This post is part of  ‘The Freedom Blog Tour’. To celebrate round two of The Freedom Project, commencing February 9th, I’ve asked a handful of my favourite people to share their insights on FREEDOM. These posts are designed to demonstrate how freedom is such a personal and unique experience for every single one of us. My ecourse is designed to help you clear out the emotional junkyard so you can step into the life of freedom you so deserve.


Freedom by Jamie Gonzalez

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When you think about freedom what does it mean to you?

Freedom means to be my truest, authentic self.

Allowing myself to fully express the love I feel within me, through all areas of life without holding back. How that looks is always a surprise to me these days, but it’s being open to all the possibilities of how my freedom may be expressed, which is exciting for me. The more I come to know myself, as this feeling that moves me moment by moment, the more freedom I experience.

How does freedom feel + fit in your body?

Freedom feels like I have been dropped into the ocean and rather than floating amongst the water, it’s as though I have melted into it and I can no longer tell where I begin or end, I feel limitless.

How does freedom come alive in your life?

Life to me is freedom itself being expressed moment by moment. Its only when I become in judgment of the moments I perceive not to be free, that freedom itself is not alive because I am ultimately that freedom.

How do you maintain a sense of freedom, even in moments where you are busy, juggling life and obligations?

By placing my attention on the truth, I am that sense of freedom and not my life. If I notice my thoughts being taken up by what is happening in life, whether it is positive or negative, I take a moment and say; ‘I am not this’. Immediately my attention goes onto who I am, which is that freedom.

What’s the most integral element to experiencing and living a life of freedom?

Realizing that who I am is not this body, my thoughts or my circumstances. For as long as I think I am, I have to continue working on all the things that come along with being my identity.

For as long as I am doing that, then I am making it about my past or future and how my life looks presently. I am focusing on what I have to do in order to be free, rather than realizing I have been free all along.

If freedom were a colour, what would it be?

I can’t pick only one! Freedom for me looks like a rainbow with all of its colors

If freedom were a song, what would it be?

Depth Over Distance – Ben Howard. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Can you describe the opposite of freedom and how you’ve experienced that in your life? How does it make you feel?

The opposite is me forgetting who I truly am and thinking I am just this small identity we call Jamie. I would then be getting stressed or caught up in my life. Reacting to what’s going on in my story rather than remembering my story, is my true self expressing moment by moment.

I would experience this around finances. If suddenly I had unexpected bills pop up, I would then think how I would have to pay for this. And if there was plenty of money flowing in, I would think it was because of what I was doing and become attached to what I thought was working. I would feel small and think I would need to have to go and do things, or place pressure on where I think my income is sourced from.

I would feel limited rather than being open to how my true self has already paid for this and letting that express without me knowing how.

Why is freedom important to you?

Its who I am, to forget about it and not place importance on it is to imprison myself in that which I am not.

How do you define freedom?

For me, freedom is not something I can define, it’s just something I feel.  Being that feeling and being true to it is my freedom. How that appears I would like to believe is unimaginable, because then I know I am open to all the limitless ways in which freedom must express itself through this body and into my unimaginable life 😉


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Amazing stuff, huh guys? I’ve worked closely with Jamie before and completely resonate with, connect to and live by the words he has expressed here. Freedom as a moment to moment practice – and remembering the truth of who you really are. Powerful stuff – and all of which we explore deeply in The Freedom Project!


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Your turn: I would love to hear your thoughts on Freedom – what does it mean to you and how does it show up in your life?

love + light,

Claire x



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