A journey into the 6 Wombs + Sacred Elements.

A powerful and life-changing journey into the 6 Wombs + Elements.

Through this sacred six-session group transmission I will guide you home to yourSelf so you can recall your inherent greatness. Our circle is a reverent, impenetrable sanctum for healing, growth and transformation, with me at the helm as your midwife, activator, expander and guide.


A journey meant to be fully experienced and embodied…

+ You will feel the earth element activation as you work with the physical womb.

+ You will get lost in bliss within the inner waters of your energetic womb.

+ You will experience the awakening of your inner serpent, kundalini and fire element.

+ You will awaken your heart with the breath of life and the air element with the womb of divine union.

+ You will call out The Dragon and the highest octave of the fire and earth energies.

+ And you will enter the celestial void and commune with spirit with the Cosmic Womb.

Delicious. Incredible. Life-changing. Subtle. Magical.

So, what is Magdalene Womb Yoga?

I get asked this question all the time, so let me shed some light.

This practice is a curated and carefully channelled offering by my teacher, Ana Otero (we chat all about Womb Yoga on this episode).

It blends her deep wisdom and yogi knowledge across many practices – Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra. Even Kabbalah and Essene teachings are present. And most importantly, many of the prayers, chants, movement meditations and light language practices come from direct channelled messages from Mary Magdalene (through Ana)… this is a practice that supports us to weave the Ancient Wisdom with the New World we are co-creating.

The womb part? Well – WOMB WISDOM is on the rise as we reawaken to the Divine Feminine Presence. The womb is a portal of creation – not just for the children we may carry and birth but for the new stories, beliefs, projects, ideas, offerings.

Our womb is a place that stores Karma and requires gentle purification in order for our full soul embodiment and activation of our soul purpose and divine service.

In working with the womb, we awaken magic – we awaken our inner serpent, our kundalini. When purified, cleansed and open, we become powerful, sovereign beings with the capacity to create much beauty and magic in our lives and in our world.

This is the new frequency. The new way. The healing and the transformation.

Each session we will embody the teachings of Magdalene Womb Yoga – a feminine, frequency centred yoga practice in the lineage of Mary Magdalene – we will activate a different womb + element.


1. The Physical Womb and Earth Element

2. The Energetic Womb and Water Element

3. The Serpent Womb and Fire Element

4. The Divine Union Womb and Air Element

5. The Dragon Womb and Higher Earth Element

6. The Cosmic Womb and Spirit Element


This is a powerful practice that blends Kundalini, Tantra, Light Language, Mudra, Aramaic Mantra, Meditative Movement based practices, Ancient Technologies, Womb Wisdom, Breathwork and so much more.

Open to all ages, genders and stages of life.

You will experience:

+ Activation and awakening of the womb-heart-third eye connection.

+ Deep and profound womb-heart healing, activation and upgrades.

+ Energy Medicine and Gentle Somatic Movement to regulate your Nervous System and come into brain-body alignment for deep inner to outer nourishment

+ Breathwork and Womb based practices to clear and release karmic stories and patterns.

+ Embodiment exercises.

+ Sound healing and mantra



This is so much more than a ‘yoga’ class – this is an Energetic and Spiritual journey. A space for devotion, accessing ancient wisdom, deep activations, profound healing and divine feminine ritual.


Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes the deepest healing requires no words?


Would you believe me if I told you that by attending a weekly 90 minute class, sitting in Sacred Space with others, journeying through a potent, powerful, energetically alive practice and never saying a word (except for the most delicious Mantras!) that you will walk away feeling a huge shift in vibration and a subtle awakening that ripples out into your world?

This is what Magdalene Womb Yoga can do for you… and it has done for myself and the many I’ve shared it with.


There is a deep inner and outer cleansing. There is a vibrational shuffle as you climb the frequency ladder to sit in those feeling states you crave (joy, contentment, passionate, free…




I know that when you say yes and allow this practice into your heart-mind-soul-body…. WOMB you’ll receive this practice with such a profound sense of homecoming.

And as your guide I know I’ll see you…

+ breathe intentionally

+ awakening your womb and hips and pelvis through body rolls and gentle swirls.

+ move your hands as Light Language pours through and Ancient Mudras opening pathways in your energy field.

+ deep in prayer as you whisper mantras that activate light within.


And it is in this daily practice that I know you will also witness and marvel at old stories and beliefs gently crumble and dissolve away. I’ve witnessed subtle changes in how I show up in life, motherhood, relationships. I’ve marvelled at manifestations that I couldn’t have predicted or even allowed myself to want. I’ve beamed seeing all this and more for my clients to.





