reprogram your mind + choose a different pathway

reprogram your mind and choose a different pathway…

Every physical ailment is a manifestation of stored emotions.

My god, I believe this at my very core.

I grew up witnessing my mother’s health deteriorate almost INSTANTLY when something happened that would emotionally rattle her. My father’s poor health (despite years of clean living!) is linked to a broken heart from childhood.

I see it in myself… Years of Irritable Bowl Syndrome caused by years of anxiety and pent up stress.
An ectopic heartbeat because I wasn’t ‘listening’ to the truth within me.
A sore throat when my authentic voice isn’t given space.

Now, my lovely, don’t go freaking out that everything you do or don’t do/say/think is going to make you sick. That is definitely NOT the take-away I want you to hold on to. However, the more you start to respect the connection between you mind-body-soul, the more capable you are of coming back into health, vitality, alignment, joy, flow when you are thrown off course.

For me, this truth lights me up. It empowers me and makes me feel confident that I can work WITH my emotions, with my body, with my truth and every other TOOL that resonates with me to live in health and happiness.

But wait up, what exactly are emotions?

At the Emotions + Essential Oils training I did last weekend the teacher broke it down like this:

Emotions = Chemical Responses in the brain and body that are short lived. Emotions are biological responses to chemical processes in our body.

Mood = State of Mind of predominant, ever present emotion.

And the origins of these emotions? Guess what – they are actually chemical, biological and spiritual.

The food we eat, the environment we are in, the stuff we put on our bodies, the practices we do (or don’t do), the experiences we’ve had or are having, the memories and the thoughts all effect how we FEEL. These emotional responses are physical reactions triggered by chemicals in the brain!

Think about it like this. I have a serotonin deficiency (figured this out years ago after years of digestive troubles). If I eat poorly, hide away from the sun for too long, skip meditation, don’t move my body regularly, or breathe in/put toxic chemicals on or in my body then I feel miserable. (Not to mention the cycles of the moon, our own cycle as women and the weather!)

Sad. Flat. Emotional. In a funk. (Which is why I do my best to live a clean, high vibe, conscious life).

There are a few other things that get thrown into the mix. Generational Patterning (depression may run in the family line), past traumas and childhood conditioning.

Gosh when you put it all like that it can seem all too hard to ‘cope’ with life.

But it’s not. Actually, it’s quite simple.

If we want to live FULL, healthy, vital, beautiful lives then we simply have to commit to one thing….Reprograming your mind. Ha. Simple, right?

The brain has neural pathways that are laid down from day dot. And the brain will always choose the most well-worn pathways. The roads are already laid out, why would you choose to go off the grid? Repeated negative emotional experiences from the past (even past lives, generational stories) mean that your brain interprets new experiences and dishes out the appropriate response emotionally (often fear, frustration, anger, sadness) via chemical and then physical responses.


So my beautiful friend, this means we must actually go off the grid using positive stimulus and triggers to lay down new pathways.

We must TRAIN our brain to create and walk NEW pathways. New roads. NEW WAYS of doing things. New ways of seeing the world, situations, people, stories, experiences.

Get this…When things are falling apart. When you can’t lose that weight. When you are struggling to stick to your work. When you are always doing exactly what you SAY you don’t want to – it’s actually not you, it’s your neural pathways. It’s your patterning. It’s the roadmap already created.

Those neural pathways ARE NOT set in stone. They are plastic. They are changeable.
Time to uncreate them and choose a different road.

HOW? This is where the simple comes into play – Reach for positive stimulus. Turn to NEW ways of living, being, thinking. Reprogram by forcing your brain to do things differently.

+ Meditation

+ Journaling.

+ Coaching.

+ EFT.

+ Kinesiology.

+ Bodywork

+ Movement.

+ Essential Oils.

+ Nature time.

+ Conscious living.

+ Clean Eating.
Sometimes you need the big guns like EFT, Coaching or Healing work or other tools to really shock those pathways into action. But over time as you constantly chip away and choose to do things differently you will find you think, behave and BE differently.

+++The question to ask yourself is this; are you ready to diligently show up to change it up? Only you will know when you are ready to start reprogramming your mind and therefore your LIFE.

love + light,
Claire xx


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