As a health coach I prefer to focus on what you CAN do to make real, lasting and positive change. My goal is support each and everyone of you (as a client or even just a blog follower!) to feel inspired to find your own brand of wellness.

BUT, sometimes we’ve got to look at the no-nos too.. what NOT to do is often important in understanding how to move forward.

Are you considering changing your lifestyle and diet… wanting to eat better to feel better (good on you!)? Keep these top tips in mind as you chip away at what seems to be a BIG task (it’s not though, it just takes dedication) and you’ll fly forward, quick smart.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKES TO AVOID & some ‘how-to’s to help you out!

1) Being too spontaneous

I can’t tell you how many times a client sits in from of me and says they WANT to feel better, they want to EAT better but they don’t want structure. They want to be free and spontaneous and do what they FEEL like.

Let me just get super real here for a moment. Isn’t doing what you FEEL like what got you to this point (unhealthy, flat, overweight, lackluster, unhappy) in the first place?

Sometimes we just have to suck it up and follow a plan. Get organised, set-up a plan and create NEW habits. Overtime your life won’t be so ‘structured’ (why is this a scary word?!) and you’ll be more comfortable with living and being healthy. For now, structure, organising and planning should be your new favourite words

How to:

  • Have an idea of what you want to eat and when
  • Stock up once a week – pre working week (Sunday is a great day for this)
  • Pre-cook up items to make it easier for you (e.g. boil up some eggs, make up some quinoa or brown rice and individually bag, have your healthy raw treats pre-made for that 3pm snack you know you’ll need)

2) Making alot of dramatic changes in one go

If you are anything like me you’ll want it ALL and you’ll want it now. The hot body, great skin, boundless energy, shining eyes. Fair enough. The reality is, you are going to be UNDOING years of set-in-stone habits.

How to:

  • Go easy.
  • Choose one thing at a time, drop the change into your lifestyle – e.g switching from coffee to herbal tea or increasing dark leafy greens into your diet or increasing your exercise
  • Let it find it’s way into your everyday and settle into your life. Tweak it.
  • Then move onto the next major change. This is what I do with my clients. This is what I did with myself!

3) Chopping + Changing

We chop and change so much. Hands up if you throw in the towel if you don’t see results ASAP? Yep, most of us switch to a new idea or task faster than we can think it up. Let me tell you this, change is messy, growth isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes longer than we’d like so don’t be in such a rush!

How to:

  • Slooooww it down
  • Give yourself at easy 3 – 4 weeks with a dietary or lifestyle change before you throw in the towel or switch it up.
  • It needs the space and time to show it’s true colours of change. The more you switch it up the less likely you’ll move forward.

4) Ignoring your body’s messages

That being said, the worst thing you can do is to NOT listen to your body. It knows what it needs, it knows how to do it’s thing. I won’t lie – I didn’t always know how to listen in. I was very disconnected from my body. Over time (through yoga, breathing, meditation and eating better) I learnt how to hear properly. It’s a game-changer. So listen up.

How to:

  • Let your communicate to – don’t just move through each day deaf and dumb.
  • Take the time to check in, scan through your body, notice how it responds to the dietary and lifestyle changes you are making.
  • Respond, if something doesn’t feel right then do something about it. ACT.

5) Being too rigid

The stress involved in trying to making changes can often be just as detrimental as NOT making the changes. What I mean is – if you are too rigid, too intense and you swing too far to the other side from where you were this can cause an increase in the stress hormone – cortisol – which prevents weight loss. Yes, you are avoiding too much spontaneity and you are listening to your body, but sometimes you’ll need to soften and  re-balance.

How to:

  • Give yourself days off from thinking and doing – have time away from exercise, from thinking about food and from sticking to your rules.
  • Don’t go off the rails and undo all your work, just be soft with it … be light with it. Remember, it’s all about balance.
  • Avoiding beating yourself up if you think you’ve slipped up or made a mistake – focus on all your hard work and efforts and laugh it off!

6) Isolating yourself + avoiding fun

Sometimes people think that to change their diet and lifestyle that you need to bury yourself at home and avoid all social situations. Wrong. In fact, you still need (even more so) social interaction and human connection. You just need to tweak it!

How to:

  • Tell your friends/family what you are doing – announce it to the world
  • Invite your friends/family to interact with you in a different way. Maybe you can’t go out for pizza and boozy night but instead try something different –  Sunday walk + talk with your bestie. Attend different health and wellness events.
  • Catch-up in ways that is mutually beneficial and enjoyable.

So there you have 6 of the top mistakes to avoid. Honestly though, we learn from our mistakes and I’m simply sharing with you what I’ve learnt (and see through clients). You might need to make them yourself to truly understand. Maybe these don’t resonate with you RIGHT NOW. But they will when you are ready for them.


Do you have any tips to share with us – anything to avoid when overhauling your lifestyle or perhaps some helpful tips you’ve picked up on the way? I can’t wait to hear what suggestions you have to share in the comments below!

Love + Light,




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