I’ve always been a reader. I remember as a child getting through quite a few books each week and I definitely attribute my love of the written word to reading.

I also believe that alot of my spiritual journey has been greatly affected, influenced and guided by the words of many profoundly inspiring individuals… and because of that I don’t tend to do much ‘light reading’ these days. Everything I pick up, buy, read and often re-read I do so out of a desire to learn and absorb more.

Here is my current reading list. Some I’ve started, others I’ve finished and the rest are on my ‘next’ list.

  1. Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts
    I’ve been meaning to read this forever but it wasn’t until India that I felt the desire to. So I downloaded this mammoth book onto my iPad. I am hooked. The author writes with such poetry and recounts his own personal story of his time in India in such a way that you feel you are there. It is spiritual without trying to be. There are countless learnings to be had just by simply immersing yourself into Roberts’ world.shantaram
  2. GOD- Deepak ChopraI actually bought this for my yoga teacher, Eileen, as a Christmas gift. In the end, I had to buy it for myself. It is a story about God – a term that is nothing without the saints, spiritual leaders, mystics, monks (etc) who bring this concept to life through experience. It explores the history and evolution of God through 10 key saints, mystics, prophets from different ‘religions’. It’s fascinating.bookgod
  3. Prana + Pranayama – Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
    If you are a yogi you’ve probably heard of or even enjoyed pranayama. As I deepen on my own yoga practice I’m really started to fully understand the power of the breath and the power in harnessing the breath through various techniques. This book is a thorough study of prana – our life force – and pranayama – the expansion and control of this life force or our breath on the physical level. A must read if you are intrigued or want to move deeper into the healing powers of our breath.pranabook
  4. The Yoga of the Yogi. The legacy of T. Krishnamacharya – Kausthub Desikachar
    I became a Holistic Health Coach through The Institute of Integreative Nutrition mostly because of their philosophy – bio individuality. This concept is simply that one person’s food is another man’s poison. We are each different and require very different things. Krishnamacharya, the god father of modern yoga, was known for a similar ideaoligy – that yoga must be changed and applied to each person’s needs, not the other way around. As a yoga teacher and student I’m starting to understand this more and more. This book explore the legacy of this man, the master of masters! yogayogi
  5. Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
    Another one I had picked up and put down many times, but I also felt driven to read it whilst I was in India. I’ve heard all the different theories about this writer (amalgamating other spiritual writer’s stories to create this one) and honestly, I don’t think it matters. There are enough nuggets of gold – moments of clarity, intriguing concepts, pearls of wisdom – that make this a worthwhile, educational read.conversationbook
  6. Mantras – The Sacred Chants – Swami Veda BharatiA very small big that came with its own mala beads. This book goes through what mantra meditation is and the power of chanting a mantra. I found this book helpful in understanding the tricks the mind plays on you, the stages of meditation and how to deepen your mantra practicemantras_book

Have you read any of these? Or are you keen to try anyone in particular? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy reading and Saha to you,

Claire x


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