Yep, that is right. By the time you read this I will be on a plane, letting out a HUGE exhale as I fly through the air towards Bali.

One of my most special friends is getting married and I am skipping out of Sydney to celebrate this special occasion with her.

Not to mention how I really, truly need a holiday. As a yoga teacher and health coach – who passionately loves helping and supporting people – it takes alot of energy to look after myself and my clients.

I’m not burnt out, but I am getting little clues here and there that I might be toying with it. I spent the last week trying to decide if I would keep writing/posting/working whilst I am away and then my own advice hit me – how can I give to others properly if I’m not doing the same for myself?

So here I am, telling you that I’m about to GIVE a whole 9 days to myself. I’m switching off. I won’t be blogging and I won’t be working. But I will be absorbing the wonderful, spiritual, eclectic, life-filled world that Bali is and hopefully have some amazing stuff to share with you upon my return.

Yoga, meditation, floating in the ocean, visiting healers, enjoying my friends, my partner, my life, eating, exploring, sleeping, slowing down… these are all on my list. I can’t wait.

If you follow me on instagram (claireOwellness) you might get a sneak peak at my discoveries and experiences in Bali. But other than that, I’m switching off (as much as I can!)

Until then, Saha to you. Stay happy and live life with love!

Claire x


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