Say yes to THIS experience

In a meditation session the other day I heard these words:

‘Say YES to what arises…

to the emotions that move within you,

to the experiences that unfold around you,

to the constellation of sensations that you feel.

Just say YES’

What if, instead of resisting and fighting against what you are feeling, you said YES to it?
What if, instead of pushing back, you said YES to the experience you are having?
What if, instead of saying NO, you said YES to whatever is unfolding, even if you didn’t plan for it?

How would things be different if YES was your automatic response, instead of NO. Or not sure/no way/I can’t/I won’t/I don’t like it/This is horrible/Make it stop/This isn’t good enough?

In today’s audio blog, I offer up a simple mantra. A new way of thinking. A different perspective to the emotions, experiences, situations, feelings… to ALL of it. A way to invite it in. To shift and transform your judgment of it. To say YES instead of NO.

Short. Sweet. Three and half minutes. You’ve got that time to hear this potent, and life-changing soundbite.

Just say YES and click below to play!

And then share your YES thoughts in the comments below!

Love + light

Claire x


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