Posted December 23, 2011

  I am grateful that I have the ability to learn… I am most grateful that I have the chance to learn and grow from others around me… I recently watched an amazing documentary called The Horse Boy. It was such an incredible story about a young Autistic boy whose parents take him on a pilgrimage to meet a tribe of Shamans in Mongolia. Why? Because the Mongolians were the original cowboys – and Shamanism is the national religion. The connection? Well, this boy has a deep connection with animals – horses in particular – and it seems his inconsolable tantrums and social seclusion are dramatically alleviated when he is around a horse…. so, his parents wanted to see if perhaps there was some healing in these Shamans who are connected to the earth, the animals, the spirits… the universe. The movie wasn’t about autism, it was about their journey and the amazing possibilities that faith, love and spirituality can bring about. But, watching this poor little man experience traumatic and often painful experiences over the smallest things really broke my heart. In moments of peace this child was incredibly gifted, charming, joyous… but was burdened with a neurological disorder that often ostracized him from the world around. This child made me realise a few things. First and foremost… I have nothing, ever, to complain about. I see the world. It sees me. I do not feel confused, anxious, lost or distraught for no apparent reason. I am blessed with the opportunity to interact with people and to express myself. All these things, he didn’t have. But, all that aside, I learnt something else… patience and living in the moment, opening yourself up to the experience is where the beauty lies. This child doesn’t know it yet, but his parents are relearning everything, because of him. They are faced with constant challenges and they are continually reevaluating how they see the world, what they think is normal and what they believe is beautiful. This little boy has taught them how to breath and stay calm in testing times, how to lap up his moments of clarity and connection with utter joy, how to love – I mean, truly love – despite his almost devilish four hour tantrums, and how to become better people – more compassionate, empathetic and open-hearted. I know that if these parents had the chance to go back in time and ensure their son wasn’t Autistic that they would refuse. Because life unfolds in the challenges not the continuous wins or smooth sailing days. There is no joy without a fight and it makes it taste so much sweeter. I learnt that this is what life is about. And I am so grateful for the chance to learn from other people. To be truly inspired by their battle, their courage and their journey. The abilty to see beauty in all moments, all people. I am grateful to learn from them. What are you grateful for? Signing off with an exhale. Pause. Listen. Live Cx   Read more

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