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It’s time to come home, back to your centre, back to your truth.

You’ve heard how powerful meditation is.

You know there are boatloads of benefits.

You really want to try it.

But yet, you still haven’t…

  • Maybe you think it’s too hard?
  • You can’t settle your mind, enough?
  • Meditation and you don’t mesh well?
  • Scared you might ‘do it’ wrong?
  • No time for it?
  • Unsure of what you’ll discover?
  • You struggle to make new habits stick?
  • You don’t believe it’s possible to feel that good?

I’ve heard it all. In fact, I’ve used every one of those excuses, myself.

That is, until I finally said enough.

  • I was done feeling so stressed out that it was consuming me.
  • I was done trying to heal my body but getting nowhere, fast.
  • I was done being described as ‘sensitive’ and strung out.

I was ready for… Stillness. Bliss. Peace. Contentment. Insight. Clarity.

But mostly, more than anything, I had a longing for connection. A burning desire to know myself more. I felt the call to turn inward, and get up close and personal with my true self.

And I was ready to come home. To come back to my centre. So, so ready!

Meditation is what changed everything for me. It was the map that guided me home; the pathway that led to peace.

Where before there was stress and suffering, meditation allowed me to embody stillness and serenity. I became calmer, my body became healthier, and my mind experienced true freedom for the first time ever.

In short, it changed my life – body, mind, spirit and soul. And it helped me to feel so damn good along the way.

  • Are you craving soul-deep connection?
  • Are you yearning to step into stillness?
  • Are you ready to make the shift?

Let me introduce you to: The 21 Day Meditation project

Welcome to 21 days of bliss. Of peace. Of beautiful, soul-centered stillness.

This is the fourth time this project has spread its wings across the globe – supporting so many people through their own journey of stillness, clarity and connection. The last time this project ran was in 2015, when my baby girl was born. It’s time again!


This is a project, not a challenge. It’s not about forcing yourself to do something or whipping yourself into line.

My approach to making changes in life – whether to diet, lifestyle, whatever – is about making tiny, gentle tweaks that feel good, that are sustainable and that create lasting change.

I live that way, and guide my clients with that same loving, gentle hand. It’s about nurturing, following your intuition and finding the right support.

I also believe in life-affirming discipline. Devotion and dedication to something you KNOW can only benefit you – heal, enliven, enrich and affirm.

So this here is a project in meditation, a 21-day project, in fact.

It’s about soul-centred support to build a beautiful habit.

It’s about tiny tweaks for major transformation.

And it’s about falling head-over-heels with this peaceful practice that will create phenomenal changes in your daily life.

What’s in The 21 Day Meditation Project?

21 guided meditations from myself and a handful of my friends – my favourite teachers, guides and meditators. They’re all superstars – the best in the biz – and they’re sharing their top tips and super-charged strategies, right here.

You get a diverse track list that covers a huge variety of meditation styles from visualisation, mantra, mindfulness, energy centered and more!

10 of my most popular meditations – professionally recorded and collated from previous albums

  1. Healing Heart
  2. STOP the catastrophising mind
  3. Yoga Nidra
  4. I am Truth Meditation
  5. Radiant Being
  6. Chakra Cleanse
  7. Divinity Mantra
  8. Loving Kindness
  9. Experience Lightness
  10. Be Centred

PLUS 11 x Meditations from my expert guests

  1. Radiant
  2. Be Still
  3. Relax
  4. Tree Meditation
  5. Manifest your unlimited potential
  6. Step into your power
  7. Manifest
  8. I am enough
  9. Self Acceptance
  10. Morning Ritual
  11. Quiet Mind

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How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive the welcome email – packed with everything you need to know, delivered straight to your inbox. The following day* you’ll start to receive your  daily meditation tracks (audio) via email.

*NOTE: Depending on your timezone, you may not receive the first meditation email the following day – please allow at least 48hours between the welcome email and first day’s track

A new track will be delivered daily for 21 days. Yep, that’s 3 weeks of stillness, clarity and connection. Each track is available in listen-only form and is accompanied by an explanation of the meditation, and some love-laden instructions.

All you have to do is…

  • Get yourself comfy on your meditation seat (stool, cushion, chair, or lay down).
  • Click play.
  • Listen.
  • Be still.
  • Come home to you!

So, who are our guests?

Each and every one of these guests is someone I hold in high esteem. The work they do in this world, the meditations they create and WHO they are completely resonate with my own values – I hope they do for you too! Check them out…

Screenshot 2017-03-09 08.40.31

Melissa Ambrosini

Connie Chapman

Cassie Mendoza Jones

Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Sara Brooke

Jason McGrice 

Tahlee Rouillon

Mark Guay

Fiorella Kis-Major 

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Mish Schaffer


(* Doors only open for 7 DAYS! Get in quick!)

P.s If you signed up for the last round your details may have been removed from this list. So if you want to run through the project again it’s best you sign-up again.

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