The deepest healing sometimes happens in sacred silence and through the body, the breath and the power of our divine energetics. And the deepest healing happens with and through and from you.


I can’t heal you, and I can’t promise you a particular result. I’ve learned that the hard way myself, after spending many years placing my heart in the power of other teachers, guides and healers, hoping they’d have what I needed. Until the message finally landed – I have the magic and medicine. I am my own healer.

And so are you.

I can’t wait to share this with you…



Many, many moons ago when I was a devoted, disciplined yogi contouring my body into the most epic shapes I thought that I had a strong relationship with my body.


And whilst that is true to some extent, it’s only within the last 5 years that I realised that I was mostly USING my body. I was using my body to look a certain way, to behave in a certain way, to feel a certain way about myself.

Simultaneously I was busy trying to LEAVE my body for the higher realms. Searching for powerful spiritual experiences that I felt would help my find myself. Seeking my soul everywhere but right here.

I want you to feel this too. To experience this wholeness for yourself. To awaken your womb, to activate your heart, to see through your inner eye. To feel and be fully embodied. Soul in body.

Yoga was my gateway – a pathway to a whole new experience of life. It led me to where I am today and I will always love a Downward Facing Dog and a Sirsasana (headstand!) And every single one of those wild experiences in the upper realms were magical and also taught me alot.



I now know that, for me at least, a truly magical existence - one that is both spiritually alive, connected to the most divine celestial experience and incredibly, beautifully human - happens THROUGH the body. With the body. It doesn’t bypass the body, ignore it, abuse it, use it.


The body is an energetic conduit. It is what grounds us and earths us into Gaia. It also connects us to the Celestial Realms – aligning us with the divine (who we truly are!) and calling in a new frequency and higher vibrations into our field through the way we breath, move our bodies, our hands.


The womb is a portal of creation and our connection to the Divine Feminine Wisdom (Shekhinah, Sophia, The Divine Mother) 


We hold a frequency in our womb and it is this frequency that we create with. 

And yet, the womb is a porous sponge. So much of what we carry that is not ours, is in shadow and is not for our highest good can be held in the womb.  

Without “need” and force (no guns blazing here), it’s important to recognise all that the womb carries and that cleansing, purification and elevation can be a HUGE and profound shift in how and what we create.

It is from this higher and healed frequency within the womb that we can manifest and heal the physical world. YOUR physical reality.  

So in RAISING the frequency of the womb we allow what we may be holding on to fall away, as opposed to focusing on the shadow and desperately trying to heal our wounds which can often lead us feeling degraded, instead of upgraded.

WOMB WISDOM is being resurrected for a reason. 

The Divine Feminine is asking us all to upgrade and it is done through the power of our WOMBS. A collective upgrade, a collective healing that first begins with you. 


The Elemental Womb Journey – 6 sessions. 6 Elements. 6 Wombs.

It is an EMBODIED experience of SOUL and a sense of connection with SPIRIT.

Package Options:

Receive Digital Access to 6 x 90 minute class sessions recorded during the live transmission of The Elemental Womb Journey


$111 AUD



This is a self-paced digital offering. This is a 6 session series. You receive access to all sessions at once. Journey through them in one week, spread it across 6 weeks or jump in and out as you feel.

Within 24hrs of purchase you will be added to the teachable/school platform where you will access the full journey - 6 x digital recordings. Please be patient as I add you into the school. You will receive an email with password/login information.

You'll need a space with your own mat, covering and cushion and anything else you like in your sacred space. Otherwise, just you, your body and your willingness.

All sessions will be recorded and will be made available via an online platform for easy access for 6 months from our start date - May 6th 2023.

There will be no make-up classes offered

Virtual attendance is for those who are not local and wish to attend. You can also choose the Virtual Option if you are local yet cannot make the session times live.

Not at all. This practice is NOT your usual yoga practice and is open to all bodies and abilities. Including pregnant, conception, menstruation and menopausal women. It is a powerful but gentle practice.

This is in no way related to Catholicism or Religion. Whilst I am trained under the lineage of Mary Magdalene as a Priestess this is more in alignment with the Divine Mother and Feminine Presence that is non denominational or religious. All beliefs and spiritual practices and religious are welcome. Unity consciousness remains at the forefront of all I do.

Yes and no - whilst you will be familiar with some of the practices our focus is on the 6 wombs and the Elements which was not previously offered for the (I am) The Remedy journey. However if you loved that journey and you are ready to reignite your practice then you will love this.