A DIY Retreat Guide to Distil Your Dreams + Clarify Your Visions


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+ Are you excited by the crisp, new energy and fresh possibility that comes with the New Year?

+ Are you oh-so-ready to step into your power and make 2014 your most amazing year yet?

+ But are you… well, frankly, just too damn tired, burnt-out and overwhelmed to even contemplate what’s next?!


You are ready for transition and transformation – you are craving more. There is something tugging at your heartstrings; asking to be heard, to be voiced, to be expressed.

That eagerness and desire to see your visions and dreams birthed into your reality is palpable. The higher part of you is pumped to get crystal-clear on your intentions, but your mind and body are saying no more! Those parts of you are just craving space, a warm hug, and a big sleep-in.


Create space. Open up. Let your dreams flow in.

Tapping in to your truth, your soul-speak, and your intuition is not so easy when you’re knee-deep in to-do lists, exhausting schedules and the endless tasks that buzz at us like white noise.

Distilling your dreams + clarifying your visions takes a hell of a lot more than just crossing your fingers, wishing for a flash of divine inspiration and plunging into the year haphazardly.

Figuring out what you really, truly want takes love, nurturing, passion, contemplation, meditation + willingness.

But most importantly, it takes space.


I know all about the power of creating space. And I hear you; I know you yearn for it too…


Welcome to INSPIRED

Your DIY Guide to Distil Your Dreams

+ Clarify Your Visions



This is the ultimate guide for your own DIY soul-centred retreat. A chance to step-away from the busy-ness of life and get shiny-diamond clear on your intentions dreams and visions.


INSPIRED is a juicy ‘how-to’ – a mash-up of self-care + self-love, precious tips to create your own mini-retreat and illuminating exercises to ignite your passion and inspiration.

It’s time to get inspired!


Inspired is a chance for you to pause. To take stock. To dive deep down into the truth of what gives you that heart-thumping, cheek-flushing feeling that lights you up so much (you know the one). And then, to get more of it. In fact, to live it, every single day.

Inspired is here to hold your hand on the journey inwards. To guide you towards your deepest desires and illuminate your visions. It’s your heart-fuelled guide as you create the big, beautiful life of your dreams…


|| INSPIRED is for you if you…

+ have NO idea what your passion + purpose is, but you know it’s in there, somewhere

desire clarity + connection in your work, your life, your everything, but never have time to experience it

+ work hard and play hard and you throw your heart into everything, but you are feeling the call for stillness

+ are motivated like nobody’s business, but the wellspring of inspiration is all dried up

love those in-the-flow moments, but get frustrated that they are few and far between

feel too wiped out, bored and just plain over it to take another step forward

+ know that creating space doesn’t come easily, but it’s the soothing balm you crave

+ are ready to live a beautifully full, alive and passionate life, that’s in wholehearted alignment with your truth

+ know you need to hit the refresh and reboot button. Like, right now!

+ have let your self-love practice drop down the list


Here’s how it works:

INSPIRED is an interactive guide that requires your heartfelt participation.

This is not just a guide to read, contemplate and shelve – it craves your presence, commitment and willingness. It’s also asks for a gentle, compassionate touch, too. Handle with care.

The workbook is split up into 3 sections – one for each day of the retreat.


Day 1.Unwind + Rebalance

Day 2.Connect + Dream

Day 3.Distil + Clarify


This workbook will support and guide you through you’re journey. Whether you choose to take yourself away, create a DIY retreat at-home or share this experience with a group of like-minded friends, it doesn’t matter. Simply creating and holding space for yourself will be powerful and profoundly transformative.



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What’s included? Loads!


This is an interactive and beautifully FULL experience. Not only do you get the 3-day Retreat Guide + instructions on how to create your sacred space you also receive:

* 3 x chakra meditations – yours to keep

* 3 x EFT tapping script

* 1 x EFT Video Tutorial

* 1 x Breathing Exercises Video Tutorial

* Daily Retreat Guide

* Daily Exercises to support the exploration into your dreams + visions

* Retreat ‘how-to’ instructions

* BONUS gratitude journal

+ So much more!

Your investment: $44

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As to your Qs

What if I don’t have 3 days?

Do what you can. If it’s not feasible to take a few days out of your normal life and work through the retreat in one hit, then book this in over a long-weekend. Or split it over 3 Sundays for an amazing #sundaysurrender experience. Whatever works for you.

Do I have to go away to get the most out of this retreat?

If going away feels true for you, that’s great. Otherwise, wherever you are is perfect. Creating space is more of a mental, emotional and energetic practice – the physical space you are in can affect you powerfully, but only if you allow it to.

How often should I use INSPIRED?

All year round, baby! Personally, I ‘regroup’ and ‘retreat’ more than once throughout the year. This is where INSPIRED was born from! My DIY Retreat happened in October! This guide is the perfect tool to aid you over the summer/holiday/New Year period, but it’ll also be a beautiful guide whenever you need to check in with yourself. Your soul will tap you on the shoulder and say ‘hey, I am ready for space, I am ready to dream!’


Are you ready to get INSPIRED?

Come make the space, take the journey step forward with the wholehearted clarity you crave




 Your investment: $44

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