Welcome to The Liberty: A 6 online week container to guide you towards inner freedom, liberation and sovereignty.


Together we clear and heal the blocks to feeling and embodying your freedom – a freedom that does not wait for permission. 


This is a journey – a homecoming of sorts – a return to that inner sanctum within that knows it is and always will be free.


This is a journey to uncover and gently pull out the roots of limiting beliefs, fear-based thinking, restrictive and intrusive feelings, ancient stories, and wounds.


This is a journey that, at its very centre, is all about LIBERATION.


You are not broken. You are not a mess. We simply need to heal – and what is healing other than a return to our wholeness, to our fullness, aliveness – a homecoming to our liberated, unbounded souls.


When I consider the places and spaces I feel most ‘free’ there are two that come to mind immediately.

The first is by the ocean – unbounded and yet beautifully contained. Powerful and wild yet deliciously nurturing and peaceful. On point and purposeful and never confused about Her essence.

The ocean does not question who she is. The ocean does not wait for permission. The ocean does what She does – unapologetically, at her own rhythm and pace and in full trust of her service on this divine Earth.

The other ‘space’ I feel freedom is right within the centre of me. When the world falls away, when the chaos of thoughts have been swept and cleared. When my heart settles and when I’ve finally let go of the patterns and beliefs that once blocked my pathway like a sticky web.

The Liberty is here to offer you the opportunity to harness the energy of the ocean – learning to embody her sovereignty and THAT feeling you get when you are with the ocean. The Liberty will also help you clear, sweep, unstick and wash away the feelings, emotions, thoughts, patterns, memories and beliefs that keep you bound, restricted, held back and lockdown.

And when that inner liberation unfolds, let me tell you, there is nothing and no one that can make you ever feel anything but the Sovereign Soul that you are.



Together, let’s find the alchemical potential for liberation harnessing the potent magic of Energy Medicine – EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Breathwork will be our tools of choice for this 6 week journey. 


Through control we remember Sovereignty 

Through chaos we learn the way of The Universe

Through illusion we discern Truth

Through the darkness we expand Light

Through Division we unite our mind-body-soul as One

We Grow through it all.


+When we are liberated from our limiting thoughts we begin to hear and trust our soul



+When we are liberated from the stories that keep us in a loop to nowhere we learn to pave and walk new pathways.



+When we are liberated from the ride of emotions we can finally live from a place of peace and sink into joy and pleasure



+When we are liberated from our childhood wounds we get out of our Soul’s way and begin to embody our true purpose and passions



+When we are liberated from the symptoms or ailments that plague us we start to experience a grateful, abundant life



+When we are liberated from oppression we remember that all we ever want and need has always been right here. 

Definition of Liberation: *freedom from limits on thought or behaviour *the action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.


The Liberty is a 6 phase online journey spanning 6 weeks. The journey will feature:.


  1. A dedicated and private Facebook container for connection, interaction, being seen and growing together.
  2. A journalling Workbook (vital to your healing journey) to unpack in week one
  3. 4 x weekly LIVE sessions moving through four key phases based on The Tapping Tree
  4. Final Integration in Week 6 featuring Q&A sessions with Claire
  5. BONUS ONE: Free Access to The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Masterclass (This is a thorough exploration into EFT, Chakras, Essential Oils and Tapping with Children. It includes tapping scripts, mini audio classes, tap along videos and more – this along is worth $555!
  6. BONUS TWO: Free 45 minute private healing session with Claire


Week One – The Acknowledgement Phase:

This is an important week of pre-work. This is our set up phase. Where we get real. We acknowledge, we look truthfully and shine a light on the stories we tell ourselves. The patterns we continue.  The wounds we carry and the programs we still run. There are no live classes here but the container will be open to hold space for you as you begin to explore, lean in and acknowledge.



From Week 2 – 5 there are four main phases for the deeper work – including the four Live Classes with Claire in the FB Group. Here we will learn how to clear and heal using EFT and Breathwork. Each week we will reference the realisations and truths uncovered from our prep week in the Acknowledgement Phase.



Week Two – The Expression Phase:

Tapping through and breathing through what you are actually experiencing. The symptoms you experience in your life are on the surface, they seem to be the THING leading the way or blocking the way in fact. Before we go deeper we must lighten the load here, soften our symptoms and dissolve the tension.



Week Three – The Feeling Phase

Tapping and Breathing through the emotions that we experience in our life – in particular the emotions (trapped energy in motion) that leave us feeling held back and restricted.  We allow an honouring of our feelings – being with them and leaning into them in order to process and move those feelings through.



Week Four – The Remembrance Phase

Tapping and breathing through our inner child memories and revisiting key moments that require our loving, tender attention. Clearing any of those long held stories or memories that live trapped in time, through our inner child. We harness a powerful tool through EFT called Matrix Reimprinting to reprogram these rememberings.


