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On Monday this week I sent out my weekly newsletter where I share stories, personal insights and my own little musings – all of which I usually keep for my beautiful tribe. But this week I have some news to share with you about my new Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class, but mostly a perspective on obligations that I think we all need to hear.

We all need to be encouraged to see obligations is a completely different light and learn the power in saying no. So I hope you find my perspective below supportive for you, in your life!


Sometimes we stick to our obligations like glue.

And sometimes, that’s a good thing, right? No one likes a flaky individual who backs out of commitments – many of which are important and come with large consequences (if broken).

But, sometimes we stick to obligations when all signs indicate otherwise. You know those moments when it’s time to politely yet confidently say ‘No, I can’t do that’… well, I think they are some of the toughest moments out there, but some of the most necessary, too.

Why is it so hard to drop obligations? Because we care what other people think. We don’t want to let people down. It’s such a worry to even think about not doing what we said we would that saying ‘No’ or ‘I can’t right now’ isn’t an option.

Many of us believe that everyone else’s needs are more important than our own.

Have you been there? Have you ignored your own body and soul’s messages to say no, press pause, redirect or even walk away – all because you made a commitment and you felt obligated?

I have. In fact, I was there recently, until I chose to change up my obligations.

Right now, I’m in the throes of change. Emotionally, mentally and physically I’m undergoing a transformation like I haven’t experienced in years. And it’s definitely thrown me off course. The only thing I am certain of at the moment is change…

What’s this got to do with obligation? Well, despite all this change I made a BIG commitment. I recently launched my Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class, due to be held of August 2nd – to a group of gorgeous soulful women, ready to dive in and kick-start their own journey of wellness transformation.

Despite that commitment, there is a truth that has been tugging at me lately. It’s saying; press pause, create space, put yourself first.

As I toss and turn through the most powerful shifts in mind-body-soul that I’ve ever experienced my intuition is telling me that right now I need to take a step back, regroup, go into stillness before I can give wholeheartedly and fully at the Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class, in the way I want to, but also in the way you deserve.

Which is why I have decided to reschedule The Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class to Sunday 7th September.

The usual fear-filled story of obligation has come knocking. My commitment and obligation to each attendee of The Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class is palpable and wants to be the deciding factor here.

Instead, I’ve realised something really powerful:

We stick to our obligations out of a desire to do the best we can for others. When truly, sometimes the way we can be our BEST for others is to say ‘I can’t right now’.  TWEET THIS!

I’m taking this extra time to nurture my own Mind-Body-Soul. To teach what I teach I must live it first. This transformation is providing me with a chance to reconnect on a deeper level to all the incredible tools I’ll be teaching at the Immersion Class.In order for me to be present in the fullest way I need to say ‘No, I can’t right now’.

I hope this inspires you to look at the obligations you’ve created in your life and to create space when space is needed.

You are the creator of your life. You call the shots. And no one else is going to look out for you – it’s up to you!

love + light,

Claire xx



The Mind-Body-Soul Immersion
Sunday September 7th

Places still available!

It’s time to take the most important class of your life.

This semi-private LIVE Group Retreat, in Sydney, NSW, for you and a circle of soul sisters has been designed to help you escape from your busy life to nurture, reconnect and renew. It’s time to luxuriate in the rare experience of putting yourself first! (How often do you do that?) But this is not just a retreat to unwind and revive; you’ll also be learning powerful and sustainable ways to transform into a balanced, perfectly healthy and happy being. An immersion in your Mind-Body-Soul!

Click here to learn more.


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