Magdalene Frequency

An online immersion into Womb Wisdom, The Rose Path & Embodying The Light


January 7th 3pm – 5:30pm AEDT and January 8th 10am – 12:30pm 

Join Claire on this powerful two-part virtual transmission – opening up to The Magdalene Frequency – through a journey of embodied transformation, inner attunement and vibrational alignment.


Together, you and an intimate circle of sisters will traverse the Magdalene teachings through Ancient Wisdom Technologies, Womb Work, Energetic Exploration, Light Language, Inner Attunement, Rose Rituals and so much more.


The Magdalene Frequency has been designed as a deeply immersive, potent experience of self-healing, activation and awakening to the truth that heaven is right here on earth. You are soul made flesh – so we embrace and embody the Celestial and The Earthly through ancient ways, the frequency of light, cosmic connection with the the sacredness of earth, ceremony, ritual and our divine humanity. We come together in welcoming the Spring and honouring the return to the light.


Receive Divine Feminine Blessings for your whole being and activate the frequency of the Magdalene teachings


Prepare to shine a light, ever so softly and gently, into places where pain resides.


Allow yourself to receive and activate codes of light already woven into your DNA. 


Weave light and love into the heart’s of others by activating it first within your own womb-heart-third eye


Return to Sacred Oneness, Divine Wholeness, and Soul Knowing


Our Journey:

A Virtual Retreat

Day one: Saturday 7th January 3-5:30pm AEDT

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Essential Oil Chakra Blessing +Blessing of the prayer shawl and activating The Magdalene Frequency
  • Rose Ritual + 13 Petalled Rose Activation
  • Magdalene Womb Yoga Session – activation and awakening of the womb-heart-third eye connection
  • Embodiment exercises and self-abhyanga with a herbal infused oil
  • Sharing circle

Day Two: Sunday 8th January 10 am -12:30 pm AEDT

  • Energy Medicine and Gentle Somatic Movement to regulate your Nervous System and come into brain-body alignment for deep inner to outer nourishment +Inner work – shadow reflection, including practices and journaling exercises to gain clarity on what you are ready to offer upon the altar of the divine (for healing and transmutation)
  • Womb Healing and Aramaic Activations
  • The Luminous Field Light Language Activations working on the level of Energy and Frequency through tantric and Kundalini Practices
  • Breathwork and Womb based practices to clear and release karmic stories and patterns.
  • Group Energy Healing +Deeply restorative and sacred time just for you


*The session will be recorded and emailed out within 24hours.

**Please note that the above is a loose plan and can change depending on higher guidance as to what our group requires.




+ A Crystal Bowl sound bath 

+ A Meditative Drum Journey

+ A Digital Class from The Elemental Womb to enjoy at your leisure

+ A Digital Magdalene Womb Healing recording featuring an Aramaic Light Language transmission, Mudra and Mantra blessing and Womb Healing.



$199 – (early bird until 31.12.22)


A comment on reciprocity and the financial exchange:



The exchange is a way of honouring the energy and entity that is guide and the heart-centre of The Magdalene Frequency: one day immersion.
It also honours you: your time and your need for support, guidance and healing.
When we enter an exchange (be it financial, emotional, energetic or other), it allows us to show up with a stronger sense of value, desire and commitment. And that plugs us into the cyclical nature of receivership and service 


This journey is for those who are feeling the call from The Magdalene Frequency – those who are ready to journey through vibrational healing, energetic work, ancient teachings and to receive a transmission through their wholehearted immersion.



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