Structure = living on purpose

Structure = living on purpose

Last night my husband came home from a workshop his company sent him too. It was all about becoming an ‘Emotional Leader’… I knew he was going to love it and I also knew he’d come home with ‘fresh’ ideas.

He came home fired up and ready to do so many of the things I’ve been sharing to my clients, my tribe and to him for years! Meditation, mindfulness, self exploration and development, movement, learning, reflection. Despite my daily preaching, sharing and soapbox standing, the penny hasn’t dropped until now. And that is totally OK…

Sometimes we just have to hear from another voice to ‘get it’.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in the power of meditation, or a healthy lifestyle or even in self-development. He does. He’s witnessed the changes in me over the last decade. But he needed to hear it from someone else, in a different voice with a different perspective and perhaps presented in a way that applied to him… His goals, his desires, his motivations. 

So here we are. We are now sitting down together to map out, as a team, our ‘ideal weekly planner’. Check out this video blog I created to explain what the ideal weekly planner is and why we all need to do one.

We are first going to nut out what we want to work on, or re-dedicate too. He wants to introduce meditation, I want read more books again. We both want conscious movement in our schedule, exercising together. I want more reflection/journaling time. He wants to watch more educational documentaries.

Juggling this around my two businesses, a toddler, his full time job and LIFE stuff is a challenge. Hence the need for a structure, a planner of sorts to keep us on the forward trajectory and to make it happen.

This doesn’t mean constriction or restriction. 
This is not about losing spontaneity 
This will not stop us from follow our feelings

This is not to be heavy or tight or limiting.
Through structure and discipline we will find the lightness, the learning, the passion, the inspiration and the joy we are craving in our life.
We will cultivate a way of BEING in our lives, consciously, deliberately and on purpose.

And oh my I am excited by this – to partner up with someone (not to mention that someone is the love of my life) and to set clear, soulful goals to nurture a beautiful, vibrant and engaged life.

I know we will dive into this inspired structure with inspired action AND compassion. Compassion for the days when we are wiped out, and sleep is calling. Or when our ‘plans’ don’t quite come together.

Structure HAS to be flexible, otherwise that’s when the rigidity – the rigor mortis – sets in.


So here are some mini take-aways for you:

1) Whenever the message and however the message sinks in for you (or someone else) that is ok. It’s DIVINE timing. Trust it.
2) Utilise structure to create the life you want. Be deliberate, on point, focused. Choose consciously what you want to do/feel/be.
3) Let your structure be malleable and a little stretchy, not rigid and restrictive.
4) Partner up with someone – your bestie, your lover, your mama. Collaboration makes everything sweeter, more exciting and do-able!

Here’s to a structured life, on purpose.

Love and light,

Claire x


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