This post is part of  ‘The Freedom Blog Tour’. To celebrate round two of The Freedom Project, commencing February 9th, I’ve asked a handful of my favourite people to share their insights on FREEDOM. These posts are designed to demonstrate how freedom is such a personal and unique experience for every single one of us. My ecourse is designed to help you clear out the emotional junkyard so you can step into the life of freedom you so deserve.


Free to be by Emma Seibold

I have actually been thinking about freedom a lot lately. As I go on this amazing journey of motherhood and Barre Body (both came about at the same time), I am constantly guided by the strong desire to be free.

To be free from a 9 to 5 job.
To be free to live my dreams.
To be free financially.
To be free to enjoy myself in my work.
To be free to travel.
To be free to exercise.
To be free to lunch.
To be free to meditate.
To be free to learn and grow.
To be free to live and love passionately.
To be free from stress (still working on this…)
To be free to be there for Xavier when he wakes up.
To be free (and not too tired) to play with Xavier.
To be free to take Xavier (and more babies to come) to and from school when he gets older.

And the list goes on.

I started Barre Body because I didn’t want to go back to “work”. I wanted to be able to balance being a mum with doing work that challenges and excites me. I wanted to be able to run my own show. I wanted to earn enough money so that I had “enough” to live and enjoy myself. Now that I’ve achieved that, I want to embrace and luxuriate in my freedom so that the “freedom” of having my own business doesn’t tie me up in admin and “must-dos” (always a danger).

Years ago, I read “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and I loved the concept. He talks about his four point strategy for reducing his hours to 4 hours per week and the one that appealed to me most was “liberate”  – as in to try to liberate yourself from an office and I just loved the idea of that. How different my life could be by no longer having to go to a workplace? I had dreams of yoga, meditation, healthy home-made lunches, a gorgeous home office, a business that I loved and… lo and behold, that is exactly the life that I am free to live now.

My advice to you? If you have a dream, passion or idea that you want to bring to fruition in the pursuit of freedom, be brave and go for it!

The universe has a magical way of rearranging itself to give you exactly what you need/want when you need it (and there is plenty to go around for everyone!). If you believe in the law of attraction, as I do, like attracts like, and by being brave and taking the plunge, you will invite and attract things, people and ideas into your life that will help make your dream happen.

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