Week Five – The Opinion Phase

Tapping and breathing through our beliefs. We unpack our beliefs – which are actually and only your ‘opinions’ and the filter in which you view and live your life. This is your position statement and it often needs rewriting to reflect the life you desire – our beliefs aren’t our TRUTH. Nor are they always supportive.


Week Six- The Integration and Story Phase

We close the container at the end of Week 6 with a focus on catching up, integration, Q&A and assimilation. There will not be a LIVE class however this is a chance to catch-up on your healing work, to reach out for clarification and support and to integrate what has unfolded.

This is for you if…


+ you know there are stories playing like a broken record that don’t serve you


+ you are aware of emotions that take you on a WILD ride that are keeping you contracted and controlled


+ you feel it’s time to finally look at those past events/experiences that close you off and down from life


+you are truly tired of the merry-go-round you’re on with those beliefs that limit and bind you


+ you’ve been feeling anything but liberated, free and sovereign and you KNOW there is a way to find ALL of that within


+ you resonate with all of the above but you just need some help getting there


+ you are ready for radical responsibility but would love some accountability and safe container to soothe your soul so you can soar!


+you know you show up better in life when you do the work alongside other like-minded women.


+you feel it’s time to put your crown on, embodied the sovereign being you are and FEEL free from the inside out!





The exchange below is a way of honouring the energy and entity that is The Liberty
And it honours you: your time and your need for support, guidance and accountability.


When we enter an exchange (be it financial, emotional, energetic or other), it allows us to show up with a stronger sense of value, desire and commitment.
And that plugs us into the cyclical nature of receivership and service.


Please note: the value of this course far exceeds $1000 – the below price points were created with deep respect and understanding of these trying times we are all facing as a global collective.






2 x Payment – $288



+ How long is The Liberty journey from start to finish? The group container lasts six weeks (40 days) from 14th October with the container officially closing on 18th November

+ Is the content downloadable?

You will have lifetime access to The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Masterclass complete with video sessions, scripts and more.

The LIVES in our FB group are not downloadable.

The Journalling PDF will be yours to keep and download.

+How long will I be able to access the LIVES and content within the Facebook group? It’ll be open for you to access until the 14th of April 2022. 

+How many session times are there each week? The six-week program includes the following live sessions:

There are FOUR live sessions.

There are two weeks with NO live session. Week 1 = prep week with Journaling PDF. Week 6 = Integration/Catch up week. 

There are additional audio lessons, videos and scripts within The Alchemy portal that you receive access to at no additional cost.

+When are the calls held each week?

The weekly group LIVE EFT and Breath session + group coaching and support – this is currently scheduled weekly for Thursday but I will take a poll from the group for the best time possible for all. 

+If I choose the BONUS/Early-bird option how do I utilise my free coaching session and access The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom EFT Masterclass?

Within 24 hours after signing up (and only if you joined on the early-bird offer you) will receive access information to The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom – Self-paced EFT Masterclass.

I will be in touch with information on how to book and availability times. Your one-on-one session must be used within 6 months of our start date and can be used in anyway best to support yourself through The Liberty journey or other aspects in your life that require attention.

+If I’m not happy with the program may I receive a refund?

I would be truly sorry to hear if you felt unhappy. Unfortunately offering refunds is not possible. Personally, if I have ever not felt “happy” with a program it usually indicates that I have not entered the container, immersed in the content or practiced what is on offer. The owness is on us, as individual and sovereign beings, to show up for the journey.

+What results can I expect to experience?

I can’t promise you a result or “heal” you. All of that, beautiful queen, is in your hands. I can assure you that if you show up regularly, whether live or consistently watching the recordings and engaging with the practices, that you will feel a shift. You will feel different. What that means is different for everyone, but now’s the time to feel excited about the possibilities waiting for you.

+How involved will you be Claire?

You will receive my presence and support within the group. Space holding is an innate gift of mine as in gently guiding, coaching and facilitating. I will be very present for the duration of our time together – with my own healthy boundaries in tact as I blend family, business and my own self-care.

However this journey does require you to show up and participate (live or replay is fine!) and do additionally breath and tapping work outside of the live sessions. There is no healing without doing the work.

+What will I learn?

You will experience and learn, in detail, the potent medicine that is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Breathwork. And so much more in the container of magic created when women come together to heal, share and space hold.

+Will I get loads of resources?

The Liberty is not a study-based journey – i.e you will not be given information booklets to pour through as there is PLENTY of content/videos/resources included in the bonus – The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom. This is about healing, proactively – showing up to the lives/replay, doing your daily reflective and tapping work and being part of the container.  

How it works …

+ Upon purchase – you will be directed to a welcome page with all the details including access to the FB group.

+ Official start date is October 14th – via email and FB group you will receive the pre-work pdf for The Appreciation Phase from October 14th.




It’s time to come home to your Innate Freedom and Soul Sovereignty. It’s time to embody the Liberated Women that you are.


Discover the power of energy medicine and inner stillness in 3-part audio series. Sign-up to receive a downloadable and guided breathwork practice, meditation and EFT tapping session.