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The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: The books I’ve loved

The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: The books I’ve loved

Posted January 14, 2015

Welcome to The Pregnancy Wellness Guide – Part 6 – Books and Education In the very early weeks of this pregnancy I didn’t really feel moved to read too much… in fact, that feeling has remained somewhat. But let me explain because I do have a few books to recommend. I didn’t feel called to dive into a lot of information written by experts on pregnancy, childbirth etc.  There was something within me that felt that, at that particular stage, too much information might actually get the better of me. It was almost like the only oracle and guide I needed was this baby and my body. And to this day I still see that as the foremost source of knowledge and information. Intuitively, every woman out there, knows what’s going on in their own body. When you tune in you are able to sense what’s right or not. Despite that, I love to read and I love learning… so I did get my hands on a few books that resonated with me. And since then, that pile has grown. Some are more spiritually minded, others are much more practical, but I’m using them as a resource, a back-up, a way ‘in’ when something feels cloudy or confusing. But if, at any point, anything I’m reading makes me feel anxious or stressed then I quickly put that book down and explore WHY. Am I resisting something truthful that this book is presenting, or is this book saturated in fear, that I don’t wish to buy into? The books I want to share with you today are not necessarily books that I’ve been told are ‘the best’… I know there are 1000000000 books out there that will tell you everything you need to know about pregnancy, motherhood, babies etc. But for me, I have gravitated towards books that give me a sense of confidence, trust, connection and most importantly knowledge that what is unfolding within me and the next stage of motherhood is one that I will figure out and I WILL get better at, day by day. I also should mention here that some of these books I’ve not yet finished, but I dip into – certain chapters satisfy certain queries. Other sections might be aligned to how I am feeling at that particular time. The one piece of advice that I personally think is important here is this: find the balance between getting educated and armed up with knowledge with learning and knowing too much. Sometimes a little ignorance is bliss, as long as you are instead firing up your own inner wisdom and intuition – use THAT as your main source of knowledge. Remember this. You literally have the wisdom of the ages – generations of woman who have birthed and raised children – threaded within your soul. You’ve got this. BOOKS I’VE READ + LOVED (Some of these have found me, been passed on or recommended by friends – trust that the books and resources you are meant to discover will show up!) v Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives – Deepak Chopra  Anything Deepak and I’m in… he creates a level of understanding on both the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental planes that I connect with and just ‘get’. It’s a perfect blend of advice and tips with spiritual and holistic perspective Parenting with Soul – Sally Collings This book isn’t hard to read and if you’ve been on this spiritual path for a while it’s simple an affirmation of how to take the way you lie into parenting. If you are relatively new on this journey then I think you’ll find this quite an easy yet eye opening book. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin This woman, Ina May, is the most incredible Midwife, Pregnancy and Birthing advocate. You MUST read this book. (Yep, that’s an order). The stories of birth are positive, inspiring and damn-right encouraging. They frequently move me to tears. Not to mention that Ina’s insight and advice comes from HUNDREDS of birthing experiences. Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful – Gurmukh By far my favourite book so far. Pregnant or not, this is one incredible guide. It’s permanently by my bed and I dip into it for reassurance. It wraps me in a warm hug of truth – that if I can grow this baby I can birth it. And if I can lie a conscious, spiritual life, I can bring that into this pregnancy and beyond. Not to mention the Kundalini meditations threaded through eery chapter. Love! Also a HUGE must for you beautiful mamas out there. Birth Skills – Juju Sundin with Sarah Murdoch I found this book interesting as the perspective on birthing is a little different to the Calm Birth mentality, but yet still supportive and really important to understand. It focuses more on active, moment-based techniques to work through the stages of labour (pain, contractions, transitions etc). The natural way to a better pregnancy – Francesca Naish + Janette Roberts Informative. Jam-packed. Natural/Holistic Focused. It has a wealth of natural-based knowledge which I found useful, but sometimes overwhelming. However by dipping in and out I’ve been able to get guidance when and how I need it. Baby Love – Robin Barker Honestly, I haven’t yet tucked into this one much but it’s more of a bible of knowledge. Recommended to me from a few friends who have said this book really helped alot with the first three months of baby’s life. The Child Within the Lotus – Margaret Stephenson Meere Being slightly obsessed with Chakras and Energy systems I was super eager when a friend recommended this book as it works through developmental stages of your baby via the development of the Chakras, from base to crown. I really love knowing the connection between the different stages to how the energy system is activating. Baby on board – Dr Howard Chilton This book came to me by my guides. Someone mentioned his name on some random facebook post, and […] Read more

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