By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness. Yoga Sutra 1.33

The Yoga Sutra is pretty much the ‘yogic’ bible written by Patanjali. In today’s VLOG I’m exploring the Sutra above which is found in the first chapter of the book (there are four parts).

Patanjali speaks of four key attitudes that retain a quiet, peaceful mind.

These Sutra’s have been translated and deciphered by many different authors/yogis/gurus for quite sometime. I’m giving you my take on these four key attitudes.

  1. Friendliness towards family, friends and those that are pleasant and friendly to you!
  2. Compassion for those in need (the sick, poor, homeless)
  3. Delight in those around you for what they offer the world (including you!) and what we learn from them (think about gurus, teachers, friends, colleagues, fellow industry peeps, bloggers etc!)
  4. Disregard for those that are cruel and unkind and not holding judgement over them either



Now that you’ve watched the video let’s explore it a little further. It might be a good idea to pull out a pen and paper and do the tasks outlined below as we go along. Or perhaps come back to this post and take 10 minutes out of your day to really drill down into this topic. It’s a juicy and very rich territory!


Do you move through your day sharing positivity and good, loving vibes to those in your life that deserve that best from you? Instead of dumping a bad day into the lap of the people that mean that most to you be conscious to live and breath with a light, friendly, attentive and loving attitude

  • Do this: Write down a list of people in your life that you really care about and who are always so kind to you
  • Ask yourself: Do I really give them the best of me? Am I always open, available, helpful, kind and loving?
  • Commit: Set the intention to always give the best of yourself to these people!


Do you live compassionately? Are you aware of those in your life (or strangers!) who are in need of compassion and kindness – people that need help? Do you do anything to contribute and show some love to those less fortunate that you?

  • Do this: Consider where/who you might like to send some compassion to. Don’t get overwhelmed that you have to think BIG here. It can be something small but mighty
  • Ask yourself: How much am I willing to give of myself? Again, this doesn’t have to be all your time or your money, but what works for you right now is more than nothing!
  • Commit: Set the intention to be compassionate to someone (or a group, organisation) that requires an extra helping hand.


Do you get see what other people are putting out into the world (think of teachers, bloggers, writers, health practitioners, carers etc) and delight in all that they do? Do you feel inspired by their work and appreciative or are you weighed down by feelings of self-doubt?

  • Do this: Think about how many times in your day you notice other people, their work/their creations and what they are putting out into the world. Look at how you feel when these moments happen.
  • Ask yourself: Do you feel happy for them? Are you excited by what you’ve seen and eager to express your gratitude? If it’s about you – do you offer up gratitude for what YOU do?
  • Commit: Set the intention to serenade the success of yourself and those around you. To offer up thanks, and mean it! Encourage people around you by showing your appreciation for all that they do and how they contribute, positively to our world. It might just be a simple facebook msg or email to say THANKS!


Are you hung up on the unkind thoughts, words and actions of others and how they have affected you. Do you get caught up wanting to ‘teach’ someone a lesson when you deem their actions to be wrong? Do you feel heavy with the weight of judgement often throughout your day?

  • Do this: Consider where in your life you frequently are exposed to the unkind words, thoughts and actions of others. Look at how often you feel judgement towards things other people do that you don’t agree with?
  • Ask yourself: How does it make me feel to always NOTICE and JUDGE what other people do that I don’t like or agree with? What kind of energy do I carry with me by carrying these feelings?
  • Commit: Disregard that which doesn’t serve you – including your judgement of other people. Let go of the need to fix and teach someone a lesson, it’s not your job but instead place your energy on you and the positive people and experiences in your life. No longer focus on what doesn’t bring you happiness (e.g I don’t watch the news, ever!)


Tell me, what are your thoughts on this 5000 year old concept?

How do you feel about these 4 key attitude – Friendliness, compassion, delight and disregard?

Answer in the below comments: Which one of these attitudes do you feel you need to cultivate and focus in on at the moment?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

love + light,


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  1. I love DELIGHT, as a parent, teacherand worker to celebrate the achievements big or small for my family and friends makes me so happy! All people are capable of achieving amazing results with just a little support and heaps of enthusiam.

  2. Number 4. DISREGARD jumped out at me. I really appreciate the timing of this post.
    Thnx Claire. P.s. loving the ebook too!

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