The key is in your energy body

Your energetic system is your everything  – when we pay attention to it what we truly desire becomes reality… In fullness, wholeness.

As I write this blog I’m sat in a cafe eating breakfast and answering emails and comments from incredible women responding to my recent newsletter or on social media. Lately, there has been a profound connection; a very apparent one, cultivated between me and my beautiful tribe. There always has been a strong bond, but let me just say this, it’s solidifying. I feel a cord of love is being woven with strength and softness.

These emails and comments I’ve been receiving are truly talking to my heart. I get these women. They get me. I feel as if each and every one of you beautiful souls are one of my oldest friends. As I write this I am feeling teary – honesty – and I can’t write fast enough to express what I want too.

So, what has this got to do with our energetic system? Well, after connecting with my tribe I took a moment to ponder…to ask; ‘What’s going on here? What I am experiencing right now?’

And then it hit me… in my work with Medical Intuitive and Psychic, Belinda Davidson, we have specifically worked on my heart chakra. And it seems, that work was starting to show up in my life.

I can feel that these moments with my tribe are about your heart, my heart and how it yearns for deep connection with the world around and the people in it.

Your energy never lies

Seriously, my deep longing to connect with people on a soul level was reflected and seen by Belinda in my heart chakra.

Yep, she could literally see that my heart chakra needed an energetic tune-up. My heart knew what it wanted and boy was it being out-loud (and on purpose) about it to me, daily.  I could literally feel a deep yearning to connect from heart-to-heart… a truly authentic bond, one that gives and receives love in every way and with everyone (family, clients, friends, husband, tribe!) But before that was possible heart chakra needed help – it needed to be healed, cleansed, strengthened before it could be cracked open. (Learn more about Chakras HERE).

When Belinda first saw the state of affairs in my heart chakra, I actually felt relief that there was an energetic reason for how I was feeling. But mostly, knowing and completely believing in our energetic bodes, I felt reassured that this could change. It just needed attention.

And it has. On so many levels…

  • I feel ready to love, unconditionally.
  • I feel ready to receive unconditional love.
  • I feel more generous and joyful than before (yes, I still have heavy ‘cloudy’ moments but more on that in another post. Note: it has to do with my third-eye chakra!)
  • I fee a sense of connection, on a soul level, that is more authentic than ever before.

I bet you are wondering, ‘Well, how? How exactly has this shift happened?’ Let me start but sharing this with you. Something, I know you already know

We are more than just what we see. The physical body is the external manifestation of our soul. But we are literally multi-layered.

Your energy body(s)

The ancient yogis referred to these layers as Koshas, or sheaths. Our five Koshas represent different aspects of our entire being

Physical body – the material, the body we live in everyday

Energetic body – our life force, energy channels and system, including the chakras

Mental body – our mind and our ego – our waking consciousness and our intellect

Spiritual body – the feeling space, intuition, inner wisdom,

Bliss body – connection with divinity, enlightened, higher self

Imagine an egg. At the centre of that egg is your blissful, higher self. Around that egg is another layer, another complete circle and that is our intuitive self. Then another egg, which is your mental layer, and so on.

All layers feed into one another. Everything we do affects each layer. Some more than others. When you practice yoga, for example you are mostly working on the physical body but you are also cleaning up the mental and energetic body to some extent – breath-work opens the energetic channels, and the calm focus allows the mind to settle.

For most of us we usually start doing the serious clean-up work via the physical body. At least, that’s what I did. First, the cleaner diet and then follows a stronger, happier body. Movement and food affects the physical layer.

That then, usually, guides us down the inner-work path; towards reframing our perspective, peeling back mental and emotional layers, questioning if the way we behave, think and function is actually working for us.

We do the dirty work, trying to live as better versions of ourselves and cultivate inner and outer world transformation.

And then, for many, me included, we need to, eventually, dive into the energetic layer. Often, there is no choice for it. Perhaps the next step in your path to true happiness and health is to work with the unseen energy that is guiding and governing your life? And perhaps, you feel it’s the only way forward?

So, here we are… at the energetic body. And this is where the real work for me has been going on lately.

How to heal your energy body

Now, let me get back to your ‘how’ question. This is what I’ve been doing to really work on my heart chakra…

  • Working directly on my chakras (a daily practice). Doing Belinda’s guided chakras cleanse. Sitting in meditation and feeling into, cleansing and strengthening my chakras. (I highly recommend this meditation, you can get your own copy HERE)
  • Being open to the process – not getting in the way!
  • Reminding myself that true heart connection is only possible when my authentic self shines through.
  • EFT (tapping) to help detox past residual fears and blockages or simply to allow myself to crack, feel, shift.
  • Tuning in to little signs and signals on all levels – what is my body telling me? Where is my head at? What could this relate to on an energetic level?
  • Paying attention and responding to every intuitive moment – not brushing them aside. What has this meant for me? If I have a powerful dream about someone, I pass on the message. If I have a strong reaction to a person, place, experience – I respond accordingly. If someone pops into my head, I know that I’m meant to connect.

Which leads me to these questions I’d like to pose to you:

  • Can you feel that there is something your chakras need?
  • Do you feel that on a deeper, more energetic level that you are craving something else?
  • Have you done so much work on your mind and your body yet something still doesn’t feel whole, complete?

Take some time and try to feel into YOU more. Use your body as a navigational tool -signposts, if you will, to find your way in. Switch onto the potent and ever-present energy of your own being – all the answers you crave are there!

 If you are serious about wellness, if you really truly want to live as the greatest you possible then you have to pay attention to your entire being.

Of course, you can’t rush it, you will know when it’s time, but when you do, know that you are truly on your way to inside-out wellness.

Maybe for you that deep heart-to-heart connection is something you crave too. Or perhaps your solar plexus is longing for you to step forward as the powerful, self-confident soul you truly are? Maybe your base chakra is leaking and this is why, no matter how much money you earn you still feel insecure. Or your third-eye might be blocked, which means your sense of intuition might be struggling to guide you.


Your turn:

Do you have a sense of what your energetic body might need? Have you had energy work before, how did it help? Do you believe in the multi-dimensional being that you are and that it plays a BIG role in your life?

Can’t wait to hear what you think in the comments below.

love + light


P.s I seriously freaking love you. Thank you!

P.p.s only a few more days left to join Belinda Davidson’s School of The Modern Mystic (which I’m in as well!) where you’ll learn to work with, heal and strengthen your own energy system! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Want more info? Read my post from last week on Getting Mystical!

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