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On doing the hard work

On doing the hard work

Posted January 28, 2016

…on doing the hard work It was my birthday this week. I turned 34… it was, truthfully, a non event. As most birthday’s are for me. But what they have become for me, recently, is a chance to thank my mother. For creating me, birthing me and cradling me into this world.Amongst the many gratefully received birthday messages one very close soul sister of mine said to me: “Your commitment to doing the (hard) work and rising above continually is beyond inspiring…” Floored. That’s how I felt when I read that. Grateful for those kind words. Acknowledgement, although is totally an ego desire still feels good. Then I felt a little surprised. Inspiring? Rising above? Do I do that? Am I that? And it left me pondering it all because ‘doing the hard work’ is something people often notice about me. And yes, it is something I am more than willing to do. But why is that? Do I glorify the “struggle”? Maybe a little, actually. If I’m truthful I’ve watched both my parents struggle in life in so many ways. Perhaps it became normal to me. Do I not know how to just ‘be’? Let myself, my life, my situation just unfold day by day without having to tinker, and perfect and tweak? Well… I’m getting better at it – dropping the need to perfect and simply flowing through life. Do I think the hard work is going to get me “somewhere”? I used to. I once thought that there was a destination. A holy grail for the spiritually minded person. Perhaps a life of ease, and grace. ++ But after all these questions circled in my mind (see, simply asking these questions I’m once again doing the “hard work” HA!) I came to this truth. It’s the only thing I can and should do. Doing it tough. Riding through life. Living the highs. Feeling the lows. Rising Above. Crumbling. Breaking a little. Honestly failing. Trying again. Trying again. Rising again. Rising up. What is my life if I am NOT knocked down onto my knees, only to get back up again? What is this life if we are NOT broken and shattered into pieces only to sew ourselves together again? What is life if there is no darkness, no shadows, only to desperately seek out that sweet, sweet light, again. And again? The hard work is everything. Because it pays off. The hard work means opening your eyes and seeing the shit. It means hearing what you don’t want to hear and feeling what you’d rather suppress. But with that comes a vision so beautiful, sounds that fill your ears with bliss and feelings that leave you high on a wave of love. This life is a constant play of black and white, ying and yang, dark and light and all the grey in between. As much as we might want to close our eyes from the truth, or bury our head in the sand, or coast through life just skimming the surface… well we can’t. Actually… no, you can. But that wouldn’t be honour this precious life your gorgeous soul chose. This life, this body, this time, this family, this experience, this EVERYTHING that YOUR soul chose. We must do right by it but living it fully. And that means sometimes we have to do the hard work. And hopefully, more often than not we are blessed with an easy ride. love + light, Claire xx Read more

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