Beginnings and Endings Meditation Album

Beginnings and Endings – Guided Meditations for the transitions and changes

A mini album of 4 guided meditations to support you as the year closes off and a new one opens up.

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Your meditation album includes:


Track 1:

Relax into breath, soften into presence

Track 2:

Let go, Let God, Let Love

Track 3:

Slow down and Steady

Track 4:

Manifestation Magic




As soon as I saw that Claire was releasing a meditation album I knew I needed to dive straight in. Stillness, Clarity, connection is a powerful collection of heart-centred meditations which have now become a vital tool in my wellness arsenal. Having a collection of meditations led by Claire’s soulful voice makes easing into meditation so much easier and I feel alive and more in tune with my mind and body. I love that I have a gift that I can give back to myself daily.

Kelle Howard-Dean | Gold Coast, Australia

The Vitality Project

I reignited my meditation practice creating a sacred space dedicated to my meditation practice. Since Sunday night, I have been doing Claire’s meditations which have transformed my life within a matter of days. I have had troubles with resistance and blocks holding me back from living my potential and now since I have started doing the practice I have greater clarity in my life, more energy and less resistance. I am busting through my blocks and conquering my fear and my intuition has become even stronger.

Michelle Lia | Sydney, Australia

Claire has the sweetest gift for guided meditation. This album is complete with yummy & soul nurturing meditations. Her voice is gentle and loving, clearly spoken yet delicate and easy to listen to with a background of beautifully composed sounds. I love that the meditations are all around 10 minutes so I can fit them easily into my mornings and they make my heart sing, leave me feeling wonderful & one even tickles my toes (yes, seriously!! Check out the Body Awareness meditation!). Thank you Claire, this is by far my favourite collection of meditations.

Jennifer Faulkner |Mornington Peninsula, Australia

As a Chiropractor I am always looking for ways to support my nervous system health and Claire’s Meditation’s are a vital tool for a healthy life! Her meditations are easy to slot into a busy lifestyle and have a profound effect on day-to-day living! I found myself finding extra time to do some of them twice in one day! Thanks Claire for your beautiful project and amazing album.

Dr Amanda Nowland | Newcastle, Australia
Family Chiropractic



Buy Now2

$15 AUD

Please note: YOU MUST download the zip file first to your laptop/computer and then sync tracks to your preferred device. It will NOT work if you download first to your phone.




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