Stillness, Clarity, Connection Meditation Album


11 Guided Meditation Tracks – over 110 minutes worth of professionally recorded and mixed audio.

Experience stillness, clarity and connection.


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These 11 delightful meditations from Claire speak to my soul. To wake in the morning bleary eyed and allow myself to keep a state of softness as I am guided by her voice is the very definition of self love. I feel supported and set up for the day. In some magical way the focus for each track seems directly crafted for what I need in my life at that time. Purchasing this album was a gift in so many ways.

Tania Morgan | Kingscliff, Australia |

It only took one track to convince me to buy Claire’s meditation album – It blew me away with a clear, strong & pretty vocal and relaxing modern music. It’s one of the strongest meditation albums I’ve ever listened to. Although the meditations have a clear spiritual goal, they also remain very grounded. Because of Claire’s gentle, empowered voice, you trust and feel totally at ease with Claire’s teachings – which is really what they are. This is not just a meditation album, it’s a learning experience. I would recommend this to my nearest & dearest, to help them feel peaceful, strong & empowered.

Frances Verbeek | Sydney, Australia The Happi Empire


Your meditation album includes:


Track 1: Connect to your true self

By harnessing a powerful mantra meditation you will step into a still space and connect with your true self.

Track 2: Be Centered

Find your grounding with this beautiful meditation, designed to bring you back to your centre.

Track 3: Cleanse + Heal

A nourishing visualisation to cleanse and heal your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Track 4: Cultivate Loving-Kindness

A beautiful, heart-opening meditation to guide you into a state of loving-kindness towards yourself and others.

Track 5: Body Awareness

Based on the traditional Yoga Nidra meditation, this meditation will connect you to your body in a blissful way.

Track 6: Experience Lightness

Designed to invite the feeling of lightness and freedom into your being.

Track 7: Release Your Fears

A meditation to walk you through the process of dismantling and releasing your fears

Track 8: Be in Your Power

Tap into the power centre, your Solar Plexus and step forward into an empowered life.

Track 9: Get Inspired

A guided meditation to help you channel inspiration and open to your truest desires

Track 10: Surrender to the Now

Learn how to connect into the present moment and surrender to the now through the practice of mindfulness

Track 11: Let Go of Resistance

A practice in letting go of that which you resist and avoid. This meditation gives you the chance to clear and release.






Claire’s meditation album “Stillness. Clarity. Connection.” is the most beautiful collection of meditations I’ve ever come across. Her voice is gorgeous and soothing, and the meditations are not only relaxing, but engage my imagination in a way that opens new avenues of possibility each time I listen to them. After years of resisting building a regular meditation practice, I now look forward to the 10 minutes each morning that I spend listening to one of these lovely gems. It is truly transformative. Vivian Liebenson | Maryland, USA Cuppa Creativity

Stillness, Clarity, Connection has introduced me to meditation in a gentle, easily accessible way. Before now, meditation has been something forever on my to-do list, yet something I never made time for. After just two days of listening to Stillness, Clarity, Connection, I had already noticed a difference in my overall mood and in the way I reacted to moments of stress and tension. Now, I begin and end each day with one of Claire’s meditations and it’s a pleasant experience that I look forward to. Claire’s warm guidance has made finding moments of quiet achievable; a reminder to breathe and connect with the present moment.

Camilla Fischer | Newcastle, Australia

Claire’s album is simply gorgeous. Her voice is calming and easy to listen to as she guides you through her beautifully constructed meditations. Each meditation is a perfect length to listen to at any time of day that works best for you. Her album would suit anyone, no matter where you are on your meditation journey. It offers everything that the title promises, it is a absolute must for everyone’s meditation toolkit.

Steph Lethlean | Bangkok, Thailand

Being new to the practice of meditation, I have really enjoyed Claire’s album Stillness, Clarity, Connection. I love that the meditations are on different topics, which means there is a meditation to suit my needs whether I need to feel centered, inspired to to be a little kinder to myself. As a busy mum who is studying full time and working part-time, I find the meditations are easy to work into my schedule and I actually look forward to it because I know it makes me feel better about myself and the world around me. Claire has a lovely calming voice which is easy to connect with. The meditations are truly beautiful and I would highly recommend this album to anyone. Thank you Claire, you have done a wonderful job!!

Natasha Graham | Melbourne, Australia

I recently felt the universe nudging me to get serious about meditation, and I’m blessed to have found ‘Stillness, Clarity, Connection’.It is a wonder-filled treasure chest, offering the perfect set of meditations that allow me to give my mind/spirit exactly what it needs. Though new to meditation, I could not have hoped for a more perfect experience, and am loving that I find myself seeking and being nourished by these meditations each day.

Jessica McKenzie | Byron Bay, Australia

I’ve got 2 young, very energetic children and have always struggled to find time to meditate with so many things to do and little time to myself. With Claire’s amazing meditation album and her inspiring 21 Day Meditation Project I have been able to fit in at least one and sometimes two small meditations a day. The best thing about Claire’s meditations is the short length which makes it feel easier to fit into my day and less daunting to try (and I also feel less worried about being interrupted!). Now I’m fitting in 2 or 3 small meditations at various times during my day and I feel so much calmer, able to cope with my day and I even feel like I’m parenting better with the sense of calm I feel. Thank you Claire for our family calm!!!

Belinda | Canberra, Australia

Claire’s meditation album is quite possibly my favourite ever meditation related purchase. There’s such diversity of ‘issues’ covered within the tracks, but I know I’ll be feeling much calmer after no matter which I go for. They’re also a really great length. Enough time for me to really settle into the meditation ‘zone’, but not so long that I feel they’re taking too much time out my day (as a meditation newbie!). Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Elizabeth Goddard | Nottingham, UK The Pillow Fort

If you are new to meditating or have been practicing a while Claire’s meditation album – Stillness, Clarity, Connection –  is a great addition to your collection. Most of the meditations are about ten minutes long so if you are short of time there’s no excuses not to fit a track in. I tend to listen to two or three meditations in one session. Each meditation has a different energy and theme to connect with. There’s a great selection to choose from & I find I am drawn to the right track for what I need that day. Claire’s voice is very calm, gentle & relaxing. The background music is subtle & compliments the meditation theme. I highly recommend Claire’s mediation it’s great value for money & if like me I’m sure you’ll keep listening to it again & again.

Kathryn Gregory |Perth, Australia Reiki Master & Yoga instructor



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