Why your purpose in life is just to LIVE!

Maybe, like me, you have noticed that there is an intense energy out there at the moment – so many beautiful souls on the hunt, wanting to figure out and find their purpose in life.

Recently I interviewed Belinda Davidson about ‘Finding your Soul Purpose’. She gave us all such a refreshing and powerful perspective. In particular how the ego attaches to the glorified idea of finding (and living) your purpose in life. Our ego can often hijack this beautiful desire and turn it into a search for our identity and self-worth through what we do in the world.

Today’s VLOG was inspired from that conversation and also from the work of two authors I love and admire – Brene Brown and her book The Gifts of Imperfection and Susan Cain and her book Quiet. Both of which I highly recommend.

All three, Belinda, Brene and Susan, have shared insights on living with purpose and all of it has been brewing inside of me – a melting pot of ideas that have boiled down to this one powerful, alchemical idea:

Maybe what we are meant to do is simply LIVE and soak it up.

Rather than searching for this one golden ‘purpose’ that we believe will makes us feel extraordinary. Worthy. Valuable. Important. Recognised. Satisfied. More than enough.

Could it be ok if you don’t find your ‘purpose’? The purpose that you have convinced yourself will rock the very foundations of your life and those around you. The purpose that you think might be envied by many or that will give your life so much meaning you’ll want to cry with joy everyday.

Maybe we are meant to live. Yes, live purposefully. But simply live. Rather than pin-point a specific PURPOSE (trust me, it changes when you do find it anyway) and instead revel in the day-to-day of living and love every tiny morsel and speck of our humble lives. And do so without a specific destination and goal.

Before I share too much, if I were you, hit PLAY, and spend the next 8 minutes with me whilst I guide you through the hot topic of finding your Passion + Purpose in Life


In this vlog I share:

  • The idea of never being ‘extraordinary’ enough
  • Introverted and extroverted – and how the favoured extroverted qualities have encouraged us to believe that a purpose-filled life is actually a BIG, widely recognized and almost-celebrity like life.
  • The theory that perhaps your purpose is to lead a much simpler life and see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • A moment of inspiration to care less about how the world sees you
  • And a reminder of your value and worth.
  • A new way of looking at passion + purpose

A few questions for you to sit with after watching the video:

What’s wrong with a humble, ordinary, easy life?

Why does it have to be BIG, exciting, captivating, bold, seen, praised?

Could stepping up your game and living a passion-filled life mean something totally different to what we’ve previously thought?



I’d love to hear from you and learn your thoughts on these points. (Comment below and share with me!)

  • Passion + purpose – what does it mean and look like to you?
  • Is it possible to accept where you are at right now instead of hunting it down something you’ve labeled better?
  • Can you embrace the truth that you are extraordinary already and that who you are and the live you lead is more than enough – could this be part of your purpose?
  • Of course, anything else you want to share!

I think it’s time we turn the heat down and give ourselves some space to tap into our soul purpose without the allure of flashing lights and extraordinary.

Love + light


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5 Comments to “Why your purpose in life is just to LIVE!”

  1. What a beautiful and humbling vlog Claire! Wow. Powerful.

    This need to be extraordinary, and more than what I am has literarily plagued me through most of my late teens and much of my 20’s. And I dare say that it’s likely a similar situation for most other women through that timeframe.

    I’m (mostly) extroverted, so believed that my passion & love for service to others & my own spiritual growth coined with my happy bubbly outgoing personality meant I “should” be doing something big, helping people shift in a big bold and loud ways. And, I guess in many ways be ‘known’ for it (hello: extravert!).

    It actually wasn’t until recently when I faced a stressful situation and found this quote (below) that I realised, it is in my own inner work – sacredly, secretly and silently, that I actually do the work of “service” to others that I so love.

    QUOTE: Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness. Your job is to simply do your work… Sacredly, secretly, and silently.. and those with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear will respond. (The Arcturians)

    Your vlog was another beautiful reminder of this.

    For me, my passion and purpose remains the same: Service to others, and continuing my inner growth. But does it need to big BIG, LOUD and WOW?! No, it can be just as powerful and moving in the quietness and sacredness of my own world and shifts. (Although, sometimes, maybe, it can be big and loud!)

    Thanks again for this lovely wisdom. And, that wallpaper behind you rocks!

  2. I get this Claire. I see extraordinary in my ordinary life. My son who is on the autism spectrum taught me this. Once you recognize the extraordinary in the pure, humble, simple and ordinary – it opens you up to recognise what energizes you and where your strengths are and things just fall into place. xo

  3. […] ♥ Why your purpose in life is just to LIVE! –  This is powerful!  I used to think that I had to have a BIG purpose in life, to help others in a profound way, stretch myself and give, give, give.  I have learned over the years that I am enough being ME, growing, healing and LIVING. Nothing loud, spectacular or bold.  Just being within, experiencing, embracing, learning, loving and Living life in quiet and sacredness.  What beauty there is.  […]

  4. Your words truly resonated with the way I am feeling right now and the way I have been feeling most of my life. I feel extremely inspired by your thoughts on each and every one of us being extraordinary in our own way. We all strive to be more than we are now, which of course is a great motivator, but the problem arises when we do so not for ourselves but for others. I have to remember to appreciate who I am and how I live my life and not try to prove my worthiness to others. Thank you for your inspiration.

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