taking care of business + free stuff for you

taking care of business + free stuff for you

I recently read a summary of the theme for this September 2016 over on Mystic Mamma. To be honest I can’t quite remember all of it, except one key theme stood out and is on repeat in my mind…

“It’s time to take care of business”…

Those words felt like the gentle slap I needed to get out of the little pocket of lethargy I was in. The lethal cocktail of sleep deprivation, no time during the day to myself (that’s what happens when a teething toddler refuses to sleep without you) and winter vibes saw me hanging out in no-motivation land.

But those words… BOOM. The words (and the change of season and energy) were just the right ones to knock me back into action.

Time to take care of business at home – I’m cleansing and clearing the home. Cleaning windows, washing everything, flushing out the winter and dusting out the old. De-cluttering and creating space.

FOR YOU: Work through each room of your home and commit to clearing out 10 things. They might be scraps of paper, or bags of clothes!


Taking care of business in business – I’m not dancing around my goals anymore. Full throttle towards them (with respect for the natural ebb and flow of action and rest). I’m ready to build, grow, expand. (P.s If you want to know more about the team I am building shoot me back an email! hello(at)

FOR YOU:Get your free copy of my ‘Declare Your Dreams’ worksheet here.


Taking care of business in my body – I want to feel vital and light. Strong and toned. Sexy even. So I’m diving into The BODY LOVE Spring Challenge from Barre Body. I highly recommend you check it out and join me – it starts in mid October. We are talking dedicated barre classes, wellness overhaul and hitting refresh on our mindset and belief systems. I’m also focusing on detoxing through lots of twisting postures in yoga. I’m reviewing my diet through a 7-day food diary simply to see what I can change, improve or delete!

FOR YOU:Download your own copy of my ‘Foodie Must-haves’ list. A great guide to eating clean.


Taking care of business in wellness – The superfood supplement that I’m so blessed to have in my life will still be leading the way. This beautiful triage of potent, nature-based supplements (all-natural, GMO-free) has literally supported me mentally, physically and emotionally over the last 7 months. I count my blessings everyday that I found this! This month I’m ensuring that this is part of my daily routine and I’m also dedicating myself to sharing it far and wide. It’s that good.

I mean, seriously, if you could try something that could make you feel the best you have ever felt – gave you more energy, better sleep and over all feeling of better health – with a 100% money back guarantee would you try it? I would. I did. It changed everything.

***Get more info here.***

FOR YOU: Hit me back an email if you want more info on this supplement… I don’t share just any old thing my loves. This is beautifully supportive and I want you to experience it too. 


Taking care of business in mind and spirit – By now you know how big a fan I am of meditation. Well with the arrival of spring I’m focusing on chakra cleansing and mantra meditation in particular. Chakra cleansing, to me, is the spiritual equivalent of a detoxifying diet. And mantra meditation, for me at least, creates a light more ‘higher’ energy. I want to ride the waves of lightness, the ‘uplift’ that spring calls in.

FOR YOU: This Wednesday 14th September at AEST 8PM I’ll be hosting my next FB Live Meditation session. Please request access to THIS PRIVATE GROUP and join me for a delicious mid-week session.


So September is here. It’s time to take care of business. This is what is so special about this season – the chance to refresh, clear, realign, detox.

All before the end of the year – clearing the way so you can see the pathway forward before 2016 comes to a close.

How are you going to take care of business?

Love and light,

Claire x

P.s My new meditation offering for MAMAS is coming soon. I just did a photo-shoot on the weekend for it. It’s starting to feel real and imminent!


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