The news and I, we are not friends. I don’t watch any news programs or read any newspapers, online or otherwise.

Naive? Disconnected? Narrow-minded? Limited? Selfish?

Yep… I’ve heard it ALL and more. If you were thinking any of those when you read the first sentence of this post, I don’t blame you. I get your opinion, but what it boils down is this: I see it as pointless, futile, negative, restrictive and seriously useless.

Ultimately, the way I contribute and care about the world and its people is through a very different tactic. Not on the sideline ‘observing’ the destruction and chaos but right in it planting seeds of love.

I spend ALOT of time chipping away at my own layers of limiting beliefs, egoic-games, emotional blocks, past traumas. I purposefully and completely lean into this stuff, completely ready to face it all. Why? Because I know that I can make a real difference by doing so. Not just to my existence, but ultimately to the people I share my life with – husband, family, friends, clients and even further afield to total strangers.

My faith resides in the power of ONE, knowing that I am ONE of a collective, universal energy. My faith resides in the power of LOVE, knowing that it is a greater energy than that of FEAR.

So, leaning into my stuff ultimately allows me to grow and evolve and therefore contribute in a greater way. That’s how I see it, no… rewrite – that’s how I FEEL it to be true. That’s my truth.

Now, on the flipside, watching the news is not something I feel to be supportive. I see it as feeding the fire of fear. Leaning into the news of the day from death, destruction and famine to materialism, media hype and celebrity glorification does not provide me with any real power. I cannot change any of it.

What I do know happens is I absorb the pain from whatever I’m seeing/reading about. I am an incredibly sensitive person. It’s no long before I am feeling outrage at what I am seeing… futile resistance. Or I’m experiencing deep hurt and sadness. Even more useless is frustration, comparison and judgement. I don’t care which celebrity has married/divorced, got botox or anything else irrelevant to my life. I also don’t want to be feeling judgement towards them and what they do.

In a nutshell, the news affects my outlook on my life, my existence and the world.

It affects how I feel for the rest of the day and adds layers upon layer of guilt, judgement, resistance, fear, anger, sadness and more.

My husband will often come home from work and say: Claire, did you hear about XYZ? Often, the answer is… um, nope. He thinks it’s bananas, fair enough. He thinks it’s a little disconnected and perhaps self-obsessed. Fair enough. The truth is if I need to know something important, I’ll hear about it – twitter, facebook, instagram (and my husband) all happen to be channels I’m exposed to (that’s plenty, right?)

But my question back to him is. “How has it affected YOU? What kind of emotions and energy do you now feel knowing what you know?  What kind of emotions and energy are you now feeding back into the universe? What are YOU going to do about it?”

Have you heard the saying: ‘Energy flows where attention goes’?

Is it possible that our obsession with witnessing despair, destruction and pain could be drawing attention to and feeding energy back into it?

If you believe in the power of energy and your thoughts then perhaps you might consider where in your life you are absorbing energy and thoughts that are NOT in alignment with who you want to be and what you want to put back into the world. Just as thinking negative, self-deprecating thoughts will only perpetuate your story of limitation then the same goes for what you read, see, witness and absorb.

I am by no means asking you to ‘turn a blind’ eye to humanity and the stories within it, but mostly highlighting that perhaps we continue to FEED the negativity by seeking it out all the time.

Maybe there is a better way we can contribute?

I’m sure this is a hot topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

love + light




  1. Claire, I could have written this post too – you did a better job – but I am so with you on everything. I have been leaning into and embracing on healing and changing myself. I haven't read a newspaper, watched the news (we don't have cable), listen to talk radio, etc. in MANY years – and you know what, I have doing just fine – great actually by not feeding into their fears. I am also very sensitive to energies and prefer (choose) not to be a part of the crazy media. I am going to share on my Thoughtful Thursdays post this week – beautiful and refreshing to know I am not the only one. xo

  2. Thank you gorgeous Kibby. When I wrote this post I felt really 'in-the-flow'… so perhaps I was channeling you and all the other gorgeous individuals who resonate with this way of living. I'm so pleased to hear that you embracing and healing yourself and doing so in such a compassionate, gentle way. Keep doing what you are doing. Glad we see eye-to-eye! xx

  3. I haven't purposefully watched the television 'news' for a few years now. It's rarely 'news' anyhow.. I feel I am being fed PR/Marketing/Advocacy/Drama.. One of the great things from new technology is the ability to build a positive, engaging, embracing and life affirming feed of news from WHO you want.. like reading your posts and others. I also believe in 'speak it – make it true' and see that happen so often when the media focus on an event with the seeming intention to MAKE IT worse and more intense. I do lots of loving-kindness meditations when faced with all that negativity.

  4. This post resonates with me so much, I absolutely agree with you! I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster if I ever watch the news. One minute I’m high as a kite watching a happy srory and the next I’m sobbing.

    Great read and good points to think about what thoughts and intentions we’re sending out into the world 🙂 x

  5. I've certainly drifted away from the news over the past year or so, after religiously checking it every morning for a long time. Primarily because it's so negative all the time and it does upset me. Saying that, I still love getting the Sunday paper and lazily pouring through it from time to time. Everything in moderation. Great post Claire!

  6. I dont watch the news or read papers either – makes my life so much easier and simpler – so glad to see i am not the only one! I figure FB, Twitter and my husband and friends are all great sources of info if i need it. 🙂

  7. That was perfectly said…. I feel the same way, if and when it is really important you hear about it from other sources… I can't stand being bombarded with all the negativity. I don't want my children exposed to it either… good for you for standing up to how you live your life, and deciding what energies to be present….. peace and light….

  8. Thank you for sharing this post. I too, stopped watching and listening to the news years ago and have not looked back. I did not even know we had a change in Prime Minister until nearly a month after the event. I much prefer to fill my life with love, love and more love!

  9. Beautiful Claire! Great post, its true that many news sources are just crimes against journalism and are filled with mostly vapid pop culture celeb stories or general fear mongering. But what about the stories that desperately need worldwide attention and action – think of the current situation in Egypt and Syria where we are seeing horrific crimes against humanity. Its only through awareness that light can truly be spread.

  10. Beautiful Claire! Great post, its true that many news sources are just crimes against journalism and are filled with mostly vapid pop culture celeb stories or general fear mongering. But what about the stories that desperately need worldwide attention and action – think of the current situation in Egypt and Syria where we are seeing horrific crimes against humanity. Its only through awareness that light can truly be spread.

  11. Thanks Tanya. As I said in the post I definitely am still exposed to news when it's relevant. How can I NOT know what's going on in Egypt and Syria. However, I choose to not trawl through news sites, listen to the TV on the topic. I am aware (my family is Syrian!) but I believe in placing my attention on positive energy and love rather than buying into the media hype. My family in Syria are telling a VERY different story than the news is… How can I be 'aware' when I'm not 100% certain of what information I am being fed. xx

  12. I’m with you on this one 100% Claire. I stopped watching the news years ago because I was just too sensitive to it.

    Now my biggest issue is that the popular media does not report on what I think is the important news. Global warming, corporate control, military industrial complex, alternative was of seeing the world. I stay informed about the issues I think are important and I take action on them where I can. A much better use of my time and energy than sitting in front of the tv every evening.

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