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We all want success in our lives. In someway, shape or form. sometimes it’s small but might – living in a healthy body with a clear mind. Other times it’s big, bold and risky. either way, success is personal and it is ever-changing. At different points in your life, success will be measured up against a very different set of criteria.

Today’s success story is Leigh Campbell. My very first client. EVER.

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Leigh and I have known each other for years – she is the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and my past life in PR brought us together. We always shared a special bond. It became deeper when she had enough faith in me to embark on my 6 month coaching program

As Leigh was my first foray into putting the theory I’d learnt into practice, at each session and each turn I was astounded to see how powerful and profoundly life changing coaching is. I knew it, in my heart, but watching Leigh evolve was so incredible. I also got to truly discover what makes her heart sing – her family, her friends, her workouts! She is one of the most stunning women I’ve met, then you discover the real Leigh and her beauty soars into orbit.

Leigh says: I can’t recall what I thought the course would be before I did it, I guess I thought it would be mainly diet focused. But can honesty state that it was so much more than I presumed.

Her initial goals were to rely less on caffeine and slow down a bit in general. However, her journey was so much more than just caffeine and pace.

I can honestly divide my life into two parts now. Before my course and after. Leigh

When I asked Leigh what came up for during the course she highlighted that the realisation that everything in her life was linked therefore everything affected by the other.

As we organically explored every aspect of her life, we flowed from topic to topic and it became apparent that underlying habits or issues had laid roots everywhere. We explored diet and exercise, relationships, finance, lifestyle, work, family, spirituality, time management, goals.

Leigh experienced some big changes during our program.

The fortnightly meeting with Claire made me accountable for every decision in my life. I would think “I am going to tell Claire about this when we next meet, so why am I doing it?” in terms of reaching for junk food, skipping a training session, indulging in negative internal dialog. So even now, I still ask myself the question ‘why?’. Why do I want that burger? And after I sit with the answer for a while I make the choice. I can still have the burger, it’s just that now I know why. Am I upset about something? Is it a reward? Or is it just a delicious burger? If you know why you make the choices you do, you’re going to make the right ones. 

For me, as Leigh’s coach I find real joy in the knowledge that her transformation and journey still continues to this day. Leigh has taken the practice of journalling and gratitude into her daily routine – even if she is getting at at 4:45am for training. I remember her scoffing at that suggestion and telling me not to bank on that one happening. We aimed to move her mindset from the negative into starting her day with a clear, brighter more positive tone. It brings me so much happiness to know that this has become an integral part of her day.

Now I acknowledge the good instead of taking it for granted, and from that I swear more goodness comes.


Together we did some work on Ayurveda (check out my recent guest post by Ayurvedic Expert, Monica Bloom). To this day, Leigh lives her life as a Vata in balance as her personal prakruti/dosha resinated so strongly with her.

And yes, she dramatically reduced her coffee habit and eats according to her needs and body type.

Leigh is about to head off to Europe for three months. I’m so excited for her – she works incredibly hard and the life of a Beauty Editor (although looks glamorous) is time-sapping. I know, I used to be the one that would sap their time!

 After a decade of work, I’m tired. I’m looking forward to throwing a regimented schedule, obligations and my and alarm clock out the proverbial window and switching off for a while.


Every time I see Leigh I feel so honoured that she game me a chance to help her live in the way SHE deserves. I also feel incredibly proud of the effort and focus she now puts into herself. She shares her knowledge with her friends and has become the ‘health guru’ in her world. This part makes me the happiest – the message of health and wellness spreading out like a web.

You can stay connected to Leigh via instgram and Cosmo Online.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into Leigh and her personal success on her wellness journey.

love + light,


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